Geet removed her ghoonghat n Maan removed his sehra. Both are shocked to see each other. Maan is fuming in anger. Sameera comes near Maan and says that what they saw in the video is not true.While Geet also comes near Dev n slaps him n Dev in anger goes to slap Geet for slapping him but then Dev’s hand r stopped in d air n he falls to the ground n Maan shouts ”Don”t u Dare touch MY WIFE she is not Geet Handa anymore but Geet Maan Singh Khurana
Then Dev out of anger n fear tells to Maan n Geet that what they had seen in the video was true and he tells them that he loved Sameera and that they both were secretly married n had lots of debts to be cleared n so they decided to make Maan n Geet fall in love with them ,get married n to elope after taking Geet and Maan’s money and property.

Hearing this the Kapurs, Khannas, Handas and Khuranas are shocked. But Sameera kept pleading to Maan that this was not true then Maan showed her his hand indicating her to stop and said “Kyu Sameera tumne aisa mere saat  kyu kiya??? Paise hi chahiyena tume,kitne paise bolo????? But never show ur face to me our my family… JUST STAY AWAY FROM OUR LIVES
The Kapurs and Khannas could not believe that their children could stoop so low for money and so they break all their relations with Sameera and Dev .They then ask for forgiveness from the Khurana and Handa and leave the hall and so do the guests.Then Prithvi and Sameer throw Dev and Sameera out of the hall.
In the meantime Geet breaks downs and Gunjan and Mouli try to console her. Sameer,Prithvi and Armaan come and hug Geet .After pulling out of the hug Armaan and Shilpa tell Maan ,Geet and the other family members how they heard Dev and Sameera talking on the mehendi function day about their plan to run away after getting Maan and Geet’s sign on the property papers.And then how Armaan told Prithvi and Sameer meanwhile Shilpa told Samrat n the others about it and they planned to show everyone the true face of Dev and Sameera n also hw thy changed d brides even without anyone’s knowledge.
Hearing all this Veer, Madhuri, Dadi, Rano and Mohinder went to a room to decide what to do further.Meanwhile here in the hall after such a shock Geet could not hold it anymore and she fainted. Armaan told Gunjan to bring his medical bag and asked Sameer to get some water and Prithvi to inform the elders that Geet had fainted.
Maan asked Armaan if he could help and Armaan requested him to pick up Geet and carry her to her room. Armaan checked her and said that she had fainted bcoz of over stressing herself n shock.After helping Armaan in shifting Geet to the room,Maan left the hall and went to his car and began driving very rashly and went to the Dargah where he knew he would find peace.

As he reached the Dargah he went inside n prayed.
As he was moving back he dashed with a fakir baba n asked sorry for the mistake but the fakir baba laughed n said “Beta jo bhi hota hai ache ke liye hi hota hai” n went away.
Maan after praying sat there for few hours n thought about today’s events n what the faikir baba said.
Then he suddenly realizes tht Geet had fainted n he prays for her well being n ask God to help him n Geet to overcome the truth of Sameera n Dev.
Meanwhile here in the room Geet has regained her consciousness n asked everyone to leave her alone for sometime n as Armaan was about to go she held his hand. Armaan stopped n after she saw that everyone left she asked Armaan, “Bhai mere liye ek kaam karoge?
Armaan sat next to her n caressed her face n said, “Bol na Geet… tujhe kya chaiye tera bhai kuch bhi kar ke tere liye…
Geet smiled sadly n said, “Jo chaiye tha woh toh kabhi nahi milega lekin mujhe abhi aap plz Dargah le jaiye na. Mujhe todhi der ke liye waha jana hai
Armaan, “Lekin Geet tu abhi bohut weak hai aur tu waha kaise jayegi…
Geet folded her hand in front of him n said, “Plz bhai mujhe waha leke chalo
Armaan held her folded hands at once n said, “Aise haath nahi jodte samjhi… Theek hai chal par phele change kar le
Geet nodded n Armaan sent Mouli to help Geet change into something comfortable n then they both left for the Dargah.
Precap –
Will Maan n Geet accept the truth n give their marriage a chance????
Will destiny again play a game with them n separate them????