This is my story n it is about our journey of LOVE


It began when we were in our final year in college. I had a big group of friends wait by the way Im Maan Singh Khurana n she was just a plain girl, Geet Handa who wear salwar suits n kept her hairs braided. I n my friends always used to make fun of her though behind her back. I had taken up designing class this year as it was the better option between designing n art class n I saw her there. It was the first time I noticed that she was very plain n maybe attractive also…wait a minute did I just say attractive no cut it out. Time went on n I managed to pass even in designing class but I never talked to Geet. Well most of the people in college didn’t so that was nothing new. After our semester exams our teachers had given us group projects n in all subjects I was paired with my any of my friend except in designing as none of them had taken it n by my fortune or misfortune I was paired with Geet Handa. So after the class she walked upto me n then we decided that we would do the project at her house though 1 of my reason was that I didn’t want my friends to tease me with Geet. I was just doing it bcoz it was a group project, so from the next day I started visiting her house n I think her dad didn’t like me much’but why im I even thinking about it. Soon I discovered a sweet n innocent side of Geet which people along with me used to make fun of before. I began thinking about Geet almost all the time lately but I made sure that I didn’t mention it to any of my friends or else what would happen to my image in front of them I couldn’t imagine it also. After college reopened our project was declared the best project n the smile Geet had on her face was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen n I felt so happy that day. After a few days I was walking back home alone bcoz my friends had gone to Mumbai for their state volley ball match n so I was pretty alone n then I saw Geet walking a bit ahead n so I ran to meet her n said ” Hey can I walk with u???” She smiled n replied ” But I walk alone daily n why would u like to walk with me Maan???” Maan “Is there any problem if I walk with u???” with a bit of annoyance in his voice. Geet shook her head n then they silently walked. As they reached her house she stopped at the gates n turned n said “Thank u Maan” n smiled at me n went inside n so from then began our walking together. Sometimes she would ask me about my likes, dislikes, my friends etc n even she would tell me about her likes n dislikes though she didn’t have much friends. Unknowingly I started liking spending time with her n this even my friends noticed n they started teasing me. I used to be irritated but then when I was with Geet I would forget it. But one day they just annoyed me to the extreme n as I n Geet were walking I didn’t even talk to her n was just walking a bit faster than her. She noticed my bad mood n asked me “Maan is everything alright??? U seem to be in a bad mood” n that broke it all n I shouted on her removing all my frustrations “Why do u care if im in a bad mood or not??? It is my problem so u just stay out of it. Alright” As I stopped I saw tears in her eyes n I regretted shouting n removing my frustrations on her. She didn’t say a word but her eyes showed that she was hurt n before I could tell anything she ran away. The whole night I was feeling guilty to have shouted on Geet n decided that I would tell her sorry the first thing tmrw. The next day when I saw her I saw that her eyes were red n puffy n I realized that she had cried the whole night. After class in break I told her sorry n brushed away the matter with a smile. That day as we were walking she asked me whether I could accompany her to the hospital today. I was confused n was about to tell no but then I saw her hopeful eyes n before I could even think of telling no I agreed. Later that evening as I picked her from her house I saw that she was wearing a beautiful white anarkali n had kept her hairs open n I was so lost in her that I was embarrassed when she tapped my shoulders n then we left for the hospital. After reaching the hospital we went to the children’s ward n there I saw a new side of Geet. She was playing with the kids n behaving like a kid only n I couldn’t stop myself from smiling seeing her. After that we went to the ward where some old people were there n she again surprised me with the  she again surprised me with the care n love she showered on the patients there. After that I used to accompany her every week to the hospital n even I started liking spending time with the kids n the old people there. On new year’s eve we visited the hospital with gifts for all n the happiness on Geet’s face was the best gift I could get for new year. I realized that I was falling for Geet Handa but then I remembered a conversation between us.


Geet “Maan can I ask u something???”

Maan “Of course Geet u can”

Geet “Have u ever fallen in love???”

Maan was surprised by the question but then thought about it n said “No Geet. Have u???”

Geet smiled n said “Yes I have fallen in love but I can never get it”

Maan “N why cant u???”

