Maan went to a near by medical shop n got some medicines forNandini n returned to chol but failed to see a guy following him.Maan then gave the medicine to Geet n told that he would wait outside n she should apply the medicine to Nandini n make her sleep.
Geet convinced Nandini to have a bit food n then she applied the medicines n made her sleep n then came out in search of Maan.
Maan meanwhile called the commissioner n told him about Nandini n asked him what could they do n was discussing about it when Geetreached him n she had tears in her eyes seeing him doing all this for an unknown girl n her respect for him grew even more.
After he ended the call he turned n saw Geet standing there n tears in her eyes, he wiped them n asked, “Kya huva Mishti???Tum ro kyu rahi ho???“(What happened Mishti??? Why are u crying???)
Geet Aap inte ache kaise ho??? Aap koi ajnabi ki madat ke liye inta kuch kar rahe ho???“(Why are u so nice??? Why are u helping a stranger???)
Maan Arre Nandini ki ajnabi todhi hai??? Woh tumhari dost hai na toh phir woh ajnabi kaise huvi???“(Is Nandini a stranger??? Isnt she ur friend then how is she a stranger???)
Geet Phir bhi aap usko jante toh nahi hai na toh phir aap uski madat kyu kar rahe ho???“(Then too u dont know here then too u are helping her. Why???)
Maan Haan main usko nahi janta lekin meri Mishti toh janti hai na toh bas mujhe aur kya chaiye uski madat karne ke liye aur waise bhi agar tum usse na janti hoti toh bhi main uski madat karta.“(Yes I dont know her but my Mishti knows her na that is enough for me n even if I didnt know her I would have helped her)
Geet hugged him tightly n said “Aap bohut ache ho“(You are too good)
Maan hugged her back n said “Arre yeh toh koi bhi karega toh isme ache hone ki kya baat hai???“(Anyone in my place would have done the same thing so what is so good about it???)
Geet Sab log kisi bhi apavitra aur anjaan ladki ki madat nahi karte lekin aapki dadi aur aapne kiya aur ab aap kisi aur ki bhi madat kar rahe hai“(All wouldnt have helped an unpure n strange girl but Dadima n U did n even now U are helping someone unknown)
Maan “Mishti tum kyu pavitra aur apavitra ki baat kar rahi ho??? Kya tum yeh kehna chahti ho ke tum apavitra ho???“(Mishti why are u talking about pure and unpure??? Do u want to say that u are unpure???)
Geet Haan Maan main aapne bare main baat kar rahi hu. Main aap sab ke pyaar ke layak nahi hu“(Yes Maan Im talking about myself. I dont deserve everyone’s love.)
Maan Geet mujhe yeh toh nahi pata ke tum yeh kyu bol rahi ho lekin mere liye toh tumse pavitra aur koi hai hi nahi” n kissed her forehead.(Geet I dont know why u are talking about all this but for me u are the most purest)
Geet in her mind “Kya Maan sach main yeh keh rahe hai??? Kya woh mujhe mere ateeth ke saath aapna payenge ya phir mujhe chod denge.??? Nahi main yeh duri seh nahi kar paungi. Isiliye main aaj se hi unse dursi rakhungi. Baad main pachtane se acha hai abhi se duri rakhu main“(Is Maan telling the truth???Will he accept me with my past or will he leave me??? No I wont be able to bare the separation so it is better that I maintain distance from now on then suffer later)  n pulled out of the hug n said “Maan bohut der hogayi hai. Hume sone chalna chaiye aur phir kal dophar ko hamari flight bhi hai.“(Maan it is quite late now. We should get some sleep n however tmrw afternoon we have our flight also)
Maan felt some coldness in her talk but ignored it n said “Theek hai tum chalo. Main ek call karke aata hu“(Ok u go. I’ll just make a call n come)
Geet nodded n left. As she entered the house she saw a man trying to stab NandiniGeet ran n tried to push the guy away while Nandiniwas shaking of fear.
The man pushed Geet n she hit the side table n fell down n then the guy stabbed Nandini many times n then ran away. Geet shouted “NANDINIII…” n fainted.
Maan heard Geet’s shout n ran into the house n saw Nandini lying there with a knife in her stomach n Geet fainted on the floor with blood coming out of her forehead. He called the police n told them about Nandini n then he called out for some chol people to help him take both of them to a hospital.
