As they sat in the car Geet looked away as she was too embarrassed to even face him meanwhile Maan was enjoying it. As he was changing the gear of the car he saw that Geet’s dupatta was on the gear n so he held it in his hand n after a while tugged it to attract Geet’s attention. Feeling the tug Geet turned n saw thatMaan was holding her dupatta. She pulled her dupatta from his hand n meekly said “Sorry.”
Maan got confused as to why she was saying sorry n so asked “Mishti tum sorry kyu bol rahi ho???
Geet’s cheeks turned red hearing Maan calling her Mishti n said “Woh kal raat ke liye
Maan smiled seeing her red cheeks n felt like caressing them but controlled himself n said “Koi baat nahi
Geet then began wondering how did she get drunk when she just had fruit juice. She then realised that may be someone had spiked her drink n gasped thinking about it. Maan got startled hearing her gasp n asked “Kya huva Mishti???
Geet just shaked her head n said “Kuch nahi Maan
Khurana Constructions,
All the people had their eyes stuck to their PCs,Mobiles n were watching it without blinking their eyes. They all didnt move even when Maan entered n he got angry seeing that no one was working n shouted on all n everyone ran away n started working.
Adi was sweating thinking about what will Maan Geet’s reaction be seeing the pics.
As Maan entered his cabin he got a call from Mr.Shah that he wanted to have a urgent meeting in KC. Maan told him that they would have the meeting in an hour. After finishing the call he informed Adi,Geet Sasha about the urgent meeting n told them to keep everything ready.
As Geet opened her email she saw a new msg n clicked it n was shocked to see that it was her n Maan’s pic which was showing them kissing. She deleted it n then realised why all the staff were looking at her very badly. She just ran into the washroom.
Maan who was not aware of all this continued with his work n thenMr. Shah arrived n they went to the conference room. Maan got angry not seeing Geet there but he didnt tell anything as Mr. Shahwas already there n he couldnt wait anymore for Geet.
Mr. Shah “Mr. Khurana maine yeh urgent meeting is liye bulai hai ke mujhe aapke office se ek email mila hai aur main yakeen nahi kar sakta ke koi aapki aur Ms. Geet ko badnam karne ke liye itna gir sakta hai
Maan not understanding anything told “Mr. Shah aap yeh kya keh rahe hai mujhe kuch samajh nahi araha???
Mr. Shah then showed him the email n Maan then got to know whyGeet was not here n he got very angry but controlled his anger n said “Mr. Shah thank u ke aapne hum pe yakeen kiya. Lekin aap fikar mat kijye main iss baat ko dekh tha hu aur jisne bhi yeh kiya hai woh aap bachke rahe
Mr. Shah “Mr. Khurana hume pata hai ke aap aisa kuch nahi kar sakte. Dont worry hum aapke saath hai” n left from there.
But before Maan could tell Gaurav barged into the conference room n pulled Maan by his collar n asked “Geet kaha hai Mr. Khurana aur yeh sab kya ho raha hai???
Maan calmly said “Mr. Khanna aap phele shaant ho jaye phir main aapko sab bata hu
He then told Adi Sasha to go out n called Pinky n told her to search where Geet was n send her to the conference room.
After that he told Gaurav everything that happened. After finishingGaurav told “Im sorry Mr. Khurana maine aapke saath mis behave kiya. Lekin main Geet ko takleef main nahi dekh sakta
Maan kept his hand on Gaurav’s shoulder n said “Main samajh sakta hu Mr. Khanna
In 5 mins Geet came to the conference room n as soon as she sawGaurav she ran n hugged him. Maan was feeling very bad seeing her cry like this. Gaurav tried to calm her down but she was no where stopping. 
Maan then passed a glass of water to Gaurav n he made Geet drink it. After drinking the water she calmed down n then Maan spoke “Geet tum fikar mat karo main dekhta hu ke kisne yeh kiya
Geet nodded but she was still hugging Gaurav n sobbing silently.Maan seeing her like that told “Geet tum ghar chali jao tum is halat main kaam karogi toh tumhari tabiyat kharab ho jayegi
Geet nodded n Gaurav assured Maan that he would take Geet safely n then they left.
Maan then went to his cabin n called Adi n asked him about the pics nAdi told that someone from office sent it yesterday night. Maanthen told a plan to Adi n then he told Adi to do as per it.
Maan after telling Adi the plan went to home as he needed time now to calm down or else his out burst would spoil the whole plan.
Precap – 
Geet not going to office
n Maaneet talk