Maan then left to go to cafe n he worked n that day he got his salary. He went to the bank n deposited some amount into his account n then went to his home. He knew that today another 1 lakh rupees will be deposited into his account but he doesnt want to use them as it is that man’s money whom he used to love as he was his dad but after he become 15 he started hating that man n left his home but he used to stay in a house provided by his dad as he had promised his mom before she died that she would not refuse him. So Maan used to live there n also the bike n party money he used was from those money but the salary he was saving it to fulfill his dream.
The next week the college seemed like there were no students only as exams were nearing n students were taking leave to sit n study at home but Geet n the others used to come daily n u could find them at the sky walk or sometimes in the library also.
As exams were in the afternoon they all would reach an hour early n would have group study n revise the important portions. After the exams Geet n Meera left early as it would already be late n they had to reach their home.
Maan had taken leave from his work for a week when he had exams. On the last day after the exams were over they all decided to celebrate outside the college n so all had ice-creams n enjoyed.
Then Meera n Geet were talking about navratri n so Geet said “Meera is saal na main aur Pari vrath rakhne wale hai 9 dino ke liye” 
Meera “Achi baat hai re main bhi rakhungi.” n they were discussing about it only. Maan n the others were discussing about the Champions League which had started just a few days back
Raj “Is bar toh mujhe lagta hai ke South Wales hi jeetne wali hai
Armaan “Arre nahi re is bar Royal Challengers Bangalore hi jitenge” n then they decided to go to Yash’s house to see the matches. After sometime they all left.
At Geet’s place,
Pari came to Geet’s room n said “Didi aap kisi ko dance sikhogi. Woh Manju aunty hai na unki beti ko sikh na hai aur woh fees bhi degi
Geet “Theek hai. Main usse sikhungi par kaha yaha ghar pe toh nahi sikha sakti na
Pari “Didi dont worry Manju aunty ne bola ke woh coffee shop hai na woh reliance fresh ke pass uske upar khali jaga hai aur unhone woh coffee shop walo se baat ki hai toh aap waha sikha sakti ho
Geet “Theek hai. Main kal se hi class shuru kar dungi” n then they went about their works.
The Next Day,
Geet got up in the morning, woke up Pari n then they did puja n then she prepared breakfast for Beeji n Bauji n then left to the coffee shop.
As she reached the coffee shop she saw that Manju aunty was talking to the coffee shop owner n then she went n greeted him. The shop owner then showed her the place n left.
Geet then taught some exercises to Sweta Manju aunty’s daughter n then showed her a dance.
As Geet finished her dance she heard someone play drums n then she also started dancing with the drums tune.

Pls see this video to get an idea of the dance.
As she was doing her steps Maan came to see who was dancing n was shocked to see Geet there. Geet after a while realised that Maan was standing there n she stopped dancing seeing him. As she came near her bag Maan cleared his throat n said “Geet tum yaha kya kar rahi ho???
Geet “Main yaha dance sikhane aayi hu
Maan “Oh toh tum dance bhi karti ho isliye. yeh floor itna hil raha ha tha” n began running.
Geet realised what Maan told n then ran behind him. After a while both got tired of the running n sat down. Then after few minutes Maan left n Geet thought Sweta some steps.
After finishing the dance class Geet came down to the coffee shop to give the keys n was shocked to see Maan working there. She approached him n said “Maan tum yaha kya kar rahe ho???
Maan “Main yaha kaam karta hu” n began again doing his work. Geet then thought in her mind “Hmm…yeh yaha kaam karta hai lekin kya iske friends ko yeh pata hai.
Geet “Maan tum yeh keys na uncle ko de dena. Main tumhe kal milti hu” n left from there.
Maan gave the keys to uncle. In the evening after finishing his work when he went home he was just thinking about Geet. The way she used to get irritated, the way she used to laugh n her love for her family n today he saw a new form of her only when she was dancing.
Meanwhile even Geet was thinking about Maan. At first she thought that he is very arrogant but she loves the way he irritates her n today she saw him working in a coffee shop but what is the need for him to do so.
Daily Geet used to go to the coffee shop n she used to teach dance to Sweta n then had coffee n talked with Maan after her class. They both enjoyed each other’s company but Maan never stopped teasing her.
Precap –

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