Today Maan Singh Khurana was in a hurry to reach hospital.He had to take his dadi,Savirti Khurana for her check up.As they finished the check up dadi went to Khurana Mansion.As Maan was passing by the children’s ward he heard a sweet voice singing n he stopped to see who was singing n then he noticed that it was a girl but he could see her face as she had her back towards him.

As she finished the song she saw that the boy had finally gone to sleep.As she covered him with a blanket someone from behind called her “Geet” n she turned.
As she turned the whole world stopped for Maan for a moment.He just remembered seeing the hazel eyes of the girl but by the time he came back to reality the girl had left.
He then went to his office n got busy in his work n forgot about the girl.
In the evening when he was returning,he stopped at a signal n when he turned to the right he saw the same girl buying red roses.He thought that he was dreaming n turned again to see but till then she had left n he shook his head n went his way.
When he went to dadi’s room to give her the medicines he saw that dadi was listening to the same song which he had heard the girl sing in the hospital n got lost in his dreamland.(God if Maan day dreams this much then how much will he dream will sleeping Shocked ) 
Then later as he went to sleep the girl’s eyes kept flashing in front of his eyes n he couldnt sleep so to divert his mind he went to his gym n started doing Tai-Chi.He did till he was completely exhausted n fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
Their first meeting…
Will it be disasterous or not???