As they reached Khurana Mansion Meera, Yash n the kids all met with Yug, Vrinda n Mithun n they talked for sometime. All this while Mithun had kept his head on Geet’s lap n she was carressing it n he dozed off like that only.
After a while Maan saw Mithun n smiled n then told everyone to n sleep as it was already very late n all must be tired bcoz of the flight n outing n all left for their room while Geet woke up Mithun n took him to the kids room n Maan carried Mahi to the kids room. 
Maaneet made sure that both are comfortable n then dimmed the light n went to their room. After changing both snuggled into each other n slept as soon as their heads hit the pillow as they were very tired.
The next morning,
Geet got up n went to the kids room n saw checked up on them n then left to the terrace for her yoga. After finishing yoga she was going back when she saw the box open in the room n as she went to close it she saw a pic n smiled unknowningly.
Seeing it she remembered the time she told Sameera about her life,
As Geet n  Prem’s friendship grew stronger their feelings towars each other also started getting stronger while Yug n Vrinda would always keep fighting with each other.
On Geet n Yug’s 10th birthday as Geet, Yug n Gouri were returning from the orphanage where they used to every year go for charity on their birthday Geet ran a bit ahead of Yug n Gouri as she saw a ice cream vendor n she wanted to eat Orange Candy n so she went ahead but she didnt see that a truck was coming her way n Gouri saw it n to save Geet she pushed her out of the way but couldnt get away herself n her accident happened. 
Geet didnt know what to do n seeing her mom unconsicous n bleeding she started crying but Yug took his mom’s mobile n called his Dad who left all his work n reached there as soon as possible.
He took Gouri in his arms n rushed to the hospital while Meera consoled Yug n Geet.
The doctors told that Gouri had lost lot of blood n was very critical n chances of survival were very less. Hiten became numb hearing all this n didnt know what to do n then went to pray but God was in no mood to listen to him n Gouri passed away.
Hiten did all the final rituals mechanically while Geet stopped talking to all n kept crying. Meera n Yug tried to make her come out of her shell but she didnt n she used to talk to only Prem.
Hiten in his pain forgot about his kids n started working more n drowned himself in work n he after that day stopped talking to Geet as he felt that bcoz of her only Gouri died.
Geet was not able to bear her father’s silence but she couldnt do anything bcoz she herself didnt understand what the reason was??? Meera being a bit elder understood her condition n she started taking care of Geet more n fought with her for all silly reasons n tried to make her feel happy.
Meera now had to take care of not only herself but also of Geet, Yug n Shilpa. She used to ask her Chachi whenever she was free to teach her household works n her Chachi used to take care of Shilpa as her own daughter bcoz she couldnt be a mother. 
Hiten started staying away from all n his hatred towards Geet increased n bcoz of that he forgoteven to see that she was his daughter n she needed him. Hiten’s brother Veer n his wife Rani used to take care of Meera, Geet, Yug n Shilpa.
On Geet n Yug’s 15th birthday,
Hiten was at home n so Geet came to him to take his blessings but when he saw Geet he got very angry bcoz it was the same day that his Gouri left him n so he shouted on Geet n told her many things like he hated her n to never ever come in front of him. Poor Geet she got so scared when he shouted on her n then when she heard him tell all those painful words she couldnt bear it n fainted.
Hiten left from there without even caring to see what happened to Geet n Meera came in searching for her after an hour n when she saw her fainted she called her Chachu n Chachi n they took Geet to the hospital n the doctor told that she is affected by her mom’s death very badly n maybe she is not able to come out of it n so her she is getting weak. Chachi cried hearing this as her daughter was suffering n she couldnt do anything n then she n Veer decided that they would bring Geet out of the trauma n asked the doctor for advise n left after Geet came back to conciousness n took her n told her to rest properly.
After this incident they shifted to their other apartment along with the kids n when asked Hiten to move along he refused as this house was where he had many memories of Gouri n he couldnt leave it.
Slowly with Chachi’s constant care n love n all her siblings support n Prem’s support Geet came out of the trauma n started living her life happily.
