December 25, 11:30 AM
All the doctors are running around. One of the patient was loosing her heart beats rapidly.
Nurse:Jaldi se Dr. Geet ko bulaye
In 5 minutes Dr.Geet was in the patient’s room n trying her level best to control her heart beats but as each second was passing the heart beats were getting less.
After about 20 minutes the other doctor who was helping her told “Dr.Geet she is no more” but Geet didnt stop n she continued with it.
The nurse then called Maan n told him about what happened n told him to come as soon as possible.
Maan:”Shit man mujhe jaldi jana hoga” n as he was going Adi his right man stopped him n said “Sir aaj 400 crores ki meeting hai”
Maan:”Adi damn with ur meeting mujhe abhi jaldi hospital jana hai aur aaj ki meri saari meetings cancel kardo” n went away.
After 15 mins of fast driving he reached the hospital n as he reached the receptionist she directed him to Geet’s cabin.
As he entered her cabin he saw that she was sitting like a statue n Maan knew what she was thinking. He locked the door n went n kept his hand on her shoulder.
As soon as Geet felt Maan’s touch she turned n hugged his waist n started crying. Maan let her cry but after sometime when she wasnt stopping he pulled out of he hug n pressed his lips on hers to stop her from crying.
Geet calmed down after that n he hugged her n pulled her along n they left for home.
After reaching home he carried her to the room n lied her down on the bed n then sat beside her n took her in his arms. Geet was very tired emotionally n so she soon dozed off but Maan couldnt sleep as he still remembered that time which was the most difficult time for her as well as for him.
Geet – 19 years, Maan – 20 years
Geet’s 4th semester had just started a week back n she was enjoying her college very much along with her friends.
Maan was in Mumbai studying in the final year n it was his last exam n he was waiting eagerly for it to finish so that he could go back to Delhi n meet everyone, Mom,Dad,Maa,Papa,Yash,Meera n of course his Mishti Geet.
As he finished his exams n came out he saw there were nearly 20 miss calls from Geet n he got worried n called back but she wasn’t picking up the call. He got very worried n called at Handa Mansion n Maa picked up the call n said that Geet was at the college n hadn’t come home yet n when he told her about her not picking up the call she told him not to worry maybe she is in the class so n he kept the phone.
After 3 hours when the flight landed on Delhi Airport n he came out he saw that no one had come to receive him n was surprised n so he called at Khurana Mansion n then he got to know from Yash that all the elders had gone to the hospital.
He got worried n told the driver to take him to XYZ hospital. As he entered he saw that Dad n Papa were worried n he went to them n asked “Dad,Papa aap log yaha hospital main kya kar rahe hai???”
Papa (Geet’s Dad):”Woh Maan Geet…” but before he could continue Maan “Papa Geet ko kya huva???”
Dad:”Maan bete shaant hojaye Geet ko kuch nahi huva woh unki friend Pari ka accident hogaya hai aur uske parents yaha nahi hai isiliye hum log yaha hai.Aap jake Geet se mil lijye” n told him that she was near OT 1.
As Maan reached OT 1 he was completely devasted to see his Mishti sitting there like a statue. He went n hugged her tightly. Geet who was numb till now to anything feeling Maan’s touch started sobbing.
Maa (Geet’s mom) signalled him to take her out n he nodded n pulled her along with him to the parking lot.
Once they were out Maan asked:”Geet yeh accident kaise huva???”
Geet:”Maan Pari na terrace pe ja rahi thi aur tab waha ek step tooth gaya aur woh slip huvi aur woh building abhi under construction hai toh waha railings nahi hai aur woh jab slip huvi toh unbreakable glass pe giri jiske neeche kuch nahi hai n the glass broke aur woh 3 floor neeche gir gayi”
Maan was shocked hearing this n asked “Tumne yeh hote huve dekha???”
Geet shook her head in a NO n then said “lekin Sanjay ne dekha hai”
Maan then took her inside n they got to know that Pari was in coma n they has removed the glass which had nearly cut her face n neck but she was very critical n only 5% chances of survival.
Geet then hugged her friends n told them to be strong though inside she was fearing herself. Maan was surprised to see this side of Geet. After sometime Mohinder n Rajveer made all the friends to go to their home n hostel n assured them that they would inform them if anything happened.
