As Maaneet were lost in their past Yuvraj was wondering what was Geet doing here??? The last he had seen her was in Shimla then how did she come to Bangalore n how did he not know that she is the daughter of Mohinder Handa n sister of his wife Priya. He then remembered her mentioning of her sister but she never told him her name n he didnt bother to ask also.

Thinking about all this he dozed off.

Maaneet Room,

Maan while caressing her hairs, “Tumhe yaar hai main kaise tumhe bachpan ki tarah manaya tha aur tum humesha ki tarah mann gayi.” (U remember how I manofied u like I did in our childhood n u got convinced like always)

Geet, ” Haan lekin mujhe phele bohut shock huve ke tum hi who the jo mujhe pareshaan kar rahe the lekin phir mujhe samjh aaya ke yeh sab tumhare alawa aur koi nahi kar sakta” (Yes but at first I was too shocked to know that u were only the person who was troubling me but then i understood that no one other than u can do this)

Maan, “Acha toh mere alawa koi nahi kar sakta. Main kahi aur cheeze jaanta hu jo mere alawa koi aur nahi kar sakta.” (Oh no one else than me can do is it. I know a few other things also which no one else can do) N pinned her on the bed. Geet encircled her hands on his neck lovingly n said, “Acha kaunsi cheeze Mr.Khurana???” (N what is that Mr.Khurana???)

Maan, “Abhi bata ta hu Mrs.Khurana” (I’ll let u know Mrs.Khurana) n his hands slowly went to her waist. Geet closed her eyes in anticipation as she saw Maan’s face coming very close to hers but the next min she snapped open her eyes in surprise as she saw Maan tickling her n being very ticklish she started laughing loudly.

Geet, “Maan stop it. Bas karo Maan plz” (Maan stop it. Enough Maan plz)

Maan seeing her breathing heavily left her n said, “Uss din ko main kabhi bhool nahi paunga.” (I can never forget that day)

Geet, “Aur main bhi” (Neither me) n giggled remembering the next day morning when Maan came to manofy her.


After coming from the wedding in anger Geet stormed into her room n changed her clothes n slept after banging her room door which clearly meant that she was angry n not to disturb her which would be like putting ur hand into lion’s mouth.

The next morning Rano n Priya were fighting as to who would go n wake up lady bheem who was in full anger mode from yesterday night. After fighting for about 10 mins they saw Mohinder come down to the living room n both looked at each other n winked n Priya ran off to the terrace n then Rano started her drama.

Rano, “Arre Priya ja kar Geet ko utha de toh zara. Main abhi nastha bana rahi hu toh nahi ja sakti toh tu chali ja na beta. Waise bhi aaj Bhai saab, Bhabhi aur Maan anne wale hai Geet se milne toh usko jaldi se utha de” (Priya go n wake up Geet plz. Im preparing breakfast so I cant go or else I would have gone beta. Anyways today Bhai saab,Bhabhi n Maan are coming to meet Geet so go n wake her up fast)

Priya shouted from the terrace, “Arre Mumma main terrace main mirchi sukha rahi hu aur aapko pata hai na ke Geet ko sukhi mirchi se allergy hai toh main kaise jao. Aap ek kaam karo Ramu ko ya phir kisi aur nakur ko bhej do” (Oh Mumma im in terrace drying chillies n u know na Geet has allergy from dry chillies so how can I go. U do 1 thing send Ramu or any other servant to wake her up)

Mohinder who heard their conversation said to Rano, “Rano tum chodo. Main usko utha kar lata hu.” (Rano u leave. I’ll go n wake her up) N went to Geet’s room.

Priya ran to the kitchen after making sure that Mohinder was not there n hi-fied Rano n both of them tip toed to Geet’s room to see the drama.

Geet’s Room

Geet’s room was decorated with red,black n white colours which were her fav. There was a bed in the middle n a dressing table at one of the walls. The wall behind her bed was decorated with many photographs of Geet from her childhood n with her family n friends.

The other wall there were some paintings done on the wall by Geet. As Mohinder entered the room he saw Geet sleeping in the middle of her bed hugging her teddy with one hand n pulling a pillow over her head with the other hand n a pout on her face. Mohinder smiled seeing his princess looking so cute in her sleep but he was not aware of the volcano which was about to burst if she was woken up now.

Mohinder went to her bed n patted her cheeks n said, “Geet beta uth jao. Dekho subah hogai hai ab aur kitna sona hai meri princess ko???” (Geet get up dear. See its morning n how much does my princess want to sleep???)

Geet moaned n turned the other way n slept off. Mohinder then pulled away the blanket n pillow n said, “Geet ab uth ja.” (Geet now get up)

Geet thinking that it was Rano or someone, “Maine kal raat ko kaha tha na ke mujhe mat jagana. Ab jao yaha se aur mujhe sone do” (I had told last night only not to wake me up. Now go from here n let me sleep)

Mohinder in a stern voice, “Geet utho abhi isi waqt.” (Geet get up right now)

Geet jumped hearing her dad’s stern voice n rubbed her eyes like a small baby sitting on her bed pouting at her dad for not letting her sleep n said, “Papa mujhe neend arahi hai. Plz todhi der sone do na” (Papa Im sleepy. Plz let me sleep for sometime) n pulled him n made him sit on her bed n kept her head on his lap n lied down.

Mohinder started caressing her hairs n said, “Mera bacha,kyu gussa ho???” (My baby, why are u angry???)

