As soon as Geet Gaurav entered Khurana Mansion, Geet went to her room n locked herself in. Gaurav was very sad to see her like this n thought that she needed sometime alone to take in all the happenings n so left her alone.
Vidya rushed to Khurana Mansion n even Armaan n Shilpa came back.Dadi had gone to the mandir n so she didnt know anything about this.
As Armaan reached he asked Gaurav Gaurav Geet kaha hai???
Gaurav Armaan usne khud ko room main band kar liya hai
Shilpa in her mind “Geet kahi kuch apne aap ko nuksan na pochaye” n then told Armaan Armaan tum chalo aur Geet ko bolo ke woh darwaza khole
But before Armaan could tell Gaurav spoke “Nahi Shilpa usko todhi der akele rehne do
Shilpa Nahi Gaurav Bhaiji hume usse akela nahi chod na chaiye” n pulled Armaan with her.
Gaurav made Vidya sit on the sofa n then went behind Armaan nShilpa.
Geet entered her room n those pics flashed on her mind n she got very scared. At that moment Armaan knocked the door n Geet got scared n started moving backwards. It was as if she was in a trance n she felt that whoever was outside will break the door n harm her.
As she was moving back her hand hit the table n the glass which was kept on it fell n shattered into pieces.
Hearing the glass breaking sound Armaan Gaurav got scared n started trying to break the door.
As they were trying to break the door Maan who had just now entered Khurana Mansion heard the noise n saw Vidya sitting in the hall n asked her “Yeh awaz kaisi thi???
Vidya Woh Maan ji Geet ne apne aap ko room main band kar liya hai isiliye…” but before she could complete her sentence Maan had run towards Geet’s room.
As he reached there he saw that Armaan Gaurav had finally been successful in opening the door n as he entered with them he flinched with the sight in front of him.
Geet was trying to hide herself n she was pointing one of the glass piece towards them. Shilpa seeing the glass in Geet’s hand was alarmed n slowly said “Geet dekh woh kach ka tukada chod de
Geet hearing the sound got more scared n said in a broken voice “Sab… doo..orr raho war…warna main iss…isse aapna haa…haath khat lungi” n kept the glass piece on her wrist.
All got scared seeing her keeping the glass piece on her wrist n then Gaurav softly said “Baby dar mat dekh tere GB aur Armaan bhai hai naTujhe kuch nahi hone denge” 
After hearing her GB calling her baby she was a bit assured that they wouldnt harm her n so she dropped the glass piece from her hand. As soon as she dropped the glass piece Gaurav n Armaanrushed to her n hugged her. Geet fainted when they hugged her n soGaurav Armaan carried her to the bed n Shilpa called the doctor.
After the doctor came n checked her he said that she fainted bcoz she couldnt handle that much stress n something is troubling her bcoz of which she went into a trance. Shilpa knew what was troubling her but she couldnt tell anyone.
After the doctor left everyone went to her room n when she woke up she saw Dadi was sitting beside her. She just hugged Dadi’swaist n hid her face. Dadi indicated the others to leave them alone for sometime.
After everyone left Dadi said “Geet beta aap kyu itni chinta kar rahi hai??? Aap ko agar jo office main huva uss baat ka dar lag raha hai toh aap darye mat kyuki Maan hai na woh sab sambhal lenge. Aap fikar mat kijeye aur abhi bas araam kijiye
Geet nodded her head n kept her head on Dadi’s lap n slept bcoz of the seductives given to her.
Maan went to the gym n was furiously doing Tai-Chi rememberingGeet’s crying n scared face. He promised that he wont leave the person who caused so much pain to Geet.
Shilpa called her friend Kripa who was also a pshychaitrist n told her that she wanted to meet her n they decided to meet at XYZ mall the next day in the evening. After keeping the call she went toDadi’s room n checked on her n then went to Geet’s room n saw her sleeping peacefully. She sat beside her n carressed her hairs for sometime n then left to check on Armaan.
She searched the whole house but couldnt find him n then knew that he would be in the terrace doing boxing n went there.
As she reached there he stared at her in anger but she could see the pain in his eyes.
Armaan Shilpa Geet kyu aisa kar rahi hai???
Shilpa in her mind “Kash Armaan main tumhe bata sakti ke Geet kyu aisa behave kar rahi thi lekin main tumhe abhi kuch nahi bata sakti
Shilpa who didnt know what to answer him now just turned n was about to leave when Armaan hugged her from back.
Shilpa just smiled n caressed his hairs n then pulled him out of the terrace n then they went down.
In the evening after Geet woke up she went to talk to Maan. As she entered his room she saw that he was sleeping. She sat beside him n caressed his hairs. As he felt a light touch on his hair a smile came on his face n he kept his head on her lap n slept smilingly.
Geet unknowningly smiled seeing Maan smile n kept caressing his hairs. After 5 mins she realised that she had come to talk to Maan n she stopped caressing his hairs. As Maan felt the person stopping he opened his eyes n saw that he has his head on Geet’s lap he smiled thinking it was a dream n again closed his eyes but then he realised that she was in real n so he opened his eyes n saw that Geetwas looking a bit worried.
Without moving from there he asked “Mishti tum itni pareshaan kyu lag rahi ho???” n caressed her cheeks.
Geet smiled first bcoz of hearing Mishti n then his carress calmed her a bit.
Precap – 
Maaneet talk
Maan’s plan fails or succeeds???