Somewhere in Delhi,
  A guy holding a gun walked without making the slightest of the noise. He soon found his target n was about to shoot but stopped seeing that the target was guarded with 2 bodyguards. He tucked the gun into his back n then waited for a while thinking of a different plan.
After few mins the target along with his bodyguards started moving n then the guy made his move n he sneaked behind one bodyguard n closed his mouth with his hand n twisted his face to the side. Then he did the same with the other bodyguard n then he removed his gun from back n pointed at the target n shooted but the target was a hard guy n he didnt fall. He then turned n his face lost its colour n fear was cleary seen n then the guy shooted him on his head without flinching.
After that he called someone n said,”Haan kaam hogaya. Aap jaldi se aaye aur iss ko yaha se leke jaye
In 10 mins some men in uniform came n took away the dead n then one officer said “Well done,Maan Sir
Maan nodded his head n then he left from there n went to his house n took a cold shower n then went to the building at the end of the road after buying something.
After reaching there he called out,”Geettt kaha ho tum???
Soon a 5 year old cute girl came running n hugged Maan’s legs n said”Main yaha hu Maan bhaiya. Aap kab aaye???
Maan took the girl in his arms n kissed her cheeks n said “Bas abhi panch min phele. Ab batao baaki sab kaha hai
But before she could tell few kids came running n shouted “Maan Bhaiyaaa
Maan calmed all the kids n then took them inside n then placed the thing he brought on the table n called Geet n said “Geet chalo aapni aankhe band karo” n placed his hand on her eyes as she opened 1 eye when she thought he was not looking.
He then kept the cake in fromt of her n removed his hand n said “Happy Birthday Geet. Chalo jaldi se cake cut karo” n helped her in cutting the cake while her friends sang for her.
She then fed him the first piece n then fed her friends. After that he gave her a gift n when she opened she jumped in joy to see that her Maan bhaiya had gifted her a barbie doll house set.
She kissed his cheeks n then hugged him. After that she went with her friends to play with her new gift n Maan moved around the orphanage.
This orphanage was very special to him as he had built it on his mother Asha Khurana’s name n it was his dream which for which he used to save money n he had fulfilled his dream 3 years back.
He then bid bye to the kids n went to his home n took a pic of their gang which was taken on the success of a inter college fest n smiled remembering those days.
He then took another pic which was of Geet n said “Happy Birthday Geet. Im sorry maine tumhe uss din woh baatein boli lekin tum mujhse itna naraz hogayi ke tum yaha se hi chali gayi. Geet kaha ho tum???
 He then kept the pic back in his drawer n went n slept.
The next morning he woke up early n went for jogging n then got ready n visited the orphanage n then left for his office.
20th Jan,London,
Drashti woke up n prayed to her babaji n then saw that her whole room was decorated with red roses n there was 1 white rose. She smiled seeing them n went n touched them.
As she was just seeing around her room the room’s door suddenly opened n she was startled. She saw that Omi was holding her gift n Prithvi was carrying her cake.
She smiled seeing it n got excited seeing her fav chocolate cake. She then cut the cake while Omi n Prithvi sang n then fed to Prithvi n then to Omi. 
Prithvi “Drashti tera gift main tujhe baad main dunga aur ab tu ja aur jaldi se ready ho ja hume mandir jana hai
Omi rolled his eyes listening to Prithvi n said “Haan Prithvi. Chal hum bhi ready hone jate hai” n pushed Prithvi in front n as he went our of the room shut the door n sighed.
Drashti giggled seeing this n then he hugged her n said “Happy Birthday Baby” n kissed her. After the kiss he pecked her n then went to get ready.
Drashti smiled seeing the love they showered on her n then saw the white rose n remembered her last birthday in India.
20th Jan,
Geet woke up early n freshened up n then went to the mandir in the house n prayed. After praying she came out n saw Beeji n went to her n touched her feet n then hugged her.
Beeji “Geet tujhe kitni baar kaha hai ke betiya pair nahi padti” n then gave her the gift. Geet opened it n saw a very pretty watch.
Geet “Thank u Beeji lekin itni mehengi watch ki kya zaroorat thi
Beeji “Arre meri beti ke liye kuch bhi mehenga nahi hai” n then left to prepare breakfast. She then went to the living room n saw Bauji n then went n touched his feet n then hugged him. Bauji gave her a pretty bracelet.
Bauji “Isse phele ke tu mujhe yeh puche ke itna mehenga gift kyu toh sun tere liye kuch bhi mehenga nahi hai samjhi
Geet smiled n then went to wake up Pari.
Pari woke up n hugged her n said “Happy Birthday Di” n then gave her the gift. It was a pretty black jewellery box.
Geet “Thank u so much bacha” n then she had breakfast with her family n left for colg.
St.Xaviers College,
As soon as Geet entered the classroom Meera n Shilpa came n hugged her n wished her “Happy Birthday Geet” n then gave her their gift. It was a cute bag.
Raj, Yash, Armaan n Prithvi all together gifted her a digital photo frame n had put many of their group photos n a greeting card.
Sameera who had started feeling jealous of Geet bcoz she was perfect in everything didnt gift her anything neither did she wish her.
After sometime the teacher came n they all attended the class half heartedly as they wanted to go out n celebrate but they knew that Geet wouldnt go n so attended the class with her.
In break Geet went to the sky walk while the others went to the canteen to grab a bite. Geet was feeling a bit low as her best friend,Maan hadnt come to colg neither had he wished her.
Later after colg they all went to a mall n celebrated there n then Geet left as she had to go to take the dance class.
She then reached the cafe n was surprised to see a cake there n all her students were there n then she saw Maan who was kneeling with the kids n he made a baby face as if telling sorry n then smiled. Geet smiled seeing that n then she cut the cake n fed all the kids n at last she went to Maan n he forwarded a piece of cake towards her n as she was about to take a bite he took away his hand n instead he himself ate it. Geet got angry at him for teasing her n so she pouted n turned away.
Maan tried to say sorry to her but she didnt listen n went away to teach the kids danced. Maan smacked himself mentally for making her angry n thought for a while n then an idea striked him n he went out to buy something.
As he returned he saw that the class had ended n the kids has left n Geet was packing. He then went n forwarded a white rose towards Geet.
Geet smiled seeing the white rose n took it from him n smiled at him.
Flashback ends,
As soon as she remembered the good memories the bad ones also came n she shook her head n went n freshened up.
She came down in a blue anarkali suit.
As she reached down she saw Naina had come n she wished her n then they talked for sometime. After sometime Prithvi said that they should get going n as they were going suddenly they heard a shout, “Diii” n saw Pari running n she hugged Drashti tightly. Prithvi, Naina, Omi n Raj giggled seeing this.
After coming out of the hug Drashti said “Bacha bhag ke anne ki ky zaroorat thi??? Main yahi pe hu na
Pari “Uff ho di ek toh main late hogayi aur aap mujhe daant rahe ho” n then she went n hugged Prithvi n Omi.
Raj came n hugged Drashti n wished her n she thanked him n then they all went to the temple.
Same day,Delhi,
As Maan entered his office all the officers stood up n greeted him n she smiled at them n went into the chief’s cabin.
Chief “Well done Maan. U saved all the country to capture a very big drug racket. Congrats. Ur next case’s details will be given to u soon
Maan “Thank u sir” n moved out.
Precap –
Attack on Singhanias

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