After making sure that Geet was comfortable Maan went to his room n changed n went to sleep. After sometime he was disturbed by some noise but he ignored it but as it was continously coming he got up irritatedly n then went n saw but no one was there. As he was going back he decided to check on Geet n when he entered her he was shocked to see that she was not there. As he was going out to see where she was when he dashed into Geet who had a water jug in her hand n due to the sudden push fell n the jug also fell from her hand. Maan seeing her starting laughing but stopped when he saw her angry face.
Geet Aap dekh ke nahi chal sakte kya dekho mujhe gira diya aur floor ko kitni chot lagi hogi dekho na woh kitna ro raha hai” n caressed the floor as if consoling him.
Maan hit his hand on his forehead n shook his head listening to her n said “Geet tum utho toh phele” n gave her his hand to hold n get up but Geet pushed his hand away n told “Phele aap floor ko sorry bolo phir main uthungi
Maan knew that if he didnt tell she would be sitting there only n so said “Sorry floor” n then in his mind “Wah Maan tu jisko sab sorry bolte hai aaj tu sorry bol raha hai aur woh bhi FLOOR se. Dekh kaise din agaye hai tere” n shook his head n then pulled Geet up.
She smiled at him but then again got angry. Maan was confused seeing her angry n asked “Geet tum gussa kyu ho???
Geet said “Aapne floor se toh sorry bol diya lekin mujhe nahi bola” n then went away from there to Armaan-Shilpa’s room n Maanfollowed.
As she entered the room she told how Maan dashed with her n she fell n he said sorry to floor but not her n started crying. Shilpa got worried seeing her crying but Armaan just rolled his eyes as he knew she was again doing nautanki to get things done her way.
After sometime when she didnt stop crying Armaan also got worried n went near her n hugged her n then calmed her a bit. After that Shilpa glared Maan n told him to tell her sorry n he told. After that when Geet hugged Shilpa for supporting her she sawArmaan Maan laughing silently n she got angry again n stomped her feet n went to her room.
Maan after assuring Armaan Shilpa that he would manofy her went to her room. There he saw her standing by the window n crying. He felt bad for laughing at her n so he went near her n kept hand on her shoulder but she pushed it away. He tried it once again but she again pushed it away n then he hugged her from back lightly n kept his chin on her shoulder n said “Sorry mishti
Geet was confused as to who was this Mishti n turned in the hug forgetting her anger n gave a questioning look to him. Maan smiled at her n said “Tum hi toh ho mishti. Tum itni sweet si baatein karti ho isliye mishti” n then pinched her nose lightly. Geet smiled hearing it n then pulled out of his hold n said “Mujhe neendh arahi hai. Good night” n was going when Maan held her hand n pulled her back n then kissed her forehead n said “Good night mishti” n went to his room n texted Armaan that Geet was sleeping n was not angry anymore.
The next morning,Geet woke up with a severe headache n then tried to remember what had happened n she remembered drinking the juice in the office party n then she eating gol gappa n then she getting angry on Maan n he calling her Mishti. At that time Shilpaentered n gave her lemon juice. Geet gave a questioning look n Shilpatold her to drink it n she will feel better n after Geet freshened up she told Geet what all happened yesterday night. Geet was very embarrassed hearing it n hugged Shilpa n hid herself. Shilpa laughed seeing her like this n patted her head n then went.
After talking to Dadi for sometime when Geet came to the living room she wanted to run away seeing Maan but she was too late asMaan saw her n told her to get ready as they had to go to the office.
Precap –