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Yuvraj then took out money from his pocket n gave n then he lifted his sehra n Geet n Anjali were shocked n the next second Geet fainted.

Maan held Geet from falling n took her up to her room n Anjali followed. Yuvraj was shocked to see her n thought, “Geet woh yaha kya kar rahi hai??? Aur woh ladka kaun tha jo usko utha ke abhi leke gaya” (Geet what is she doing here??? N who is the guy who took her in his arms n went now) n as he turned to ask Priya he saw no one was standing there n then saw that all had gone to the room to see Geet n so even he went there.

Maan was pacing in worry n wondering why was Anjali taking so much time to check her. The whole 5 mins looked like an eternity for him without his Jaan, his Geet.

As Anjali came out he began questioning her without even taking a breath.

Maan, “Anjie Geet theek toh hai na??? Usse hosh agaya kya??? Arre tum kuch bol kyu nahi ho???” (Anjie Geet is fine na??? Did she gain conciousness??? Why arent u telling something???)

Anjali, “Arre Maan phele tum shaant hojao. Geet bikul theek hai aur woh bas todha stress badh gaya tha isiliye behosh hogayi.” (Maan first u calm down. Geet is fine n she fainted bcoz of stress) n coming to his ears whispered, “Aur tumhare liye ek khush khabri hai” (N there is a good news for u) n winked n went down taking all others with her.

Maan was only worried for his Jaan n didnt understand what Anjali was telling n rushed in to see Geet sitting on the bed with a small smile on her face which had gone a bit pink.

Maan went n sat in front of her n cupped her face n said in a worried tone, “Tum theek ho na Jaan???” (Are u fine Jaan???)

Geet smiled at him n said, “Haan main theek hu.” with a blush on her face.

Maan kissed her forehead n said, “Pata hai main kitna pareshaan hogaya tha tumhe behosh dekh ke… Meri toh jaan hi nikal gayi thi lekin tumhe theek dekh ke mujhe ab bohut acha lag raha hai.” (U know how worried I was when I saw u fainted… My life had only gone seeing u like that but seeing u fine now my life is back)

He then came close to her n took her lips into his. First it was a smooth kiss pouring out his fear but then it turned into a passionate one when she started responding with equal passion.

As they pulled out of the kiss being breathless Geet pushed Maan n rushed to the washroom n puked. Maan ran to help her n held her hairs n helped her to wash her face. He then carried her in his arms back to the bed n rested her n then asked, “Tum theek ho na Jaan??? Yeh tumhe aaj kal ulti kyu arahi hai??? Main Anjali ko bolta hu ke tumhara phir se check up kar de…“(U are fine na Jaan??? Why are u puking from a few days??? I’ll tell Anjali to do ur check up once again…)  n stood up to leave when Geet held his hand. Maan turned n asked, “Tumhe kuch chahiye kya Jaan???” (U want something Jaan???)

Geet shook her head in a no n said, “Phele aap yaha bhetiye mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai.” (First u sit here I want to tell u something.)

Maan, “Haan bolo Geet.” (Ya tell Geet)

Geet, “Maan kal aapka birthday hai na toh main aapko ek gift dena chahti hu jo aapko meri taraf se best gift hoga…” (Maan tmrw is ur birtday right so I want to give u a gift which will be the best one from my side)

Maan, “Acha aur woh gift kya hai???” (Oh n what is that gift???)

Geet took his hands in hers n placed it on her stomach n whispered in his ears, “Aap Papa bane wale hai.” (U are going to be a father)

Maan was so overwhelmed that he was going to be Papa n Geet Mama n that it was their symbol of love. Maan kissed her forehead n then kissed her both eyes n then her cheeks n as he was about to kiss her lips someone knocked the door. Maan groaned n said, “Lo agaye kabab main haddi” (See someone came to disturb us)

Geet giggled seeing his irritated face n pushed him n said, “Jao na.” (Go na)

Maan sighed n went n opened the door to see the whole Handa family n Khurana family standing there with smiles along with Anjali who had a big smirk on her face seeing his irritated face. Maan smiled at them n let them in.

Geet went pink seeing her family smiling as she got to know that they know about her pregnancy. Priya went n hugged Geet n said, “Thank u Geet. This is the best wedding gift I could get. Main Massi bane wali hu…” (Im going to be aunt now)

Geet smiled n hugged her back n then Rano n Seema came n blessed her n all congraulated her. Yuvraj came n congraluted her n went out.

