Geet:”Aree Roops aur Poo tumhara flat no. kya hai?”
Poo:”Di himara 21 hai aur aapka?”
Geet:”Mera toh 22 hai.Hum toh neighbours hai aur tum dono abhi mere ghar arahe ho breakfast ke liye” in a stern voice.
Roops:”Phir di aapko itni mehnat karne ki zaroorat nahi hai kyunki mein breakfast nahi karti par mein coffee zaroor piyungi”
Geet:”Nahi mein toh dono kr liye breakfast bana rahi hu aur tum logo ko khana bhi padega”
Poo:”Thik hai di hum ready hoke aate hai” n they both went to their flat to get ready.
Here Geet came n woke Shilpa n told her that 2 of her friends are coming so get ready fast n went to prepare breakfast.
Roops n Poo came to Geet’s flat n met Shilpa n the 3 hit on from the start as they were of the same age n shared mostly common interests.
Then Geet called them to the dining table to have breakfast.Geet had made aloo paratha n forced Roops to eat 3.
After breakfast all 3 were in the kitchen helping Geet clean the dishes.
Roops:”Wah di aap toh kitna acha khana banati ho.Aaj se mein yahi pe khana kahungi agar aapko koi problem na ho toh”
Geet:”Arre mujhe kya problem hogi.Jab maan kare ajana khana khane”
Poo:”Acha di aap aur Shilpa kya plan hai aaj ke liye?”
Shilpa:”Mein toh free hu”
Roops:”Toh Shilpa tu humare saath chal na shopping”
Geet:”Arre aaj suddenly shopping kaise colg nahi hai kya?”
Roops:”Nahi di Pooja ki exams khatam hui kal hi toh usko abhi holidays hai aur meri kal exam shuru ho rahi hai toh study holiday”
Shilpa:”Study holiday mein shopping study karna nahi hai kya?”
Poo:”Arre Shilpa tumhe nahi samajh ayenga ye na tedi hai kabhi sedha kaam nahi karti”
Shilpa:”Thik hai chalte hai”
Roops:”Arre di aap nahi arahi kya?”
Geet:”Nahi Roops mujhe Sameera di ke ghar jana hai”
So Roops,Poo n Shilpa left for shopping n Geet left for Khurana Mansion.
Sameera:”Hiii Geet.Kaise he tu?” n hugged her.
Geet:”Hiii di mein thik hu aap kaise ho”
Sameera:”Actually tabiyat todhi kharab hai toh hum ghar mein hi movie dekh te hai”
Geet:”Thik hai di” n they started watching BABUL.
During the whole movie Geet was restless n tears started flowing when the lead lost her husband which didnt go unnoticed by Sameera.She had flashbacks of her life in Bangalore but then she wiped her tears n said in her mind:”I have promised u that I wont cry but see I broke the promise I made to u”
After sometime Sameera turned towards Geet n saw that Geet had dozed off n she saw trail of tears on her face n she decided to talk to Geet.
Later Geet woke up n was searching for Sameera as she was not in the living room when her phone rang.It was Shilpa who called to inform her not to prepare dinner for them as they would eat in the mall itself.
Geet then reached the kitchen n saw that Sameera was making pasta.
Geet:”Di aap kyu khana bana rahi ho.Mujhe utha diya hota?”
Sameera:”Arre Geet tum itni aram se so rahi thi isliye nahi uthaya”
Geet:”Thik hai di par ab aap yaha bethiye aur mein aapke liye pasta banati hu” n made Sameera to sit on the chair n started making pasta.
After a few minutes,Sameera asked Geet:”Geet tu mujhe di bol thi hai na toh kya mein uss haq se tujhse ek baat puch sakti hu?”
Geet:”Ha di aap mujhse kuch bhi puch sakti hai”
Sameera:”Aisa kya huva hai teri life mein ki tu itni pain mein hai.Plz agar tu mujhe di bolti hai toh tu mujhse kuch nahi chupayegi”
Geet rememberingher life in Bangalore started havingtears in her eyes:”Di mein aapko sab kuch batungi pa aap promise karo ke aap kisi ko kuch nahi batayengi”
Sameera:”Thik hai Geetmein kisi konahi batungi”
Geet:”Aelo baato baato mein aapke pasta ban gaye” n served Sameera the pasta n then she left as it was getting late.
Geet reached home n ther she saw Shilpa,Roops n Poo sitting with many shopping bags.
Geet:”Tum log agaye.Acha dekhao kya kya shopping ki hai?”
Then all spent an hour in seeing the shopping n then Geet prepared her dinner n had it.
After dinner all of them watched some movie n then Roops n Poo went to their flat n slept.
Geet laid down on the bed n thought of today n remembered the promise she made to Sameera to tell her the truth n slept off.
In the evening,Geet logged in IF n she chatted on Maaneet Express n had a good time.Then she went to kitchen to prepare dinner n Meera came n helped her.
Then she saw that Maan was busy in the study n Mahi was playing with Shriya,Sameer n Abhay.So she went to the terrace alone n sat there.
After sometime when she was coming back she went to the room next to the terrace which had all her memories of her life in Bangalore.
Geet then saw a pic of her when she went to her colg for the first time n remembered telling Sameera about her perfect life in Bangalore which turned into a imperfect life bcoz of one incident.
Geet’s life in Bangalore