They also told Rano n Naina to go home as Yash n Meera were alone n to take Maan n Geet along but Geet refused to move until Pari was fine.Maan n others tried to send her but she didnt budge n finally they gave in n decided that Geet ,Mohinder n Rajveer would stay in the hospital n the others would go back. The whole night Geet didn’t sleep a wink n she was all the time praying to her Babaji to save Pari.
The next morning Pari’s mother reached the hospital along with Pari’s brother but her father couldn’t come as he was on bed rest himself.
At around 9 Rano,Naina n Maan came to the hospital n they sent Mohinder n Rajveer to home to take some rest but Geet didn’t budge n Rano knowing it has brought her clothes to change n then Maan forced her to have some breakfast.
At around 11 the Principal of the college came to the hospital n he brought a cheque to pay for Pari’s treatment n also a letter stating that Pari has attempted to commit suicide n told Pari’s mother to sign the letter n then they would pay the cheque. Pari’s mother was completely shattered by this n Rano n Naina supported her n Geet tore the letter in front of the principal. The principal was enraged n he left without giving the cheque.
After the principal left Geet hugged Pari’s mother n consoled her. After sometime she called her friends n told them to meet her at the college office.
She told Maan to be at the hospital n went after assuring Maan that she would call him if needed n went to her college. As soon as her friends reached she told them in brief what happened at the hospital n they decided to talk to the Chairman n went n had a meeting for about 3 hours.
After the meeting was over the students weren’t satisfied with the decision n then they went to the area police station n filed an FIR against the chairman bcoz the accident had happened in college premises during college hours n the Chairman was not ready to pay for the expenses then the Chairman told that they would tell their decision the next day at 12 noon.
After that she went to the hospital n told Maan,Mohinder n Rajveer about what happened. That night also she didn’t go back to home but sent Rajveer,Naina n Rano home. After they left she went n sat in the parking lot.
Maan n Mohinder had gone to arrange for a room for Pari’s mother n brother in the hospital quarters n after they came Maan saw her sitting there n so he told Mohinder to go in n he would be with Geet.
Maan came n sat beside Geet who was sitting in the cold breeze which was like ice. He saw her face n could read the inner turmoil she was going through n so he held her hand n was caressing it with his thumb. After sometime Geet turned towards him n smiled a bit.
After sometime they went inside. The next day Geet n her friends waited till 12 but as the Chairman had already left the office along with the principal n all they started pasting cut outs of the incident which was published in the local newspaper but the staff didn’t allow them to enter n so they locked all the teachers inside n went on a strike. At around 4 the principal came n told that they would pay the expenses till that day only but the students didn’t agree n so they continued with the strike n also left the teachers as they didnt want any case to be filed against them n meanwhile Geet n her friends called as many reporters n news channel possible n told them the whole incident n showed them pictures of the place where Pari had fallen. 
At around 5 Rano n Mohinder came with food for all as they knew no one would have eaten anything n then Geet n her friends decided to go to the Chairman’s house as he was not ready to come n when they reached they were surprised to see the house was locked.
After that they all decided to meet again the next day n Geet went with Rano n Mohinder to the hospital. There she got to know that the swelling n bleeding in Pari’s brain which had stopped after the first operation had started again but she was feeling so helpless n remembered the times when Pari used to crack jokes n they used to go out for shopping n then Pari’s cooking n a tear rolled down her eye.
Maan saw the change of emotions on her face n realised that she was thinking about her time with Pari n as he saw a tear roll down her eye he wiped it. He then told her “Geet chalo mere saath”
Geet:”Nahi Maan mujhe kahi nahi jana” but before she could tell any more Maan carried her n made her sit in the car n then drove to the dargah. As soon as she saw the Dargah Geet understood why Maan brought her here n she smiled n then they went inside n she prayed for Pari’s recovery.
After praying when she was about to go Maan brought the halwa n then they left for the hospital. As she reached she gave the halwa to everyone n then to Pari’s mother to give a bit to Pari but Pari’s mother refused as she couldnt see Pari like that n so Geet went n sat beside her n kept a bit of halwa in her mouth n then held her hand n talked for sometime as if nothing had happened.
The next day half of the students backed away from the strike n then some NGO people misguided some students n caused chaos n after Rajveer settled everything down Geet left from there as she knew everyone specially Maan would get worried for her n then she along with Maan n Mohinder went to the Ex-Commissioner’s house to seek advice n Rajveer from his contacts tried to contact the chairman but was not successful n again that evening the principal came n told that they would pay 19 lakhs or something but within 3-4 hours there were many rumors some said that the Chairman agreed to pay 1 month’s expense while some said he agreed to pay 1 lakh .