After sometime Priya’s bidaai was held n then the whole Khurana family left. After reaching home Seema told Maan to take Geet to their room to rest n then left as they were also tired bcoz of the wedding.

After entering the room Geet went n changed into something more comfortable n then lied down on the bed n was thinking about the baby when she felt ticklish n laughed n saw Maan kissing her stomach.

Maan, “Hello baby, Main Maan hu aapka Papa… Aapko dekhne ke bohut mann kar raha hai isiliye aap jaldi se aana aur phir hum dono mil ke Mumma ko bohut tang karenge aur bohut saari masti karenge.” n again kissed her stomach.

Geet waked Maan’s shoulders n said, “Abhi tak woh aaya nahi aur tum abhi se team bana ke meri khilaaf ho bhi gaye” n made a gol guppa face.

Oh Maan so wanted to kiss her rosy cheeks then n he did that n said, “Nahi Mishti main toh bas baby se baat kar raha tha aur mujhe kya baat karni hai nahi pata thi toh maine yeh bol diya” She pouted cutely..he didn’t let her think, rather  took in those plump lips into a soul searing kiss. she clutched his shirt tighter with his unexpected move and when she adjusted herself, he bit her lips hard

aaah…” she hissed and he took the advantage and delved his tongue deeper into her mouth. she was thrilled with the sensation he was filling her with…his tongue exploring each and every corner of her mouth. she wrapped her hands around his shoulder, giving in to his demand, closing her eyes. they finally parted when they felt a serious need for air. he looked at her flushed face…pink and glowing…her eyes her lost in him… he saw the desire in then..the same that he felt.

Geet always had to bow don infront of his passion… she noticed his eyes going a darker shade with every passing second.

He pulled her closer to him and dug his face into her hair, taking in the exotic aroma, trailing wet kisses along her slender neck line, leaving is marks.

Her fingers ran into his hair, clutching them tight…pulling him more on to her. He moved down, trailing kisses  and stopped right over her bosom. with a jerk he pulled away her kurti that stopped him from treading further. He felt her shiver in his arms…he slowly traced his finger along the line of her salwar, kissing her stomach. she held his shoulder, suppressing her moan, digging her fingers into his skin.

Slowly he pulled out the salwar and tossed it away, Geet felt as if she’d swoon in anticipation. She gasped, “maan..“, feeling the chillness around her waist and below.

He was throbbing with his arousal. by the time he had undressed, she had already unbuttoned his shirt and thrown it somewhere. He kissed her tummy again, “you sleep baby.. mumma will be with me tonight..

Geet smiled hearing hearing him say so! nothing to say… they could understand each other just by looking into their eyes.In a fraction of second, he lay on top of her…both completely bare, moaning and panting.

He relished her like a hungry lion…worshipped her body like a goddess and kissed her senseless. she couldn’t have taken it anymore. She pulled his hair in order to get him close.. he groaned and slipped in, making her scream. he let her scream while he moved gently within her..filling her with his love…kissing her everywhere but her lips.

He remained careful as not to hurt her in any way.

She shuddered as she hit the climax and he followed her seconds later. He kissed her passionately when her screams subsided. She caressed his bare shoulder and back, where she had scartched and bit him…soothing them with her love’.

After they calmed down Maan lied on his back n took her into his arms n caressed her hairs. Geet had a soft smile on her face n was lost thinking something.

Maan while playing with her front curls asked, “Kya soch rahi ho Jaan???

Geet, “Kuch nahi bas humari pheli mulakat yaad kar rahi thi. Tumhe pata hai tab maine socha bhi nahi tha ke main tumse shaadi karungi ya phir humare pyaar ki nishaani mere saath hogi.

Maan, “Lekin maine toh yahi socha tha ke tumhe meri biwi banogi aur humare pyaar ki nishaani tumhare saath hi hogi

Geet, “Tumhe kitne irritating the tab uff’.

Maan, “Aur tum utni hi khubsoorat jitni aaj ho’.

Geet, “Maannn”


Precap –


Maaneet 1st meet


Yuvraj thinking about Geet

Credits to Ash (Kawaii_geet) for the intimate scene which is written by her n Roops (Rsroopali) for helping with the pics.