A tear rolled off Geet’s eye n she said, “Papa kal Karan Bhaiya ki shaadi main ek ladke ne mujhse batamize se baat ki aur meri fav dress bhi kharab kar di.” (Papa yesterday in Karan bro’s wedding a guy behaved very badly with me n he spoiled my fav dress too)

Mohinder wiping her tear said, “Toh isme rone ki kya baat hai??? Dress toh aapki nayi bhi asakti hai na???” (So what is there to cry in it??? U can get a new dress right???)

Geet, “Lekin Papa who dress apne mujhe gift ki thi.” (But Papa that dress was gifted by u) N hugged his waist.

Mohinder knowing how emotional his princess gets when anything is related to him said, “Arre bacha toh kya huva??? Waise bhi who dress purani hogai thi toh ab hum aapke liye ek nayi dress lene ke liye jayenge. Theek hai. Ab bata kya baat hai???“(Oh baby so what happened??? Anyways that dress is quite old now so we will buy a new dress ok. Now tell me what happened???)

Geet, “Aapko kaise pata chala Papa ke yeh aisli baat nahi hai???” (How did u know thaat this is not the real reason Papa???)

Mohinder, “Main tumhara Papa hu bacha aur waise bhi meri princess itni choti si baat ke liye nahi gussa hogi. Ab bata kya baat hai???” (Im ur Papa baby n anyways my princess doesnt get angry for such a small thing. Now tell me what is the matter???)

Geet, “Papa maine aap sab ko bohut miss kiya Mumbai main aur mujhe Bangalore aaye huve pura ek din hogaya lekin na hi aap mujhe milne aaye aur na hi who aaya” (Papa I missed u all so much in Mumbai n it has been a whole day since I came to Bangalore but neither did u come to meet me nor did he)

Mohinder, “Arre bacha main kal isliye nahi aaya kyuki main aaj se ek hafte ke liye chutti le raha hu office se aur isiliye saare kaam khatam karna chahta tha aur who nahi milne aaya na toh ab jab who ayega toh hum uski khoob khabar lenge theek hai???” (Oh baby I didnt come to meet u bcoz Im taking a week off from office n was finishing the pending works n he didnt come to meet u right so when he comes we will teach him a good lesson ok???)

Geet, “Sachi Papa apne ek hafte ke liye office se chutti li hai??? Aur haan jab who ayega toh aap uski khoob ache se khabar lena” (Really Papa u have taken  week’s off from office??? N yes when he comes u teach him a good lesson)

Mohinder, “Haan bacha sachi main maine chutti li hai. Acha chal ab jaldi se tu tayar hoja aur neeche aja Amar aur Seema bhabhi arahe hai tujhse milne.” (Yes baby really I have taken off. Ok now get ready fast n come down as Amar n Seema Bhabhi are coming to meet u)

Geet jumped in joy n said, “Sachi Papa Chote Papa aur Choti Maa arahe hai. Main abhi 10 min main tayar hoke aayi.” (Really Papa Chote Papa n Choti Maa are coming. I’ll come in 10 mins after getting ready)

Mohinder shook his head at his princess excitement hearing her Chote Papa n Choti Maa’s name n went out of her room.

Rano n Priya shook their heads seeing that no drama happened n went about their works.

Geet came to the living room in 20 mins wearing a white sleeveless shirt with white 3/4th pants.

She went to the kitchen n called out Ramu n said, “Ramu mujhe yeh kitchen agle 5 min main khali chaiye.” (Ramu I want the kitchen empty in 5 mins) N went off without talking to Rano n Priya.

Rano knowing about her stubborn daughter left the kitchen in 5 mins after offing the gas n told Priya to finish some other household chores while Geet entered the kitchen n started preparing breakfast specially for her Chote Papa n Choti Maa.

In half an hour she finished preparing paranthas for everyone n went out. As she came out she saw her Chote Papa n Choti Maa walking in.  She shouted “Chote Papa, Choti Maa” n ran to them n hugged her Chote Papa.

Amar hugged her back n said, “Arre meri Princess toh kitni badal gayi hai” (Oh my Princess has changed so much)

Geet, “Nahi Chote Papa main bilkul nahi badli lekin aap buddhe hogaye ho. Dekho safed bal dikh rahe hai” (No Chote Papa I havent changed but u have grown old. See ur white hairs are seen)

Amar pulled her ear n said, “Kya kaha main budha hogaya hu aur mere safed bal dikh rahe hai???” (What did u say that I have grown old n my white hairs are seen???)

Geet, “Arre Chote Papa mera kaan chodo dukh raha hai. Choti Maa dekho na” (Oh Chote Papa leave my ear na its paining. See Choti Maa)

Seema, “Amar chodo meri bachi ko” (Amar leave my child) n pushed his hand away n pulled Geet in her embrace. Geet hugged her Choti Maa n showed her tongue to Amar. Amar smiled seeing it n said, “Theek hai chod diya iss baar lekin agli baar nahi chodunga.“(Fine Im leaving u this time but next time I wont leave u)

Geet, “Haan haan dekhenge.“(Ya ya we will see)

Geet then pulled out of the hug n then Mohinder, Rano n Priya welcomed them n Rano told Geet to serve the breakfast.

As Geet went in a handsome guy wearing a white shirt n trousers entered the house.

Mohinder, “Ah Maan bete aap agaye.” (Ah Maan dear u have come)

Geet who was coming out of the kitchen heard it n a smile came on her face but soon her face turned red with anger n she banged the plate she had in her hand n stormed off to her room leaving all shocked except Maan n Mohinder.

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