19th July,Evening 5:30

A girl of about 20 years was riding a scooty. She was blabbering to herself “Babaji aaj toh late hone wali hu daat padne se bacha lena” n then started her scooty as the traffic light turned green.

Soon she reached the place n was praying that she doesnt get caught n as she entered a women of about 45 years stood there at the door with an angry face.

Girl “Mar gaye aaj toh pitayi zaroor hogi” n she entered the house n went near the lady n said “Beeji woh…” but before she could complete the lady raised her hand signalling her to stop.

She then said “Puttar tujhe kitni bar kaha hai ke iss din toh jaldi ajaya kar. Tujhe pata hai na ke aaj humare liye kitna khaas din hai” 

Girl “Beeji maaf kardo woh na main Meera ko uske project mein help kar rahi thi toh waqt ka pata hi nahi chala

Beeji “Chal koi baat nahi. Aacha ab ja aur jaldi se taiyar ho ja mandir jana hai

As the girl was going a girl of about 18 years came running n shouted “GEET DIDIII” n hugged her.

Geet “Pari shant bachcha main kahi bhaagi nahi ja rahi hu” n hugged her.

Shalini Chandran

Pari “Didi aap bhi na. Acha batao aapka project kaisa gaya???

Geet “Acha tha. Baaki baate baad mein abhi chal taiyar hona hai madir jana hai na

Beeji had tears in her eyes seeing Geet n Pari’s interaction. She then took a photo frame from the near table n cried n said ” Dekha didi aapki Geet bilkul aapki tarah hi hai.


After sometime Geet,Pari n Beeji left for the mandir.

Today was Geet’s maa – bauji’s death anniversary. They had died in a car accident when Geet was only 8 years n from then on she lived with her maasi whom she called Beeji n Pari her beeji’s daughter.

At the mandir they did the pooja n then they left for home. 

At the same time,

A handsome guy pulled the girl closer to him n then started his bike at full speed.

45mph… 60mph…75mph…90mph…105mph…120mph…

n finally he won the race.

He then pulled the girl to the front n gave her a passionate kiss.

N all were cheering him “Maan…Maan

Gurmeet Choudhary on the sets of Geet

After the race he went to the club house n started practicing basket ball as he had the final match tmrw.

Later in the night he went to his home… no no not home ya a house as there was no one who to make it a home from a house. He got ready n then left for the disco.

At the disco,

Maan drank continuously 10 tequila shots n then started dancing with anyone. Suddenly a girl in black dress came n started dancing with him n he also dancing closely with her.

After dancing for sometime he pulled her to a corner of the disco n pushed her against the wall n started kissing her wildly.

The next morning,

Maan woke up n saw that he was naked n lying next to him was a girl he didn’t even remember. He freshened up n then took a aspirin for his headache n went to his home.

Geet woke up early n even woke pari n told her to study. She then went to help beeji in preparing breakfast. After getting ready n finishing breakfast both Geet n Pari left for the college.

20th July, St.Xavier’s college, 8:45 am

Geet reached college n parked her scooty n she stood at the entrance waiting.

At the same time Maan entered the campus n he waved at her.

Geet waved back.


Basketball match

Geet n Maan fighting  Shocked

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