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                                        Character Sketch
                                  Maan Singh Khurana :
Prince of Jodhpur. Arrogant but caring for his family. MD of the royal business – Khurana Constructions.
                                           Geet :
Daughter of Radha. Stays in Kashmir with her mother and brother. Sweet and loving. 
                                                 Radha :
Mother of Geet. Very sweet n loving but is tensed that anyone may find her, Abhay and Geet.
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                                            Abhay :
Son of Radha and Geet’s brother. Very protective about Geet. Working in Delhi.
      Iqbal Khan
                                           Raja Ratan Singh :
King of Udaipur. Very evil minded n cruel. Wants a Waaris n go to any extent to get his Waaris. Afraid of Vikram Singh Khurana.
Zeb Khan
                                             Vibha Singh :
Maa sa of Raja Ratan Singh. More evil, cruel n wicked minded than Ratan Singh. Wants a Waaris for her son.
                                        Vikram Singh Khurana :
King of Jodhpur. Very loving n caring King. He is the same in front of people as well back of people. Cool as ice but hot as fire as well. If he gets angry which is very rare no one can be saved from his brunt. Loves his family a lot. Very brave n started Khurana Constructions.
anup soni
                                      Aashta Singh Khurana :
Queen of Jodhpur. Very sweet, loving n caring. Loves her family a lot but due to some problems her family has been shattered.
                                       Savitri Singh Khurana :
Maa sa of Vikram Singh Khurana n Dadi sa of Aryan n Maan. Very sophisticated woman. Royality oozes out of her. Very sweet n loving.
                                      Aryan Singh Khurana :
Prince of Jodhpur. Very loving n caring son n brother but his one mistake took him very far from his family. Lives with his wife Sunaina in Delhi.
                                  Sunaina Singh Khurana :
Aryan’s collegue n love n now wife. Vert sweet girl but is a orphan. Feels very bad that she is the reason for Aryan getting separated from his family. Pampers Maan a lot as he is like a brother to her.