20th July, St.Xavier’s college, 8:45 am

Geet reached college n parked her scooty n she stood at the entrance waiting.

At the same time Maan entered the campus n he waved at her.

Geet waved back.

As Geet started walking even Maan started walking n then Maan walked past her n hugged his girlfriend n kissed her.

Geet went n hugged Meera her best friend.

Then she n Meera went to their class n Maan went to the locker room n kept his things. Then he went to the basketball court n started practicing.

Meanwhile a small girl came to him n gave him a bunch of white roses.

He smiled at her n gave her a chocolate n the girl kissed on his cheeks n went. He always wondered who was the person who sent him white roses everyday. At first he got very annoyed when the small girl used to come n give him the white rose but then when he saw her his anger melted away n from them on it become a habit for him to give her chocolate when she gave him the flowers.

Basketball court,9:45 am,

The team had to score a basket to win the final match. Maan had played really well. As he was dribbing the ball a player from the opposite team purposefully came in front of him but they were a bit late as Maan had already passed the ball to other player n they scored a basket n they won the match.

After changing Maan n his friends all went to the canteen to celebrate their win. 

At the same time Geet,Meera n Yash were at the canteen after watching the match from the sky walk which was their hangout place in the college.

As they went to get something to eat Maan n gang came there n his friends went to VIP entry n told “Chotu aaj ka special jaldi se dena re” n then as chotu was coming with the plates he dashed against someone n the food fell on one of the gang member. The person got angry n started shouting on chotu n was about to hit him when Geet held his hand n said “Excuse me mister the food fell on u by mistake n dont u have that much manners as to not raise hands on ur elders

Guy “Oye who the hell are u to lecture me about manners n anyway i will do anything i want what will u do???

Geet “What i will do u wait n see…” she told Meera something in her ears n Meera went away n then she helped chotu get up as the guy had pushed him down.

All this while Maan was watching all this silently. And then Meera came back with principal n then Geet complained about the guy’s behaviour n some other students agreed n so the principal called the boy to his cabin. After all the drama Maan went to where Geet was standing n said with attitude “Excuse me what do u think u just did now??? U complained to the principal about my friend…Maan Singh Khurana’s friend. Now u wont be spared for the mistake u did

Geet “Oye hello so what if u are The Maan Singh Khurana i’m also Geet Handa n i wont get scared by ur dhamki so dont waste ur time as well as mine by giving me these dhamkis” n left from there in full attitude.

Maan also went from there in anger “What does she think??? She is just a chit of a girl n see her attitude. Ms Geet whatever u just wait n watch what I can do??? but why should I waste my time after her” n so decided to forget it n went to attend his class.  


Maan asking help from Geet Shocked

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