After Pari ended the call she caleed the doctor n told him everything about Geet’s behaviour n the doctor told that he would be there in a while.
Pari once again tried to feed breakfast to Geet but she didnt budge n finally Pari had to accept defeat n wait for the doctor to come. As she was waiting out she saw the card that man had given her n saw the name n was surprised to see it, it was Maan Singh Khurana’s card, the Maan who used to be Geet’s best friend 5 years back but they had some fight n after that her Geet Didi was never the same again.
She had seen her cry at times remembering Maan n also seen her keeping a piece of cake separately on her birthdays n she never let anyone tie friendship band to her on friendship day.
She never understood what went wrong between them as they were the best team n she thought that soon they would fall in love also but then their fight n that incident after which they shifted to London. She had seen Geet smile on Omi’s jokes n be happy but her happiness never reached her eyes as it reached whenever she used to talk about the pranks she n Maan played during college times.
Her thoughts were interrupted when the doctor came n she led him to Geet’s room. Geet didnt make a fuss bcoz the doctor was there but she showed an angry glare to Pari n then turned away her face from her. 
The doctor checked her n called Pari out n asked, “Kya Geet ne kuch khaya??? Aur woh kis baat se behoos huvi thi kal???”
Pari “Woh doctor kal raat main unka dhyan rakte rakte so gai lekin maine subah dekha khana waise hi tha aur Didi ne kal hi unke fiance ko koya hai toh unko uska shock laga hai”
Doctor “Im so sorry to hear about it lekin agar woh kuch khayegi nahi toh woh jaldi se recover nahi kar paege aur mujhe aapse puchna hai ke kya woh kal raat se I mean jab se unko pata chala hai unke fiance ke baare main kya woh tab se roi hai???”
Pari “Nahi doctor woh kuch bhi nahi bol rahi. Woh bas waha window ke pass baithi hai jabse uthi hai”
Doctor “Pari tumhe usse rolana hoga warna woh shock main chali jaegi aur woh uske liye acha nahi hai.”
Pari “Lekin main kya karu doctor ke woh roye. Main tabse unse baat karne ki koshish kar rahi hu lekin woh mujhe waha se bhej deti hai yeh keh ke ki unko akela rahena hai.”
Doctor “Aapko koi aisi cheez pata hai jisse unhe bohut pyaar hai??? Ya phir aisa koi incident hai jisse ke unko bohut rona aata hai???”
Pari “Haan doctor lekin main unko woh yaad nahi dila sakti kuch reasons ke wajhe se. Aur haan unko dance aur painting bohut pasand hai”
Doctor “Toh aap plz unko dance kariya jisse unka dard bahar nikale aur woh iss shock se jald se jald bahar aa sake warna yeh inki jaan pe bohut havi ho sakta hai”
Pari “Nahi doctor main unko nahi koh sakti. Main unko iss shock se bahar laungi chaihe mujhe kuch bhi karna padhe”
Doctor then gave her a prescription n told her to give the medicines on time n then patted her cheeks n left. 
She then somehow fed Geet a bit breakfast n then as she was about to go the door bell rang n she opened n saw Raj.
Pari seeing Raj hugged him n started crying. Raj hugged her back n comforted her. He then took her inside n she told him everything about Geet n her conversation with the doctor n even told him about his best friend Maan.
Raj was stunned to hear about Maan after so many years as he had to leave the college that year bcoz he had to help his father in his business n by the time he returned Maan had left the college. He tried to search for both Maan n Geet but couldnt find both n then he found Pari who told them what had happened n then he met Geet who by then had become Drashti. He still tried to search for Maan but couldnt find him.
Raj then asked where was Pari going n then she remembered that she was going to get medicines for Geet but Raj told her that he would get it n then he went n brought the medicines.
All this while Geet was sitting by the window n thinking how her life changed whenever she found some happiness. Thinking about all this she dozed off.
Pari came to check on her n saw that she was sleeping n then carressed her face n left.
Khurana Mansion,
Maan woke up n thought about the girl he helped yesterday n thought “Is she fine now. I’ll call the doctor n ask him” n freshened up n then had breakfast n then as he was about to call the doctor he got a call from the headquarters n was asked to report immediately n he left.
As soon as he entered n saluted, the chief asked him to have a sit n said,“Officer abhi aapke liye ek naya case hai but it is your decision to take it up or leave it”
Maan nodded n the chief continued “Ok this time u have to catch…”  n told him about the case. After telling him the case the chief said, “Maan u can take a day to think about it n u are welcome to join whenever u want bcoz we need an expert n there is no one better than u but I suggest that u take a few days off bcoz u have been working continuously on 3 cases n havent taken a break.”
Maan got up n said “Chief I will let u know about my decision tmrw morning.” n left from there.
As he reached home he totally got involved in the case file that he forgot that he had to call the doctor n as he was going to have dinner he got a call from the orphanage n he rushed there.
Maan rushed into Sia’s room n asked the doctor who was checking her n asked “Kya huva doctor??? Sia theek to hai na???”
Doctor “Haan Mr. Khurana woh theek hai bas usse todha chaaya agaya tha aur ussi wajhe se woh behoos hogai thi. Gabhrane ki koi baat nahi aur waise bhi Sia toh bohut strong hai. Haiya na Sia???”
Sia nodded n Maan smiled seeing it n thanked the doctor n sent all the kids to sleep n sat beside Sia n told her a few stories n dozed off there only taking care of her.
The next morning, Mary the caretaker of the orphanage woke Maan up n gave him his coffee n told him to go home n take rest. Maan once checked on Sia n then left for Khurana Mansion.
He then thought about the case n thought to take a few days off before he took up the case n informed the chief about his decision n then freshened up n was relaxing when his door bell rang n he ws confused as to who might have come to visit him n opened the door n was surprised to see a guy.
The guy introduced himself as Raj n then said, “Wah Maan tu toh hume bhool hi gaya.”
Maan was confused n asked “Ji kya main aapko janta hu???”
Raj hugged him n said “Haan Maan tu hume jaanta bhi hai aur pechanta bhi hai. Main Rah ho yaar tere benchmate. Tujhe yaad hai college main sab hume the 3 musketeers kehte the”
Maan remembered it n hugged him back n said “Tu kaha chala gaya tha Raj???”
Raj “Woh papa ko heart attack agaya tha toh mujhe wapas jana padha business sambhalne lekin jab main wapas aaya toh tum college chod ke ja chuke the. Kaha chale gaye the Maan??? Tujhe pata hai main tumhe kitna dhunda lekin tum mile hi nahi???”
Maan “Haan main uss saal baad Dehradun chala gaya tha. Acha tum andar toh aao”
Maan then invited him inside n then caught up with their lives.
Precap – 
Geet in pain.

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