Shilpa who was coming out of the kitchen heard Armaan n a smile came on her face but soon her face turned red with anger n she banged the plate she had in her hand n stormed off to her room leaving all shocked except Armaan n Shashank.

Shashank shook his head to Armaan when he asked with his eyes if he has any chances n made a baby face n prayed to Shilpa’s kanha ji to save him today n then told that he is going to meet Shilpa.

Shashank also prayed to Shilpa’s kanha ji to save Armaan today n wished him all the best.

Armaan texted someone before entering Shilpa’s room  n as he entered he was welcomed with a pillow hitting his face. Armaan got alert seeing the thing in Shilpa’s hand n rushed to her n pulled it off n glared at Shilpa while she made a baby face but then remembered that she was angry on him n so jerked his hand which was on her shoulder n glared at him n turned back n stomped out of the room towards the garden with Armaan following her.

Once she reached there she sat on the swing. Armaan came there n saw Shilpa sitting with a gol gappa face n a idea came to his mind n he smiled n went n stood behind the swing. He began pushing her swing n started singing reminding  Shilpa of their childhood when ever she used to get angry on Shashank n Armaan.

Armaan holding his ears n making baby face sang’

I’m sorry mere pyaare, jaane do

Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do

I’m sorry, o sorry, jaane do

Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do -2

Ho gayi galti, chhodo bhi yaaron

He made a action of licking lemon as Shilpa loved chatpata taste

Jeeb nikaalo pyaaro, nimbu namak chatkaaro

But when Shilpa didn’t see he again held his ears n sang’.

Ho gayi galti, chhodo bhi yaaron

Hey, I’m sorry, o sorry, jaane do

Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do

I’m sorry mere pyaare, jaane do

Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do

Dekho re dekho, hai koi gadbad

He made a thinking face

Nain hamaare phadke, jaane kyoon dil dhadke

Blinked his eyes n gave a cute smile which would made anyone’s heart skip a beat.

Shashank came n sang n made a action of lion growling

Sher aaya, sher aaya

Amar joined him n sang n acted as if running away

Sher aaya, sher aaya, bhaago re

Sar neeche, per upar bhaago re

Shilpa smiled seeing this but hid it soon wanting them to pamper her more.

Padma came n pointed to their house n sang’

Chhota sa yeh ghar to mehel hai kal ka

Priya sang along with Padma’

Dekho kaisa rang pade chhalka – 2

Seema joined them n sang’.

Yeh sapna sachcha ho jaane do

Hans khilke hil-milke gaane do – 2

Armaan,Amar n Shashank again came in front of her n sang’

I’m sorry, o sorry, jaane do

Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do

Padma,Seema n Priya joined them n sang’

I’m sorry, o sorry, jaane do

Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do

Shashank sang pulling Shilpa from the swing’.

Haai mujhe yaad aaye kisi ki yeh baat

Chhote bade dil hil-milke kar jaaye kaam

N Padma joined them both

Aisa kaam ke jag mein ho jaaye naam

Amar pulled Shilpa from Shashank n Padma n began singing’

Koi jo reh jaaye

Seema joined them n sang’.

Jaldi se

Armaan sang’.

Mil jaaye

Yeh na ho ke peechhe pachtaaye, jaane bhi do

Jaane bhi do


Jaane bhi do

Shilpa then hugged Armaan n sang’

That’s okay, that’s okay, jaane do

Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do


Everyone then went inside while Armaan held Shilpa’s hand as she was about to go n pulled her towards him n said, “Shilpa im sorry. Kal bohut important kaam agaya tha jiske liye papa nahi ja sakte the isiliye mujhe jana pada aur shaadi main tumhe pareshaan karne ke liye bhi sorry lekin tumhe pata hai na ke tumhare alava main kisi aur se aise Mazak nahi kar sakta.” (Shilpa im sorry. Yesterday a urgent work had come up n dad couldnt go n so I had to go n sorry for troubling u in the marriage but u know that I dont have anyone else other than u to play pranks on)

Shilpa, “Its ok Armaan lekin agar tumhe meri maafi chaiye toh mujhe kuch gift chaiye.” (Its ok Armaan but if u want my forgiveness then u have to give me a gift)

Armaan knew that she would ask something like this only n so said, “Theek hai.” (Ok) N left her n went behind her n closed her eyes with his hands n started helping her in walking while Shilpa asked, “Kya kar rahe ho Armaan??? Mujhe kuch dikhai nahi de raha. Apna haath nikalo na.” (What are u doing Armaan??? I cant see anything. Remove ur hand at least)

Armaan rolled his eyes at her silly talks n said , “Uff Shilpa kitna bolti ho tum??? Todhi der rukh jao sab pata chal jayega tumhe.” (Uff Shilpa how much do u talk??? wait for few mins n u will get to know everything)

Shilpa then kept quiet n after 2 mins Armaan stopped n removed his eyes n waited till Shilpa adjusted her eyes to the light n then told her to look down n as Shilpa looked down she saw a basket covered. She went on her knees n removed the cover n gasped out seeing it, “Oh My God it is sooo cute. Thank u sooo much Armaan. Love u for this gift. Love u sooo much.” N took the kitten out n cuddled it close to her.

Cute Kitten

Armaan smiled seeing the scene n smirked as his mission was successful. Yesterday night after the wedding when he was returning he saw a cute kitten near his house n knew that Shilpa would love it n so took it home n gave milk n some biscuits.

And morning he got up late n so he forgot to take the kitten along with them n so he told his driver to get the kitten.

As he came out of his thoughts he saw Shilpa getting up with the kitten n told, “Andar chale ya phir yahi rehne ka plan hai tumhara???” (Shall we go inside or u plan to stay here only???)

