As they reached the mandir Prithvi got a call n he told them all to wait for 2 mins n then Naina came n Prithvi said, “Drashti maine bola tha na main tera gift baad main dunga toh yeh raha tera gift. Tujhe teri bhabhi se mila na tha toh yeh le main usse le aaya
Drashti “Hmm…Bhai toh yeh hai Bhabhi…” n started circling her n winked at Omi n Pari. Naina was getting tensed.
Drashti “Bhai inki Naak todhi tedi nahi hai…” n Naina touched her nose n made a baby face at Prithvi who was also getting tensed n then Drashti continued, “Aur inki Aaankhien…
Naina, “Aankhien…
Drashti, “Haan Aaankhien bohut hi kubshurat hai” n hugged Naina who was almost about to cry.
Prithvi waked Drashti’s arm n said, “Kyu dara rahi thi hume???
Drashti coming out of the hug put her hands on her waist n said, “Kya maine aapko daaraya??? Aur aapne jo hume itne dino tak nahi bataya woh kya???
Prithvi shook his head n said, “Achi meri Maa. Tere samne kaun jeet sakta hai. Ab chale
Drashti nodded n they entered n prayed.
Prithvi “Hey bhagawan Meri beheno ko iss duniya ki saari khushi mile aur Geet ko aur koi pareshaani na ho
Drashti, “Hey Babaji jo bhi Prithvi bhai aur Pari aur Omi mange woh pura hojaye aur Mere saare dosto ki raksha karna
As they were coming out a guy with gun pointed at Prithvi n shooted but Drashti at the right time pushed him away but the bullet sratched her shoulder. Omi immediately held her n then Prithvi’s bodygaurds escorted them to their cars n Prithvi was panicking seeing Drashti bleed.
As soon as they reached home the doctor arrived n bandaged her arm n gave her a seductive to reduce her pain.
Prithvi was shouting on everyone in the house n then Drashti called him n he rushed to her n said, “Tu theek toh hai na Geetu. Tu pagal hai kya kyu beech main aayi hai???
Drashti getting irritated shouted, “Chup bhai. Bas aur kitna chilana hai aapko. Sab ko tang kar ke rakh diya hai. Main theek hu dekho aapke samne hi toh hu toh aap kyu ghabra rahe ho.
Prithvi just hugged her n tried to reassure himself that Geet was fine.
After 5 mins he pulled out of the hug n told her to take rest n went to his study n made some calls to find out who the guys were. He thanked god that the media didnt get this news or it would have been a bigger problem for them.
Maan after coming out of the office went to the cafe where he used to work before n met the owner n chatted with him for some time n then he went upstairs where Geet used to take her dance classes n remembered the many times he used to tease her n then she would chase him around n then her dance n everything about her n unknowingly tears rolled out of his eyes.
Maan, “Geet main galat tha aur tum sahi Sameera ke bare main lekin tum kaha chali gayi. Main tumhe dhunte tumhare ghar bhi aaya lekin waha ki halat bohut kharab thi aur tumne college bhi anna chod diya tha. Tum kaha ho Geet??? Plz ek baar toh mujhe mafi mangne do” n then he wiped his tears n left to go to the orphanage which was the only way to distract himself.
Prithvi got to know from his detectives that some people were trying to kill him n Drashti as she had recently got a well known criminal locked up in jail n he had joined hands with his business rivals n tried to kill both of them.
He told all this to Naina n Omi n they made a plan but the most difficult thing was to convince Drashti. 
Omi n Naina told him that only he could convince her n so he should talk to her as soon as possible n they should execute it as soon as possible.
Prithvi sighed n went to her room n saw that she was sleeping peacefully n saw that she was hugging the digital photo frame they had gifted her during colg n he slowly took it from her hand n saw all the pics n remembered the time when they all had great fun n all were carefree.
Prithvi then went out as he didnt want to disturb her right now n he decided that he would talk to her tmrw n told Omi to made all the arrangements.
Precap – 
Prithvi, Naina n Omi’s plan

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