Geet “Bcoz he deserves much better than me”

Maan “Ok whatif I ever fall in love with u???”

Geet “No Maan promise me that u will never fall in love with me”

Maan “But why Geet???”

Geet “Some questions don’t have answers Maan. Now plz promise me”

Maan “Ok I promise never to fall in love with u”


Maan “Sorry Geet I broke ur promise but I cant stop myself from falling in love with u” n I decided to confess my feelings to her. That night as we were returning we stopped at a park n sat there in silence for sometime. After a while I turned towards Geet n told “Geet I want to tell u something n plz don’t intervene bcoz I don’t think I will be able to continue after that”Geet nodded her head n I then took her hands in mine n said “Geet I love u. I don’t know how,when n where but im in love with u n I cant imagine my life without u. Im sorry that I broke my promise to nevr fall in love with u but today I promise u that I will love u forevr n ev after that” As I stopped I saw tears in Geet’s eyes but before I could tell anying she ran away. I felt so miserable seeing her tears n felt that I not only lost my love but also my friend n couldn’t sleep the whole night bcoz of this. I decided that I wanted to know what she felt n then it would be her decision to whether continue our friendship or not. That night I felt like someone had slowed down the clock n time was not passiong by only. The next morning I rushed to her home as soon as I finished my breakfast n rang the bell. Geet opened the door n I saw that her eys were red n puffy. She was about to close the door but I held it on time n asked her to plz talk to me n then I was ready to do as she said. She then came out n we sat in the garden n then I said “Geet I’m sorry if I hurt u yesterday but plz don’t stop talking to me as I cant bear it” Geet took a deep breath  n said “Maan this is not right. U cant fall in love with me Maan” n turned away. Now I was getting annoyed by her constant rejection n not giving any reason n asked “Why Geet??? Is it bcoz u love someone who doesn’t even know that u love him or bcoz u are falling in love with me but are afraid to accept it??? Geet today I want to know why cant I fall in love with u???” Geet hearing this couldn’t hear anymore n shouted“Bcoz I am in love with U only Maan but I cant be with u for more than a few months bcoz im dying of Cancer” n broke down. I felt the whole world stop when she confessed that she loves me but then I felt the ground below me slip when I heard that she is dying of Cancer n I felt that God is punishing me for some of my unknowingly committed mistakes by taking tfew days that I realized that I was in love n now I get to know that my love will never be with me after a few months. I sat there numb until I felt a hand on my cheeks n I looked up to see Geet was kneeling near me n she said looking in my eyes with all her love n said“Maan I love u but I cant love u. If u suffer like this bcoz of me then I will not be able to forgive myself for causing u so much pain” Hearing her I just pulled her into a tight hug removing all my fears in it. After sometime we pulled out of the hug n we went inside n I asked her “Geet tumhe kab pata chala…” but couldn’t continue as I felt my throat choke with words but she understood my question n answered “Just 2 weeks before the start of our final year” I couldn’t even think of how much pain she must have been going through the whole year n asked “But then why didn’t u tell anyone??? N why didn’t u get ur treatment???” Geet“Maan by the time the doctors detected the cancer it had reached the final stage n I didn’t tell bcoz I wanted everyone to behave normally with me n not show any pity or sympathy on me”I then again hugged her n she was comforting me when it should have been me comforting her. After sometime I went back home n hugged Dadi n broke down. Dadi comforted me the whole night n gave me strength to face the situation. The next day Dadi called up Geet n invited her for dinner n I made sure she was comfortable n she didn’t feel any pain. The next day college reopened n I made sure that she didn’t tire herself n was with her in her house till her dad came from his work. She showed me her photos with her mom n dad n told me many storied about her n her mom. I always wondered how she used to smile even after knowing that she didn’t have much time left. We continued our visits to the hospital. She was getting tired easily now a days but she never showed it but how could she hide it from me??? I made sure that she took proper rest. In the month of feb she stopped coming to college as doctors told her that she needed complete bed rest. I used to visit her daily n told her everything about my day. She would listen to me patiently will I hugged her to keep her close to me. Once when it was late in evening n after I made sure that she was sleeping I went out n saw that her dad had arrived n he also looked very tired. I went to him kept my hand on his shoulder to comfort him n he just hugged me n broke down. I let him cry as I knew he never cried in front of Geet so as to be strong for her but then how could a father ever see his child dying. That day we both comforted each other n after sometime I left. As I reached home Dadi enquired about Geet’s health ni told that she was very weak. Dadi hugged me n comforted me but I was very restless as I couldn’t think of anything that I could do to reduce Geet’s pain. A few days passed like that only but my restlessness increased. So then I decided to go the Dargah n once I entered I felt at peace n then it struck me as to what I should do. After coming out of the Dargah I went to her father’s office n talked to him about my idea but he refused as he couldn’t destroy my life for Geet but I assured him that this was the right thing n he finally agreed. Then I told Dadi about it n she was very happy n agreed to help me with the preparations. As I entered Geet’s room I was very nervous to ask her but when I saw her all my nervousness went out of the window…well that was My Mishti’s magic. As she heard the door opening she woke up n I went ahead n hugged her n said “Geet I want to tell u something. Will u plz give it to me???” Geet nodded n so I continued “Geet I wanted to marry u, have kids with u n grow old with u but I know that u have very little time but will u marry me n die as Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana???” Geet had tears in her eyes which I wiped softly n then she said “But Maan…” But I cut her off before she could continue n kept my hand on her mouth n nodded in no n said ” Geet I promised u that I would love u forever n even after that so wouldn’t u do this for me???” Geet smiled n said “Yes Maan I will marry u n die as Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana” The next day we got married in a mandir n the happiness which was on her face when I filled her maang was the best thing ever n I captured it in my heart n soul forever. After the wedding we returned home n Dadi welcomed us n then I carried Geet to our room as she was feeling very tired. We were all very happy that day n I know that I had fulfilled My Mishti’s dream to get married. The next day her health became worst but she refused to be admitted to the hospital as she wanted to die in the house in my arms only n so I n Dadi got the doctors to set up the necessary equipments in our room itself. The whole day I didn’t leave her alone n she was visited by my friends who said sorry to her for making fun of her n she sweetly forgave all n hugged them all. I kept wondering seeing her that how did she manage to forgive all including me after we made so much fun of her well what could I tell she was Geet the most beautiful n different girl ever n I was so happy n proud to be her husband. In the evening when she was resting I couldn’t stop my tears seeing her going away from me n so I went n stood near the windows so as not to disturb her n was lost in my thoughts when Geet woke up n saw me crying n she called me near her n sang for me.

