After the Bidaai finished all returned to the hotel as they had to return early the next morning.
Geet n Meera bid goodbye to all the Maaneet Express friends.
Then later Maan,Geet,Mahi,Yash,Meera,Shriya,Sameer along with Armaan n Shilpaleft for the airport.
Then Armaan n Shilpa boarded the flight to Shimla for their honeymoon n the others left for Delhi.
Geet remembered the first time she had come to Delhi to find a job after comlpleting her architecture course in Bangalore.
Geet was very nervous in the flight as she was going away from home like this alone for the first time but calmed down as Shilpa was accompaning her for a few days as she had holidays.
They were staying in a flat which was Geet’s uncle’s but now was in Geet’s name as he had passed away.
They reached the flat n then freshened up n then they went to Akshardham Mandir to get blessings for her new life.
There Shilpa had gone inside the temple but Geet was outside buying some items for the puja.There she saw a pregnant lady who was having difficulty in holding the puja ki thal so Geet went to her n asked her:”Excuse me,kya mein aapki koi madat kar sakti hu?”
Lady:”Can u plz help me to climb the stairs n carry this puja ki thal.Actually my husband has gone to attend a important call so can u help me n sorry for the trouble” n smiled at Geet.
Geet:”Surely” n she takes the puja ki thal n helps the lady to climb the stairs.
As Geet enters the temple along with the lady,Shilpa comes to her n says:”Geet didi aap kaha reh gayi thi mein tabse aapka intezaar kar rahi thi”
Lady:”I’m sorry Geet ji I caused u n ur sister  trouble”
Geet:”Plz dont say sorry n u have caused us no trouble but I have felt happy by helping u”
Shilpa seeing the lady understood that her Geet didi was helping her n said:”Plz dont say sorry”
Geet:”Hey Babaji mein toh aapka naam hi puchna bhool gayi?”to the lady
Lady:”Mera naam Sammera hai”
Geet:”Sameera ji hum puja kar lete hai phir baaki bate karenge”
Sameera:”Thik hai” n they do the puja n then Shilpa n Geet help Sameera to walkdown the stairs.
They went n sat on the benches there.
Geet:”Sameera ji kya mein aapse kuch puch sakti hu?”
Sameera:”Ha pucheye na”
Geet:”Aapki age kitni hai?”
Sameera:”Geet ji mein toh 21 years ki hu par aapne ye sawal kyu pucha?”
Geet:”Woh aapko dekh kar mujhe aapni badi behen ki yaad agayi isiliye aur woh bhi 21 years ki hai aur unsko na twins hai.Ha uar aap mujhe Geet ji mat boliye.Aap mujhse badi hai toh Geet hi boliye”
Sameera:”Thik hai Geet.Acha tum Delhi mein hi rehti ho kya?”
Geet:”Nahi actually hum dono aaj hi yaha aye hai aur kya mein aapko Di bula sakti hu?”
Sameera:”Ha kyu nahi mujhe toh aaj ek choti behen mil gayi” n hugged Geet.
Shilpa:”Arre aap dono toh mujhe bhool hi gaye” n faked anger.
Geet:”Arre meri himmat ke mein apni Shilpa ko bhool jao” n hugged her.
Shilpa:”Kya Di aapne mera introduction hi nahi karvaya”
Geet:”Oh sorry Shilpa,Sameera Di yeh Shilpa hai meri choti behen”
Shilpa forwarded her hand n said:”Hi Sameera Di Im Shilpa”
Sameera shook her hand n said:”Hi Shilpa” n hugged her.
They were talking when Sameera’s phone rang.She picked it up n talked for 5 mins.
Sameera:”Sorry Geet n Shilpa had to attend the call as it was my husband’s call”
Geet:”Koi baat nahi Di”
Sameera:”Guys kyu na hum mere ghar chale abhi mere husband ek important meeting ke liye gaye hai aur mein akeli hu”
Geet:”Lekin Di hum kese aap ke ghar asakte hai?”
Sameera:”Arre Geet kuch nahi hoga plz chalo na”
Shilpa:”Ha Geet Didi chalte hai waise bhi hamare paas activa hai he toh ghar jane mein bhi koi pareshaani nahi hogi”
Geet:”Thik hai” n so the three left for Sameera’s house.
living room
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Sameera ordered the servants to bring some snacks n they sat in the living room chatting.
Suddenly a black BMW Z4 stopped in the driveway n a young man got down from the car n walked into the house n as he entered the living room,the servants all became silent n then Sameera got up n went near the man n smiled at him n then hugged him.
Sameera:”Aap mandir se bina baitaye kyu chake gaye?”
Man:”Sorry Sameera woh ek important meeting agayi thi toh jana pada plz maaf kardo”
Sameera:”Thik hai.Aye mein aapko kisi se milana chati hu” n pulled the man to where Geet n Shilpa were there.
Sameera:”Geet,Shilpa inse milo yeh mere pati aur yeh [pointing towards Geet n Shilpa] inse milye yeh hai Geet aur yeh hai Shilpa jinhone aaj mandir mein meri help ki”
Man:”Hi Geet.Hi Shilpa thank u for helping my wife today.Im Maan,Maan Singh Khurana”
Geet:”Mr.Maan Singh Khurana???” n her jaws dropped open.
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