31st May,Bangalore

  A young lady in a beautiful saree is seen running behind a 5 yr girl.She is calling “Mahi,stop right there or you are not going to get to play with Shriya and Sameer.Then dont come to me and cry”


Hearing this Mahi stops running and Geet goes to her and says,”Beta,ghar ma lagan che ne toh avithna bhaga bhagi na karie[in gujarathi]”[Beta,there is a marriage happening in the house na,so you should not run like this”


Mahi”Ok mama,mein Shriya aur Sameer ke saath khelene terrace me ja rahi hu”


Geet ‘Nahi beta abhi nahi baad mein sab mehman chale jaye uske baad khelene chali jana”


Mahi”Par mama,agar Shriya aur Sameer phir apne ghar chale gaye toh”


Geet”Nahi beta woh log aapne ghar nahi ja rahe”


But still Mahi was not convinced.


So Geet “Acha beta aap jake papa ko puch lo ke Shriya aur Sameer hamare saath Delhi aa sakte hai ke nahi”


Hearing this Mahi’s face brightens up and she runs in search of her papa.


Mahi finally sees her papa talking to his business friends and goes there.


Mahi “Papa”




Maan “Yes Shona”


Mahi “Papa,can Shria and Sameer come with us to Delhi?”


Hearing this Maan frowns and seeing this tears threaten to fall from Mahi’s eyes.


Seeing this Maan goes on his knees and holds his ears and says SORRY and wipes her tears and says “Mahi,I thought we would go to Shriya and Sameer”s place as you have holidays now but you want to bring them to Delhi.


Ok they will come with us to Delhi and we will plan to go for a holiday with Shriya and Sameer.Is it ok,Shona?”


Hearing this Mahi is very happy and she hugs Maan and then runs off to tell this news to Shriya and Sameer.


Maan then sees Geet smiling with tears looking at Mahi



The wedding