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                                                        Part 2 :
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As the sun is spreading its light all over Jodhpur the grand royal palace came to view…the tallest structure standing there…with all its grandeur… showing off its might…shining brightly.
The palace which was quiet n calm till now was soon bustling with noises of people running around to complete their jobs before they were fired.
As they were running around sounds of swords clashing could be heard…
The wide courtyard was filled with sword clashing sounds n 2 kids could be seen dressed in white practicing sword fighting.
The 1st kid was tall n lean n seemed more experienced in sword fighting while the 2nd kid who was a bit short n healthy was trying hard to defeat his opponent. As the 1st kid was about to hit his final stroke a servant entered n said, “Kuwar sa…” n hearing it the kid got distracted n the 2nd kid hit his final stroke n snatched the 1st kid’s sword n said, “Hum jeet gaye Bhai sa” (I won Brother)
1st kid, “Yeh galat hai…“(This is wrong…) n then turned towards the servant n glared at him n said, “Aap todhi der rukh nahi sakte the. Dekha hara diya aapne hume.” (Couldnt u wait for sometime. See I lost bcoz of u)
Servant, “Ji maaf kijye Kuwar sa, Woh Badi Rani sa aur Rani sa aapko aur chote Kuwar sa ko pooja ke liye bula rahi hai.” (Forgive me Prince, the queens have called u n Prince for the pooja)
1st kid, “Theek hai. Hum aate hai” (Ok. We are coming) n turned to the 2nd kid n removed his cloth that had covered his face n kissed his forehead n said, “Jeet mubarak ho Maan.” (Congratulations on ur win Maan)
Maan smiled n touched his feet n said, “Dhanyawad Bhai sa.” (Thank you brother)
Bhai sa, “Ab chaliye pooja ke liye chalte hai” (Now lets go for the pooja) n both kept their swords in the trunk n left for the Pooja ghar.
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As they reached there they saw Badi Rani sa, Rani sa n Raja sahib entering the temple. Rani sa then began the aarti with a melodious song. As she sang birds hopped on the terrace while the flowers swayed to the music. After the aarti Rani sa gave aarti n prasad to Badi Rani sa n took her blessings n then repeated it with Raja sahib. She then came n gave aarti n prasad to Kuwar sa n Chote Kuwar sa n blessed them. The Prince then went n took blessings from Badi Rani sa n Raja sahib.
After that they all moved to the living room while the Prince left to their room to freshen up n get ready for school. 
Rani sa after serving tea to Badi Rani sa n Raja sahib went to Kuwar’s room n said, “Aryan apne aapki bag pack karli hai na?” (Aryan ur bags are packed right?)
Aryan who had just got ready came out n said, “Ji Maa sa sab tayar hai.” (Yes mother everything is packed)
Rani sa went to him n hugged him n said, “Aroo… Maan ka dhyan rakhna aur khud ka bhi.” (Aroo… take care of Maan n urself as well)
Aryan smiled n said, “Maa sa aap chinta mat kijye main sab sambhal lunga.” (Mother u dont worry I will handle everything)
Rani sa smiled back n said, “Theek hai Aroo. Acha main Maan ko dekh ke aati hu. Tum neeche jao main abhi nasta lagvati hu” (Ok Aroo. I’ll go check Maan n come while u go down. I’ll get the breakfast served)
Aryan, “Ji Maa sa.” (Ok Mother) n left the room. Rani sa once checked his bag that he had all the necessities packed n then left for Maan’s room which was next to Aryan’s room. As she entered she saw all the clothes scattered on the floor n Maan sitting on the bed shirtless Wink with a grumpy face. Rani sa shook her head knowing him n went n sat next to him n said, “Kya huva mere Maanu ko?” (What happened to my Maanu?)
Maan who was already sad about leaving his dearest Maa sa n going hugged her tightly when she called him Maanu lovingly. Maa sa smiled with tears in her eyes n patted him to calm him down. After few mins Maa sa pulled out of the hug n made Maan look at her n said, “Kya huva Maanu?” (What happened Maanu?)
Maan, “Hume nahi jana aapse dur Maa sa. Aap plz Baba sa se kahiye na ke hume nahi jana agar aap kahengi toh woh zaroor sunge.” (I dont want to go away from u Mother. U plz tell Father that I dont want to go if u tell he will surely listen)
Maa sa cupped his cheeks lovingly n said, “Maan aapko Baba sa ki tarah bana hai na?” (Maan u want to become like ur father right?)
Maan nodded with a small smile. Maa sa smiled seeing her cute son n continued, “Toh phir aapko unki tarah bane ke liye padhna hoga aur aap jaha ja rahe hai woh ekdum best school hai puri duniya main.” (So to become like ur father u need to study n the school u are going is the best school in the whole world)
Maan heard it n asked, “Sachi Maa sa?” (Really Mother?)