Shilpa, “Haan chalo mujhe Papa ko dikhana hai isile. Chalo” (Ya lets go I want to show him to dad also. Lets go) n ran inside the house. Armaan shook his head n followed her inside.

Shilpa showed her kitten to everyone n then took it to the kitchen n gave milk n some biscuits to eat n then let it play in the living room.

Then everyone had breakfast n then Anjali came n Shilpa, Anjali, Priya n Armaan left for Karan’s farmhouse for their reception party.


As they entered Shilpa ran to the farm stud n caressed her fav horse, Sunshine n talked to it. Anjali n Priya shook their head at this jhalli who forgot everything once she got her horses n kittens with her while Armaan was niharofying Shilpa who was lost talking to her Sunshine.

white horse

As they were talking Karan n Preeti came n hugged them n then Karan saw Shilpa talking to Sunshine went there n said, “Gudiya Sunshine se baad main baat kar lena phele aapne bhai bhabhi se toh mil lo.” (Gudiya u talk to Sunshine later first meet ur Bro n Sister in law at least0

Shilpa smiled n hugged him n then hugged Preeti who had followed Karan. She then pulled them both n began telling about her new kitten n moved her hands animatedly explaining about how she was angry on Armaan n how the whole family cooled her down. Armaan was all the while smiling at her talks while Anjali n Priya had gone in to look into the preparations.

After Shilpa finished her talks they all moved inside the farm house n went to take rest n get ready before the party started.


ArSh had dozed off remembering their  beautiful moments.

The next morning,

Shilpa was sleeping with her head on Armaan’s chest when she felt something brushing her feet. She moved her legs a bit but then she felt something snuggling close to her legs n got up to see what it was n saw it was her kitten, CUTIE.  Shilpa smiled n took it in her arms n caressed it fur n said, “Good morning Cutie.” N kept it down on the floor n went to the washroom n freshened up n went to the kitchen n gave milk n biscuits to cutie n then prepared tea for Amar n Seema n sent it to their room with Ramu kaka n then prepared coffee for herself n black coffee for Armaan n went to their room with the tray.

As she entered the room she saw her sweet hubby sleeping  n she went n sat next to him n smiled seeing his sweet face n caressed his face n pecked his forehead n said, “Good morning Armaan.

Armaan smiled n took her hand n kept it under his cheeks n slept. Shilpa shook him n said, “Armaan utho na plz. Bohut der hogai hai ab uth jao na.” (Armaan get up plz. See its already so late get up)

Armaan said , “Hmmm” n turned n slept off again.

Now Shilpa was getting irritated n she got up n brought a book from the table n was about to hit him when Armaan held her hand n pulled her on top of him n rolled the other side n now she was under him.

Shilpa, “Armaan kya kar rahe ho???? Chodo mujhe” (Armaan what are u doing??? Leave me)

Armaan who was till then lost in Shilpa’s face came back to reality n said, “Shilpa phele mujhe meri morning kiss do uske baad mujhe uthunga,” (Shilpa first give me my morning kiss n then I’ll get up)

Shilpa, “Nahi dungi. Maine jab tumhe uthaya tab tum nahi uthe toh ab no morning kiss. Abu tho aur jao ready hone warna aaj phir se office ke liye late hojaoge.” (I wont give. When I woke u up u didnt wake up so no morning kiss. Now get up n go n get ready or else again u will get late for office)

Armaan, “Haan toh hone do na mera hi toh office hai toh boss late ja sakta hai aur ab jaldi se kiss do warna main yaha se nahi hatne wala.” (Ya so let me be na its my office only so boss can go late n now give me my kiss fast or else Im not moving from here) N moved near Shilpa’s face. As Armaan was about to kiss Shilpa she kept a hand on her mouth n pushed him n ran to the washroom n puked.

Armaan was first angry that  she pushed him but then heard her puking n went inside the washroom n saw that she was feeling very weak n his heart pained to see her pale face. He went n held her from her waist n helped her wash her face n then helped her to walk back to the room n lied her down on the bed n sat next to her n caressing her hair said, “Jaan tum theek toh ho na??? Ruko main abhi Anjali ko call karti hu. Dekho tum kitni pale lag rahi ho“(Jaan are u fine??? Wait let me call Anjali. See how pale u look)  n was about to take his cell to call Anjali when Shilpa pulled his hand n said, “Armaan main theek hu aur pregnancy main yeh morning sickness normal hota hai. Dekho kuch nahi huva mujhe. Hmm” (Armaan im fine n in pregnancy morning sickness is normal. See nothing has happened to me. Hmm)

Armaan nodded n then took the coffee n gave it to Shilpa n his black coffee n they had it n then Armaan went n freshened up n then after making sure that Shilpa was feeling better both went down to have breakfast.

The breakfast was a quiet event n after that Armaan n Shilpa went back to their room n Shilpa gave him his watch,mobile n bag even after Armaan telling her to rest while he did the work but she didn’t listen to him. Armaan then hugged her n pecked her forehead n said, “Take care jaan aur koi problem ho toh phone kar dena.” (Take care jaan n if there is any problem call me ok)

Shilpa nodded n then remembered something n said, “Armaan aaj sham ko aap jaldi se ajana. Aaj meri doctor ke saath appointment hai.” (Armaan come home early today. Today I have an appointment with the doctor)

Armaan, “Kitne baje jana hai???” (What time do u have to go???)

Shilpa, “6 baje ki appointment hai.” (Appointment is of 6)

Armaan, “Theek hai tum ready rehna. Bye jaan” (Ok fine u be ready. Bye jaan)  n then went on his knees n kissed her stomach n said, “Bye baby” n went to office.

Precap –

Shilpa meets Karan Preeti