Geet singh khuranathe story is about how she has lived her life with all the common difficulties faced by all girls in normal life

Maan singh khuranaa business tycoon who has also helped geet in her struggles of life after their marriage

Mahi singh khuranamaan n geet’s daughter.she is well protected n pampered child of khurana household

Meera kapoorgeet’s elder sister.Very possesive about her sister but troubles her also equally.Carefree nature but cant see geet in trouble.

geet n meera r best friends n also the worst enemies when comes to fights

Yash kapoormeera’s husband n maan’s business partner.Very caring n a lucky-go-happy guy

Shriya and Sameermeera n yash 10 yr old twins.Very close to geet n mahi also

Shilpa malikgeet’s younger sister but not so close to geet n meera bcoz of her 9 yrs age gap between her n meera n 7yrs between her n geet but geet loves her also equally.

Armaan malikhusband of shilpa n family doctor of khurana family.Presently working with maan for his own hospital.


Sameera Khurana-Maan’s first wife n was geet’s best friend when geet came to delhi.


Prem Ahuja-Geet’s friend when she was in bangalore.


Yug Mehta-Geet’s twin.Right now lives in London with his wife Vrinda


Vrinda Mehta-Geet’s friend from school n Yug’s wife.


Roopali-Geet’s friend n neighbour


Pooja-Geet’s friend n neighbour n stays with roopali both are inseparable