Maa sa smiled at his innocent question n said, “Muchi. Toh aap jayenge na Maan.” (Yes really. So u will go right Maan?)
Maan nodded n said, “Haan Maa sa hum jayenge.” (Yes Mother I will go)
Maa sa smiled n then took him in her lap n said, “Acha Maan aap jab waha jayenge toh aapke saath aapki Maa sa nahi hogi toh aapko khud apna sab kuch karna hoga aur aap Aryan ki har baat manege, samjhe beta aur haan waha aise kapdo ko bikhar ke mat rakhna… ” (Ok Maan when u go u will be alone there n ur mother wot be there so u have to do ur own work n obey to Aryan’s words, Understood son n yes there dont scatter ur clothes like this…) n went on with her advices while Maan heard it with atmost attention as his dearest Maa sa was telling him. After that Maa sa kept Maan on the bed n started picking up the clothes n then picked up a blue stripe t shirt n made Maan wear it.
After making Maan ready she took him to the dining table n told a servant to pack Maan’s bag. She then served breakfast to all n fed Maan n Aryan with her own hands. After breakfast they all gathered in the living room to bid farewell to Aryan n Maan who were going to their boarding school.
Badi Rani sa called both of them towards her n kissed their forehead n said, “Aroo apna khayal rakhna aur humare isse nanhe shaitan ka bhi” (Aroo take care of urself n of our little devil as well) n then turned to Maan n said, “Maan ab aap 5 saal ke hogaye hai toh ab aap shaitaani todhi kaam kijye aur padhai main dhyan dijyega. Theek hai” (Maan now u are 5 years old so lessen ur naughtiness n concentrate on ur studies.Ok)
Maan, “Ji Dadi sa” (Ok grand ma) n both touched her feet n took blessings n then went to Rani sa n took her blessings. After blessing them Rani sa hugged both of them tightly n had tears in her eyes to see both the apple of her eyes going away from her. Aryan who saw the tears rubbed them away n said, “Roye mat Maa sa hum jald wapas ayenge.” (Dont cry mother we will be back soon)
Maan nodded agreeing with Aryan’s words n then kissed her cheeks. Maa sa kissed his cheeks n then let them go. She fed them Cheeni Dahi (Curd mixed with sugar which is considered as a good start for any new work) n then bid bye.
Raja sahib went along with Aryan n Maan to make sure they reached safely. As they were on the way to their private runway, they were stopped bcoz of a road accident. Raja sahib got down from the car to look into the matter. Aryan was looking around sitting in the car but our little prince Maan was itching to run outside. He got down from the car wearing his small backpack. As he was looking around he saw a truck a few steps away from their car but what caught his attention was a lady standing near the truck with a small baby who seemed to be crying. He immediately ran there n as he saw he baby he felt as if she was an angel just like the one Maa sa told to him in a story. But as he saw her tears he didnt like it n so immediately checked his backpack to see if he could give her anything to stop her crying. 
He had seen Dai Maa making some sounds when her baby used to cry n hearing the sounds the baby used to stop crying. So now he was searching for something but couldnt find anything. As he was thinking what to do know Raja sahib came there n said, “Maan chalo chalte hai.” (Come Maan lets go)
He hadnt yet noticed the lady n the baby as the lady seeing him coming towards her covered her face n turned away n was rocking the baby who had finally stopped crying. 
Maan looked towards the lady but no one was there n so he got sad n turned to leave when something on the floor caught his eyes n he picked it up n kept it in his pocket n ran behind Raja sahib who had already left the place.
Radha (Rani sa of Udaipur) sighed in relief when she saw Raja sahib’s car driving away. She knew that if she came in front of Raja sahib then Udaipur would be in grave danger. Though her husband had killed her babies but she couldnt wish for any trouble on Udaipur as bcoz of one person the whole kingdom would suffer n Rani never learnt to be selfish. She had hid herself behind the truck when Raja sahib was talking to Maan. As she came out she looked at the baby n found her stuffing her hand along with a blanket inside her mouth. Radha removed baby’s hand n said, “Olle aapko bhook lagi hai. Chalo aapko abhi khana dete hai hum” (Oh u are hungry. Come I’ll give u food) n again climbed the truck’s back where Abhay (Kuwar) was sleeping peacefully.
She then fed the baby n tried to remove the blanket from her hand but the baby held it tightly even when she was asleep. She wondered where did this blanket come from n then remembered Kuwar Maan had removed his stuff from his backpack maybe the blanket was his only.
As Maan sat in the car he turned back to see if they were there but he didnt see them n made a sad face again. He then took out the bangle n smiled looking at it.
They soon reached their private runway n they boarded thei private jet n left for London Boarding School, the best n reputated school in the whole world.
Meanwhile after a journey of 3 days with changing trucks so that no one can track them Radha, Abhay n the baby finally reached Kashmir where she knew no one would be able to find her.
                                     Precap – 
20 years later