Maan went to attend the class after about a month as he had dance practices before n then the fest n then the basketball practices. He did not know what was happening in the class n so he went n met his bench mates n the three musketeers as they were well known as were discussing what next movie to go that he saw Geet enter the class with Meera n they both sat on the last bench. 
Maan was surprised that Geet n Meera didnt go n sit in the first benches as any girl would have done but before he could think more about it the teacher entered the class.
As the teacher started asking questions Maan was sitting n got lost in his own world. But then he was brought back to the classroom when he saw that his bench mate Raj had nudged him n then he saw his teacher calling out his name n so he stood up n said “Ma’am I was not there I had gone for the practices” n so the teacher excused him n said that he would have to learn it from his friends only as she had finished the topic now.
After the class as he was going out he asked all his friends to help him in the topic but they said that they themselves had not understood it till now n the oly person who had understood in the class was Geet.
Maan was shocked that Geet was the only person who had understood the concept n thought to chuck it but then remembered his teacher’s warning n so decided that he had to ask her for help now without any choice.
So he went searching for her in the whole college. He checked the library,canteen,all the classes,staff room,sports room,recreation centre n finally came to the sky walk n saw that she was sitting on the floor with Meera n she was writing something in her book.
He approached them n cleared his throat but they were too engrossed in their discussion that they did not notice him. Maan got angry as time was passing n finally he called out a bit rudely “Geettt.” Geet got startled by the voice n saw up to see Maan there. She got up n asked him “Did u just call me???
Maan “Yes Geet I need your help to understand XXX concept as I had not attended the class
Geet “Meera did I just hear that Mr. I’m the best aka Maan Singh Khurana needs help n that too mine
Meera just giggled as she understood that Geet was teasing Maan.
Maan was getting more angry but he controlled it n said “Ya u heard it right I want ur help. Will u plz explain the concept to me
Geet then said “Ok I will explain it to you.Will today in the lunch hour be ok with u here at the skywalk as no people come here” n Maan agreed n said “Ok see u at the lunch hour.
20th July, 1:30 pm
Maan was waiting for Geet at the skywalk n then he heard her n Meera’s voice coming from the terrace. “Meera do we have to go from the smooching corner every day u find a guy n girl smooching over there n ti feels disgusting to go to the skywalk from there.”
Meera “Geet u know na today there is chats in canteen so u wont get place to move from the other side so this is the only way left n where do u have to come from this side daily so stop complaining n lets go
Maan in his mind “Oh so this is the called the smooching corner.Nice Ms. Geet Handa atleast doesnt like something in this whole building
Geet n Meera soon reached the sky walk n Meera greeted Maan “Hi Maan” n he replied back to her.
Geet sat down n took her books n told Maan to sit down n so Maan pointed to the floor n said “There but it will be dirty na all people walking here” n so Geet replied “Maan the workers daily wash the sky walk just half an hour before the lunch so there is no chance that it is dirty so just sit or u can stand n listen” to which Maan made a face but then sat down.
Geet explained him the concept in a very easy n simple way n the questions he asked also had logics which Geet n Meera solved n even he helped when he felt they were going wrong. Like this the whole lunch hour went but just 5 mins before the bell Yash came n said “Hey Geet n Meera tum dono aaj canteen kyu nahi aye ktina acha khana bana tha
Geet “Dekh Meera phir se shuru hogaya yeh” n then to Yash “Yash tu khane ke sivaye kuch aur soch tha hai kya???” n Yash without thinking told “Haan meri Meera ke bare mein
Meera hearing this starting blushing n Geet said “Wah Yash abhi se hi Meri Meera” n before she could tease Meera anymore she ran away n so Geet said “Arre Meera ruk toh sahi” n then turned to Yash n said “Yash tu abhi bhi yaha hai ja na uske piche” n pushed him. After Yash ran behind Meera she started laughing n then stopped n said “Babaji Meera aur Yash ki jodi banaye rakhna.
Meanwhile Maan was a silent viewer to all the drama. He now saw a new form of Geet. As he started packing his bags the bell rang n he said to Geet “Thank u Geet for helping me” n went away from there.
After finishing the class Geet n Meera went to the library to collect the question papers they had told the librarian to keep for them. After taking them Geet told bye to Meera n then went to the parking lot n then started her scooty n went home.
As she reached home she saw that Beeji was cleaning everything n then she remembered that her Mausa ji whom she called Bauji was coming home after his trip to Delhi for the publication of his book.
After sometime Pari also came home n then she also came to help Geet n Beeji. 
20th July, 6:30pm
A man of about 50 years entered the house n Geet ran towards him n said “Baujiii” n hugged him. After this Pari n Beeji came n hugged him.
After this Geet asked “Bauji aapka safar kaisa tha???” n so he replied “Bohut acha tha beta aur yeh dekho main tumhare liye kya laya hu”  n removed a box n gave to Geet “Puttar isse khol aur dekh
Geet opened the box n saw a dairy n when she opened the dairy a picture of her with her parents n then with Pari,Beeji n Bauji was there. Seeing this she got a bit emotionally n hugged him n said “Bauji bohut hi acha hai lekin aapko Maa – Papa ki tasveer kaha se mili” n so he replied “Beta yeh tasveer toh maine khud kichi thi aur tab se mera pass hi hai aur aaj main tujhe de raha hu” n then he gave Pari a set of glass bangles as she loved them.
At dinner they all had lots of fun n then they all went to their room to sleep.
20th July, 5:30 pm
Maan entered the cafe n said “Hello sir. I hope u are better now” n then went to do his work.
Yes Maan used to work at the cafe n used to spend his earned money in partying once in a month. He then worked till night 10 n then the owner came n said “Son now u go home n rest. U have to even attend college tmrw” n patted his shoulder lovingly. Maan smiled at him n then went to his home n slept off as he was very tired.
21th July, 9:00 am
Geet n Meera went to their class n were discussing the paper they had taken yesterday when Maan n his friends,Raj n Armaan entered the class. Maan to irritate Geet took her pouch which she had kept there n started opening the pens n all. Seeing this Geet got very irritated n then Maan threw the pouch to Meera who caught it n was about to throw it back to Maan when she saw Geet glaring at her n so she kept the pouch back.
Then the teacher came n the classes went on. The whole day Maan n Geet did not have any encounters then.
Precap – 
Geet crying 
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