Armaan:”So what do u guys want?”
Shriya:”Maasa I want a new doll house set”
Sameer:”Maasa I want the latest version of PSP”
Mahi:”Maasa I want ke hum sab Darjeeling aur Shillong jaye iss vacation ke liye plzzz”
Hearing this Geet:”Aree S hona hum iss vaction mein nahi next vacation mein saath jayenge”
Maan:”Shona maasi aur maasa ki abhi shaadi huvi hai na isiliye hum next time jayenge”
Mahi:”Thik he papa hum sab saath mein next time jayenge” n faked a smile.
She agreed bcoz she knew her papa would never refuse her if she was right but she was feeling bad as she had made ADI sit with her n they both had done research about Darjeeling n Shillong before coming to Bangalore for the wedding.
She then brought Armaan’s shoes which she had hid behind Maan’s chair n said:” Ye liye maasa aapke jhoote”
Armaan:”Shriya I will buy u a new doll set tmrw n Sameer even ur PSP”
Hearing that her maasa was not giving her anything her face fell.
Seeing her gloomy face,Shilpa tried to change the topic so:”Aree Mahi u told me na ke aaj after the wedding u have a surprise for me.So what is the surprise plz tell na I am waiting for it very eagerly”
Then Mahi remembered about the surprise n told all of them to come to the other hall which was quite bigger than this one after 10 mins n she along with Shriya n Sameer ran off to the other hall.
   As Yash n Meera entered their fav song started being played which changed to Maan n Geet’s fav as they entered n finally to the newly wedded couple Armaan n Shilpa’s fav song.
they then saw that there were 3 mats spread for each couple to sit along with cushions to make themselves comfortable.
Yash made himself comfortableusing the cushion n Meera kept her head on his shoulder.
Maan hugged Geet from backn leaned on the wall n sat.
Armaan Hugged Shilpa n they sat like that n when all were comfortable the lights got dim n a video started being played.
The video had some of Meera,Geet n Shilpa’s childhood pics n then it changed to Yash n Meera’s wedding pics n then pics when Shriya n Sameer were born n some of their moments like the first walk n they playing.Then the video showed Maan n Geet’s wedding pics n then when pics after Mahi was born n some of her moments n finally the video showed pics of Armaan n Shilpa’s engagement,sangeet n even marriage n then all the Members of Maaneet Express video recording was played in ehich they wished Armaan n Shilpa a successful married life n then the video stopped playing n a song started being played on which Mahi,Shriya n Sameer danced.
After the dance finished the lights came back n all were in tears seeing the video n the dance.
Then Mahi hugged Maan n Geet,Shriya hugged Meera n Yash n Sameer went n hugged Shilpa n Armaan n they after hugging told HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.
[you all must be confused as why Sameer went n hugged Shilpa n wished her HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY actually in our family it is said that Maasi is next to our own Maa so I thought why not use the saying here.Hope all of u r not confused anymore]
Then again the 3 went behind the screen n then suddenly the lights went dim n a spotlight started moving n then came out Rakhi di with Sid jiju,Hima di with Venkat jiju n Ram n Hari,Avani di with Raj jiju,Muskan di with her husband,Shruti di with her husband, Khushi di,
Keya ,Ansah ,Dia ,Jyoti, Roopali ,Pooja, Muski ,Wardah ,Sana ,Ash Susana, Samara ,Reva, 
Sanya, Priya, Eva, Swati ,Sonali, Parul, Pratima n Kate n then the lights came back n then all the 3 couples went to meet them.
After all the greetings was over they called out for Mahi,Shriya n Sameer.
Shriya n Sameer came n they told that Mahi told them that she will come back in 15 mins.
All were getting tensed as why Mahi had not returned even after 20 mins.
Maan told Geet that he was going to search for Mahi.
Maan searched the whole house but did not find her.
Where is Mahi?