Shashank Malhotra-
A well known business man. Strict in nature but loves his family a lot. 
Padma Malhotra-
Wife of Shashank. Is a house wife n loves her family a lot. 
Priya Malhotra- 
NDTV Imagine''s "Basera'''' Actress Priya Bathija at a press-meet in New Delhi on Wednesday
Elder daughter of Shashank n Padma Malhotra. Is an architect by profession n loves Shilpa very much. Has a down to earth nature.
Shilpa Malhotra/Malik-

Younger daughter of Shashank n Padma. Very bubby n charming girl who lives her life to the best. But 1 incident in her life changed her from a bubby girl to a very silent girl. Is married to Armaan Malik n loves her family a lot.

Armaan Malik-
Only son of Amar n Seema n MD of Malik Industries. Loves Shilpa a lot n is a very charming n fun loving guy. Loves Shilpa’s family more than his.
Amar Malik – 
A well known businessman n best friend of Shashank Malhotra. Loves his son a lot n always wanted to Shashank’s daughter to be married to Armaan.
Seema Malik –
Amar’s wife n Armaan’s mom. Loves her son a lot. N loves Shilpa as her daughter.
Yuvraj Shah – 
Syed Yasir Shah
Priya’s would be husband. Architect by profession.