The next week Geet tried to be happy for Pari n Raj but she wouldnt go out much even if Pari insisted. She would go to her secret place daily by her scooty n come back soon so as to not trouble Pari with worry.
Though she smiled n laughed she wasnt happy she wanted to do something n so she insisted in during some of the household works. She also used to go to the near by park n play with the kids there n also help the old people if they needed. 
Once as she was coming back from the park she saw a girl crossing the road n as she turned she saw from the other side a car was speedily coming towards the girl. She seeing it ran towards the girl when she heard someone shout, “GEETTT
Geet had by then pushed the girl n herself out of danger n then she saw Maan coming towards them n he started checking the girl if she was fine n then said “Geet maine tumse kaha tha na ke road dekh kar ke road cross karna chaiye agar tumhe kuch hojata toh???“(Geet i have told u na to see n cross the road. If something would have happened to u today???) n then looked up to see who had saved Geet n was surprised to see Drashti there.
He smiled at her n said “Drashti thank u so much for saving Geet. Are u hurt???
Drashti who for a min was scared that he got to know her real name sighed in relief when she got to know that the girl’s name was Geet n then remembered her accident n how Prithvi n all had scolded her for her carelessness n thought “Woh ek din tha jab sab mere saath the aur aaj ek din hai jab mere saath koi bhi nahi hai“(That was 1 day when everyone was with me n today is 1 day when no one is with me) n then heard Maan calling her again n snapped out of her thoughts n said “No no Im not hurt.
Maan “Drashti see ur hand plz. It is bleeding n u are saying that u are not hurt. Plz come with us to the doctor. I cant let u go like this only.
Geet “No it is just a small cut Maan so its ok. I was just going home. I’ll go n apply some medicine n it will be fine
Baby Geet “Plz didi aapko mere wajhe se chot lagi hai na toh aapko dawai bhi main hi lagungi.Plz aayi na“(Plz didi u got hurt bcoz of me so I will only apply medicine to u so plz come)
Geet “Geet aisa kuch nahi hai. Main theek hu aap chinta mat kijye“(Geet nothing like that dear. Im fine u dont worry)
Maan “Drashti plz come the orphanage is just 5 mins away from here.Plz
Geet  seeing Baby Geet’s pleading face couldnt tell no to her n so said “Ok I’ll come with u guys
Maan, Drashti n Baby Geet walked to the orphanage n as Maan entered all the kids came out running n shouted together “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAAN BHAIYA
Maan calmed them down n said “Thank u all for the wishes n meet her she is Drashti.
Drashti “Hello everyone.
Kids “Hiii Didi
Baby Geet “Maan Bhaiya aap Didi ke liye dawai laiye main unko lagungi“(Maan Bhaiya u get medicines for Didi I will apply it on her hand)
Maan nodded n told the helper to bring the first aid box while Baby Geet took Drashti inside n made her sit. She began applying the medicine n after applying the bandage she kissed her hand n said “Ab yeh jaldi se theek hojayega. Aapko pata hai jab bhi mujhe ya phir kisi aur ko chot lagti hai na toh Maan bhaiya aise hi karte hai aur hum jaldi se theek hojate hai“(Now it will heal faster. U know whenever I or others get hurt Maan bhaiya does like this n then we will be fine soon)
Drashti smiled listening to Baby Geet’s talks n kissed her cheeks n said “Thank u
Baby Geet smiled shyly n ran away. Drashti smiled seeing her n then she saw Maan smiled at her n said “Happy Birthday Maan. Im sorry I didnt know that today was ur birthday or else I would have brought something for u
Maan “Its perfectly fine Drashti. We anyways didnt meet each other after that day n so u wouldnt know anything about me so no problem.
Geet “Ok since now I know ask for a gift n if I can I will surely give
Maan “Ok Drashti so I want u to always keep smiling n promise me that whenever u go to the lake u will take me with u
Geet smiled n said “Ok I promise” n they moved out towards the kids.
Geet was feeling very happy today to spend sometime with the kids in the orphanage. She loved how they played together, fought n made up to each other in few mins. After sometime she bid goodbye to all n left.
As she reached her room she opened her cupboard n took out Maan’s pic n said “Happy Birthday Maan. I just wish that u get all the happiness in the world n all ur wishes to be fulfilled” n then kept the photo back n then took Omi’s pic n told him everything that happened in the day.
After sometime she went n helped Pari in preparing dinner n she told all that happened in the orphanage n Pari was happy to see her Di happy.
Somewhere in Delhi,
A guy broke the glass which was in his hand as again today his plan failed. He said in anger “Dont think that this has finished. I will surely kill u. Today was ur good luck that u were saved but not everytime. I’ll have to make a fool proof plan this time so that u dont escape next time.
Khurana Mansion,
Maan was sitting on his rock chair n thinking about Geet when suddenly Drashti’s face came in his mind n he smiled remembering her smiling face.
Maan(ST) “Pata nahi usme aisa kya hai jo mujhe uske taraf khichti hai jab bhi woh mere aas paas hoti hai toh??? Maine kyu yeh manga ke woh mujhe lake apne saath leke jaye jab bhi woh jaye??? Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai???“(I dont what is in her that pulls me towards her whenever she is around me??? Why did I ask her to take me to the lake whenever she goes there??? What is happening to me???) n then shrugged the thought away n went n had dinner n then went to the orphanage as today was friday night n all the kids n he would every friday watch a movie on TV.
Precap – 
Geet dancing 
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