Now she would always smile n had great fun fighting with Meera n teasing Shilpa joining hands with Meera n playing pranks on Yug n running around the house helping her Chachi n helping her Chachu when ever her Chachi was upset on him.
On her 18th birthday Prem proposed her in front of the whole college n she was so overjoyed. Later she told everyone in the family n all were happy about it.
Yug then left to London for his further studies but Geet refused as she didnt want to go away from all n she studied for architecture in Bangalore itself.
After her second year Chachu n Chachi told her to get married to Prem as Meera was well settled with Yash in Jaipur n they wanted her also to settle down n they had a low profile marriage but she didnt tell about her marriage in her college as she wanted to complete her studies n then tell about it. 
After 2 years when in her final year she joined Khurana Constructions for internship n meet Maan there.
Once when she was going to dinner with Prem when Anjali saw her n followed her as she was very jealous of Geet bcoz she was praised for her works.
The next day Anjali tried to create a scene by telling everyone about what she saw yesterday n all started gossiping about it but Geet shouted on Anjali n said “The guy u saw is my husband” n all were dumbstruck bcoz they thought there was something going in between Maan n Geet.
After that Anjali always tried to insult Geet but she was never successful n after that Geet finished her internship n gave her final exams n passed with flying colours.
As she got her results she got a call from their family doctor n told her that the reports of her routine check up have come n she wants to discuss something so she should come as soon as possible.
As Geet reached the Doctor’s cabin she got the biggest news of her life that she was pregnant. She was so happy n decided to surprise Prem n so she made all the arrangements n then told him n he was very happy.
Prem used to take care of all her needs n she loved being pampered by not only Prem but also Chachu n Chachi. Meera couldnt come to Bangalore as she herself was expecting n doctors had told her complete bed rest as there were some complications in her pregnancy n Geet had strictly warned her to be careful or else no one could save Meera from Geet’s warth.
Soon 5 months passed n all was going well until that unfortunate day…
Geet came out of her thoughts when she felt someone hugging her from back n as she realised his touch she leaned back into him n sighed. 
Maan :Kya soch rahi thi Mishti???
Geet :Kuch nahi Maan bas yeh Prem ki tasveer dekhi toh purani baatein yaad agayi.
Maan :Mishti tum kyu un batao ko yaad karti ho jab tumhe pata hai ke woh baatein tumhe sirf takleef deti hai.
Geet smiled n turned n hugged him n said : Main un baatein ko yaad nahi kar rahi thi jo mujhe takleef dethi hai bal ki un palo ko yaad kar ahi thi jab main,Chachu,Chachi,Di,Yug,Shilpa aur Prem ne saath main guzaare hai. Woh haseen palo ko yaad kar rahi thi jo maine unke saath bitaye hai.
Maan smiled n said :Acha toh tumhe woh lamhe yaad hai jo tumhne mere saath office main jaghte guzare hai.
Geet :Main un palo ko bhi kabhi nahi bhula sakti. Acha chaliye ab hum neeche chalte hai Bache uthne wale honge.
Maan :Nahi Geet mujhe neeche nahi jana.Ek baar tum kaam main lag gayi toh tum sab bhool jati ho aur mere saath toh tum aaj kal theek se samay bhi nahi bita rahi ho. Main tumhe neeche nahi jane dunga n hugged her tightly.
Geet smiled at his daily complaint n kissed his heart n said :Acha baba main aapke saath ache se time bitungi aur hum dher saari batae bhi karenge aur… but stopped n turned red.
Maan smiled mischievous n to tease her said huskily: Aur kya Geet???
Geet just turned more red if that was possible n whacked his chest n said : Aap jante ho toh phir kyu mujhe tang kar rahe ho???
Maan :Tumhe uh sharmate huve dekh ke mujhe bohut acha lagta hai isiliye.
Geet :Acha ab chailye na neeche.
Maan nodded in no n said :Phele mujhe meri morning kiss chaiye phir tumhe jane dunga.
Geet saw her n there n then gave a peck on his lips n was about to run away but Maan knowing her was too quick n held her tightly n gave her a deep liplock n then left her when both were breathless n then they went down.
Precap –
The unfortunate incident in Geet’s life