As the weeks went on new activities were being conducted n finally came the college drama. The gang decided to take part in it. The drama was about how students were being ragged by their seniors n the severe effects of it.
Maan,Armaan,Yash,Sameera,Meera n Shilpa were selected. Geet,Prithvi n Raj were helping backstage. After rehearsing for 15 days continuously the drama turned out very well n the audience loved it.
All had a small celebration in college canteen for the success of the drama.
Meanwhile Maan was getting very annoyed with Prithvi as Geet who was his best friend even though he irritated a lot n she helped him a lot was now slowly ignoring him.
When ever he told this to Geet she used to tell that there was nothing like that n he used to shrug it off.
As the months passed by Geet n Prithvi were getting more close but they never told about their relation to anyone as they didnt need to clarify to anyone.
Maan also began to go to his ways again n he started becoming arrogant again n he never used to be with the gang. One day Maan proposed to Sameera that he liked her very much n would she like to be GF n she agreed as she also liked him.
Now the college was buzzing with rumors that  Geet n Prithvi were going on secretly.
Hearing this Maan’s blood was boiling. He went to the basket ball court n was continuously dribbing the ball angrily. All the moments were going on his mind where he used to irritate Geet,Where he used to fight with her n then how she used to help him. Her dance,Their talks in the cafe n all the moments.
Geet didnt care for the rumors as she knew that Prithvi was a brother for her n she had her family also to take care of to be bothered by these rumors.
Sameera who just needed a chance to separate Maan n Geet had seen that they were not talking properly n now that she saw that Maan had heard about Geet n Prithvi going around she decided that this was the time to strike as the iron was hot now.
She went n searched Maan n saw that he was in the basket ball court in his black vest. She went n hugged him from back n started crying.
Maan was startled by the sudden hug n then he pulled Sameera in front n asked “Kya huva Sameera??? Tum ro kyu rahi ho???
Sameera “Woh Maan aaj na Geet mujhe classroom main akeli mili toh usne mujhe dhamki di ke agar main tumse dur nahi gayi toh woh humare beech jhagada karwa degi aur tumhe mujhse cheen legi” n hugged him.
Maan got angry listening to this n was about to go to talk to Geet when Sameera stopped him n said “Nahi Maan tum usse kuch mat kehna warna woh hume alag kar degi.Plz tumhe meri kasam
Maan promised her that he wouldnt say anything to Geet n then they went to their respective homes.
The Next Day,
Sameera came a bit early n she saw that Geet was sitting alone n so went to her n said “So Geet ab kaunse ladke ko phasane ka plan bana rahi ho???
Geet was confused n asked “Tum kya keh rahi ho Sameera??? Mujhe kuch samaj nahi araha
Sameera “Arre aisa innocent face mat banao mujhe sab pata hai. Phele tumhari nazar mere Maan par thi aur phir Prithvi par lekin woh dono nahi pate toh ab kaunse naye ladke par aapna petra try karne wali ho???
Geet got angry hearing this n she got up n said “SAMEERA TUM YEH KYA BOL RAHI HO??? MAIN KISI KO BHI PHASANA NAHI CHAHTI. SAMJHI TUM
Sameera “Chilao mat Geet. Mujhe bhi chilana aata hai aur ab kyu aapna natak kar rahi ho mujhe sab pata hai. Akhir tum ananth hi ho toh tumhe kisi ne bhi sanskar todhi na diye honge
Geet got very angry n slapped her. Maan who just now entered the room shouted “GEETTT
Sameera started crying n went n hugged Maan n said “Dekha Maan maine tumhe kaha tha na yeh hum dono ko alag karna chahti hai. Mujhe abhi woh tumse dur jane ko hi bol rahi  thi lekin jab maine mana kiya toh usne mujhe chata mara
Maan “Sameera tum chup ho jao.” n went to Geet n said “Geet maine tumse yeh expect nahi kiya tha.
Geet “Maan Sameera jhoot bol rahi hai…” but before she could continue Maan said “Geet main kuch nahi suna chahta. Kal jab Sameera ne yeh baat mujhe batai toh mujhe laga ke kuch aur baat hai aur is liye main aaj tujhse baat karne wala tha lekin aaj tumne prove kar diya ke Sameera sach bol rahi hai. Chi mujhe ghin aati hai tumhe mera dost kehte huve. Chali jao yaha aur phir kabhi mere samne mat aana
Geet had tears listening to his talk n ran away from there. Prithvi who was coming into the class saw Geet running away n went behind her.
Maan hugged Sameera n consoled her but his heart was crying as he said all those painful words to his best friend. Meanwhile Sameera smirked that her plan had worked.
Precap –
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