As time went on they had to work more harder as their exams were nearing but Maan never used to stop irritating Geet n now n then they used to have their silly fights.
Maan now used to go to the sky walk in lunch with Raj n Armaan n they along with Meera,Yash n Geet used to have fun. Geet though was irritated by Maan but she was friendly with Raj n Armaan.
Once when Geet was alone on the sky walk she started crying n at that time only Maan came n he was shocked to see her crying n so he rushed to her n said “Geet tum ro kyu rahi ho???
Geet then stopped crying n said “Kuch nahi woh ankh main kuch chala gaya tha” n turns the other side.
Maan also turns to her side n says “Geet tum jhoot kyu bol rahi ho jab tumhe pata hai ke tum jhoot nahi bol sakti.Bolo na kya huva” 
Geet then said “Kuch nahi bas woh aaj meri choti behen Pari ka birthday hai toh usko aur Beeji – Bauji ko dekh ke Maa – Papaji ki yaad agayi.
Hearing this Maan was confused n said “Maa – Papaji toh Beeji aur Bauji kaun hai???
So Geet clarified ” Beeji aur Bauji mere Maasi mausa ji  hai.Jab main 8 saal ki thi tab mere Maa Papaji ek car accident main guzar gaye aur tab se main Beeji – Bauji ke saath hi rehti hu“. She then wiped her tears n went away.
After hearing to Geet Maan thought “Geet tumne bhi aapni Maa ka pyaar nahi mila lekin tumhare pass tumhari Beeji toh thi mere pass toh woh bhi nahi hai” n left from there.
After the last hour Geet invited Meera, Yash n the 3 musketeers to her house for Pari’s birthday. At first Maan refused but when everyone insisted he agreed.
Same Evening, 5:30 pm,
Geet wore a beautiful white anarkali with silver n blue border.
Maan along with others reached Geet’s home n she went to welcome them all.
After welcoming all Pari came n then they had the cake cutting. Pari was wearing a beautiful pink salwar kameez.
(Plz imagine whichever in these two u want)
As Pari was feeding the cake to Beeji Geet had tears in her eyes but she wiped them n then went n fed Pari a piece of cake. After the cake cutting Pari’s friends n others went to the verandah. 
Pari then asked Geet “Didi sab ne mujhe gift de diya ab sirf aap baaki ho. Mera gift kaha hai???
Geet “Bachcha main janti thi tum aapna gift magogi. Tu rukh main abhi leke aayi” n before going she tieda bilndfold on Pari’s eyes. Then she brought out a painting canvas. Then she opened the blindfold n told Pari to remove the cloth covering it. When Pari opened it she was surprised n she went n hugged Geet n said “Thank u sooo much di. Finally aapne meri sketch bani hi di.
Geet hugged her back n said “Mera bachcha mujhse kuch mange aur main usse na do yeh kaise ho sakta hai

After this Pari put some music n they all started dancing. Only Geet n Maan were not dancing. Maan came to Geet n said “Nice painting
n so Geet told “Its not painting it is sketch but anyways thanks” 
Maan felt like answering back but then shrugged it off. Then some slow music was played n Raj asked Pari to dance with him n Yash asked Meera. 
After dancing for sometime Beeji called them to have snacks. Everyone praised Beeji’s cooking n then Pari n her friends went to her room n Geet took her friends to her room. As they entered they saw many sketches n painting done n then Yash asked “Geet tu ek painting meri aur Meera ki bhi bana de plz” 
Geet replied “Surely Yash bana dungi lekin exams ke baad” n then they all were sitting n chatting. Maan felt thirsty after sometime so he told them n went down to get water. He went into the kitchen n found Beeji there n so he said “Aunty woh todha pani mil sakta hai kya woh mujhe pyas lagi hai” n so Beeji gave him water. 
After sometime he informed Geet that he was going as he had some work to complete n so she said “Thanks Maan for coming.
Beeji then said “Puttar kabhi kabhi ghar aaya kar na” n Geet mummered”Beeji aap kaunsi musibat bula rahi ho ghar pe” but Maan heard it n said “Tumne kuch kaha kya???” n Geet faked a smile n said “Nahi kuch nahi” n then she went with him till the gate to see him off.
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