 Plz listen to this song while reading

lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho

shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho

lag jaa gale se …


I hugged her close to me n couldn’t stop my tears from flowing n even she was crying with me.


ham ko mili hain aaj, ye ghadiyaan nasib se

ji bhar ke dekh lijiye ham ko qarib se

phir aap ke nasib men ye baat ho na ho

phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho

lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho


As she sang these lines I lovingly caressed her face n tried to memorise her whole face as if this was the last time we were seeing each other.


paas aaiye ki ham nahin aaenge baar-baar

baahen gale men daal ke ham ro le zaar-zaar

aankhon se phir ye pyaar ki barasaat ho na ho

shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho


As she sang these lines I hugged her more tightly as if to never let her go away from me.


lag ja gale ki phir ye hassin raat ho na ho

shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho

lag ja gale ki phir ye hassin raat ho na ho


We sat in silence for sometime n then I got an idea n took my phone n told her to sing the same song again n she sang it for me again n I felt like crying again when I heard her tell the painful words but controlled myself n then we had our dinner. That night I hugged her n kept caressing her hairs while she slept with her head on my chest. In the morning when she didn’t wake up I tried waking her up by shaking her but she didn’t get up n then I couldn’t stop my tears as My Geet had left me n gone to a far away place where I couldn’t even go to meet her.


Even today after 30 years of her death I remember her n visit the hospital like we used to do before n now Dad lives with me n Dadi n I have started a designing company in the name of Geet n it is the top company in the country n I have kept my promise to My Geet -My Mishti to love her forever n even after that.


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