After 2 weeks Geet had more students in her dance class n she used to enjoy a lot teaching them dance n listening to all their sweet n innocent talks.
Soon the colg started n Geet had to manage her colg work as well as her dance classes n so she told her students that she would take the classes in the evening n all agreed as even they had schools to attend.
In the first week many new students had come. In Geet’s class there were 3 new students 2 girls n 1 guy. The girls names were Sameera,Shilpa n the guy’s name was Prithvi.
The gang welcomed them n Shilpa,Geet n Meera hit on the first time. Even Sameera mixed with all of them well n Prithvi flirted with Geet n she just used to laugh at it.
Soon their classes resumed n all the events started n they all had great fun. Maan never stopped irritating Geet.
Geet was having a hard time managing her classes along with her colg work n the events as all the teachers used to call them only for organising n all would run away n she would get caught in doing all the work n then all would making baby faces when she used to get angry n she would forget her anger seeing it.
Once after organising a event Geet checked the time n realised that he was late for the dance class n so after informing the teachers that she was leaving she went directly to the coffee shop n somehow managed to take the classes. After finishing he classes as she left in her scooty. It started raining but she didnt stop as she was going the scooty skidded n she fell from her scooty n fainted. 
After sometime when she gained consciousness she realised that she was in some hospital room n then sat up wondering how she was there. As she was thinking she saw Prithvi entering the room n he said “Geet tum inti baarish main scooty kyu chala rahi thi??? Agar kuch ho jata toh???
Geet then said “Woh mujhe ghar jaldi jana tha is liye main…
Prithvi then said “Geet tumhe pata hai ke main kyu tumhari saath itna flirt  karta hu???
Geet “Nahi…” but before she could tell anything he said “Kyuki meri ek choti si behen thi par uski last year deaath hogayi aur jab bhi main tumhari aankhe dekh tha hu toh mujhe uski aankhe yaad ajati hai aur main uske saath bohut masti karta tha
Geet felt bad hearing that his sister was no more n then she said “Prithvi kya tum mere bhai banoge??? Mujhe aaj tak ek bhai ka pyaar nahi mila
Prithvi was very happy listening to this n nodded his head n then gave her a brotherly hug n then he said “Doctor ne tujhe discharge kar diya hi lekin tu aapni medicines time pe lena aur khayal rakhna aur abhi main tujhe ghar chodne araha hu aur tujhe mana nahi karegi” n Geet nodded as she knew it was no use arguing with him n then he helped her to get down n then they left.
Next Day,
The event was a big success n all were very happy about it n were searching for Geet to congratulate her. They searched the whole colg n then found her in their class sleeping. Prithvi smiled seeing this n then they woke her up n when she woke up all except Prithvi seeing the bandage on her forehead began asking her what happened???
Geet irritated by them firstly for disturbing her sleep n then going on n on without even listening to her finally shouted “STOP IT!!!
As all shut their mouths she took a deep breath n said “Aap logo ne kyu meri needh bigad di???
Meera “Tujhe congratulate karne. Tune jo event organise kiya tha woh bohut acha tha
Geet “Kya event hogaya. Oh no mujhe dekhna tha” n became sad.
All were confused as why was she sleeping here n the bandage on her forehead.
Maan then finally asked “Geet tumhe yeh chot kaise lagi n tu yaha kyu so rahi thi??? Teri tabiyat toh theek hai na???
Geet then looked at Prithvi n told “Prithvi tu plz in sab ko bata main tab tak sone ja rahi hu
Prithvi “Geet phele tu kuch khana kha le aur aapni medicine le le abhi bara (12) baj rahe hai” n gave a stern look when Geet made a baby face.
Maan chuckled seeing her baby face n Geet glared at him n then she ate the sandwich which Prithvi gave her making all sorts of faces.
As Geet was having the sandwiches Prithvi told them all about how Geet’s scooty skidded n then he took her to hospital as he was saw her fainting but didnt tell them about the talk they had as it was very personal for him.
After finishing the food n taking the medicine,Geet was about to go out when Maan told Geet “Geet tu sky walk ja rahi hai kya???” n when she nodded he continued “Main bhi chalta hu” n they left. The others went to different places in the colg.
Sky Walk,
As Geet was enjoying the cold air blowing there Maan asked her “Geet tu inti pareshan kyu hai???
Geet still enjoying the cold air said “Maan main pareshan nahi hu.Tum aise kyu puch rahe ho???
Maan “Geet main kuch dino se dekh raha hu ke tum colg main yaha waha bhagi thi rehti ho aur sab log tumhe aapna kaam de dethe aur phir coffee shop main bhi dekhta hu ke tum kitni late aati ho aur phir class khatam hote hi jaldi jaldi chali jati ho.Main yeh baat sab ke samane nahi karna chata tha kyuki kisko nahi pata ke main woh cafe main kaam karta hu aur tum dance class lete ho isliye yaha bol raha hu
Geet finally got to know that he had kept his promise to not tell anyone about her taking dance classes n even she had promised thatshe wouldnt tell anyone about him working in the coffee shop.
Geet “Woh Maan main na todhi stressed out thi yaha colg main yeh sab events organise karne the aur uske wajah se mera pura schedule bigad gaya hai. Bas yahi baat hai ar tum sab log toh sab mujhe pe dal dete ho” she added to lighten the moment.
Maan smiled listening to it as he knew all others would just run away if they were told to organise any event as it was very boring work n they would all sit there n do all the interesting work like selecting decorations n all. Only he,Geet n Prithvi used to do all the other works like writing the rules n getting its print outs n running around showing it to teachers to approve etc etc.
Maan then started asking Geet about Beeji,Bauji n Pari n whether she still used to do sketching n painting n after some time the gang all bored of the places came n then started making plans for the weekend.
Precap –
Colg Drama
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