On that evening the doctor after his check up told them to let Pari die peacefully but Geet refused n said that she would be fine soon.
The next day Rajveer spoke with high authorities to take charge of the college as after all this the students future was not safe.
On the other hand Geet n her friends were really happy. Finally Pari showed a sign of improvement she had began sweating n the ventilation power was reduced a bit. But in few hours they were really pissed off. Maan who had gone with Rajveer when returned was surprised to see all of them really pissed off n told all of them to come out n asked “Kya huva sab ka mood kyu kharab hai??? Aaj toh tum logo ko khush hona chaiye ke Pari ne kuch improvement dekhaya hai”
Geet:”Maan hum sab khush the lekin yeh msgs padh ke pura mood kharab hogaya hai. Yeh dekho humare classmates kya bol rahe hai” n showed him the msgs.
Msg 1: Geet yaar tum log yeh drama kab band karoge aur kab colg shuru hogi????
Msg 2 :Mahi tumhe kya padi hai woh Pari ki life hai toh uske parents ki problem tum kyu aapna future barbad kar rahi ho???
Msg 3 :Karan colg kab shuru ho rahi hai??? I dont care if anyone dies mujhe mere career ki padhi hai
After reading some more msgs Maan also felt very bad n spoke “Guys tum log abhi yeh sab mat socho. Abhi hume Pari ke liye funds collect karne hai n mere pass ek idea hai. Hum sab log groups main divide hoke saare area’s ke college main jaake funds collect karte hai n humare parents bhi jitna de sake uthna de”
All agreed to the plan n then Geet remembered Rajveer that told her to tell all the students to meet at the college office tmrw n to sign the letter so that the higher authorities could take action n reminded all her friends about it n then they all went to their home.
The next day all the students met in the morning at the college n signed the letter n then Geet n her friends took the pamplets n went to all the colleges.
The whole week Geet would either be going to different colleges n collecting funds or stay in the hospital at night. Maan was getting worried seeing Geet busying herself so much. By the end of the week they had collected 10 lakhs n they just needed 5 lakhs more but there was no improvement in Pari.
Then on tuesday the doctors took Pari for scan n the next day she was given some medication n again she was taken for scan n the reports were the same as before. So the doctor called Geet n her friends n informed that Pari’s brain was dead n she was breathing only bcoz of ventilation n that they would take her off the ventilation the next day.
By then Pari’s father had also come here n the next day when she was removed from ventilation n taken for operation to donate her organs all the students n teachers had gathered there to see her for the last time.
Geet all the while had not cried n Maan thought that she wasn’t crying as she had to be strong for her friends but when they were in the parking lot alone she didn’t cry that time also n Maan really got worried n he shook her but she didn’t react n then when he couldn’t see her like that he slapped her to wake her from the shock n after that she came out of the trance n broke down crying.
Maan was there with her all the time n after Pari’s organs were removed for donation Pari’s parents n her brother along with Geet,Maan n her friends left for Shimla as her parents wanted to bury her at the place where she was born.
Pari’s mother was totally shattered n then Geet consoled her n told her that even she was like her daughter n so she had to be strong for everyone else in the family but Geet had gone inside her shell bcoz of this incident n it took Maan 1 whole year to bring her out of it.
As Maan woke up he saw Geet smiling at him n then she said “Mr.Khurana jaldi uthye aapko Mom – Dad ko lene airport jana hai. Yaad hai na???”
Maan carressed Geet’s cheeks n asked “Tum theek ho na”
Geet nodded her head n then said “Haan phele jab main uss patient ko bacha nahi saki toh mujhe Pari ki yaad agayi aur phir mujhe mera wada yaad aaya jo maine Pari ki mom ko kiya tha ke main Pari ko toh bacha na saki lekin main dusro ko bachne ki puri koshish karungi aur phir tab main aur bhi dukhi hogayi lekin mujhe phir Pari ki baat yaad aayi jo usne bola tha ke Babaji ne jo likha hai woh hoke hi rahega agar humare haato nahi toh kisi aur ke haatho hi sahi phir mujhe todha acha laga. Aap fikar mat kijiye main theek hu”
Maan smiled at his mishti n then he pulled her into a hug.