In the hospital, Maan was pacing in worry. The doctor came out of OT 1 n said “Im sorry Mr. Khurana we couldnt save Ms. Nandini. We need to do her post mortem
Maan was shocked to hear it n then he saw the other doctor coming n asked “Doctor how is Geet???
Doctor Mr. Khurana, Geet is right now unconscious n we have to wait till she comes to consciousness to check her health.
Maan Can I see her doctor???
Doctor Yes U can” n left. Maan entered the ward n saw Geet lying there. He sat beside her n held her hand in his n said “Mishti plz utho na. Dekho hume aaj Delhi jana hai na. Tumhe Dadi, Armaan, Shilpa aur sab se milna hai na aur unko shaadi ke baare main dher saari baatein karni hai na toh chalo jaldi se utho. Mishti plz utho na. Dekho main bol raha hu aur agar tum nahi uthi na toh main tumse naraz hojaunga. Plz utho na” (Mishti plz get up. See we have to go to Delhi also. U want to meet Daadi,Armaan,Shilpa n all n tell them about the marriage then get up plz. Mishti plz get up. See Im warning u if u dont get up then I wont talk to u.Plz get up)
After an hour,Geet shook her hand a bit n then slowly opened her eyes. Maan sighed in relief n called the doctor n the doctore checked her n said “Nothing to worry. Mr.Khurana she is fine. U can take her home. I’ll get the discharge papers ready.
Maan thanked the doctor n rushed to Geet n said “Mishti tumne toh mujhe dara hi diya tha. Ais phir kabhi mat karna plz“(Mishti U had scared me. Plz dont do like this ever)
Geet was just blank n didnt say a word. Maan shook her n said “Geet tum kuch bolti kyu nahi??? Im so sorry Mishti Main Nandini ko bacha nahi paya.”(Geet why arent u talking anything??? Im so sorry Mishti I couldnt save Nandini) n hugged her n tears rolled out of his eyes.
Geet didnt hug him back n this worried Maan n he pulled out of the hug n cupped her face n said “Kuch toh bolo Mishti. Plz main tumhe aise nahi dekh sakta.“(Talk Mishti. Plz I cant see u like this)
Geet didnt respond to his any words. Maan then called a nurse n said her to be with Geet while he talked to the doctor.
Maan told the doctor about Geet’s behaviour n he said that Geetwas in shock bcoz of seeing her friend’s murder n she needed time to come out of this shock n they had to take care of her very much as little carelessness n it would harm her.
Maan then left the doctor’s cabin n payed off the bills n talked to the police n they said the post mortem reports would come tmrw n they could take the body n complete the final rituals.
Maan took Geet to chol n told Kali to take care of her while he went to finish the final rituals with Vijay.
Geet all the while was just quiet but she was slowly getting violent.Kali then called the doctor n Maan to come quickly. As soon as Geetsaw Maan she calmed down. The doctor arrived n gave an injection nGeet slept off bcoz of it.
Maan Doctor Geet aisa kyu behave kar rahi hai???“(Doctor why is Geet behaving like this???)
Doctor Mr. Khurana shayad Geet ko yaha safe nahi laga isiliye woh violent hogai. Lekin jaise hi usne aapko dekha toh woh shaant hogayi. Shayad woh aapko sabse zyada trust karti hai isiliye woh aapko dekh ke assure hogayi ke woh safe hai. Aap ko dhyan rakhna hoga ke aap hamesha uske pass rahe“(Mr.khurana I think Geet didnt find this place to be secure n so she turned violent. But as soon as she saw u she calmed down. I think bcoz she trusts u the most here n she was assured by seeing u. U have to take care that u are there with her always)
Maan thanked the doctor n then called his private jet n told to be ready in an hour n then packed his n Geet’s stuff n then they left for the airport n reached Delhi in 2 hours.
Maan had told the driver to be at the airport n so they reachedKhurana Mansion soon. Geet all the way was holding Maan’s arm n had dozed off. Maan tried to wake her up when they reachedKhurana Mansion but Geet didnt wake n so he carried her in his arms.
As soon as he entered Shilpa rushed to him n asked, “Bhai kya huva??? Aapne itni raat ko kyu call kiya??? Aur Geet toh theek hai na???“(Bro what happened??? Why did u call so late at night??? N is Geet fine???)
Maan Shilpu shaant ho jao. Tum jaake plz Armaan ko Geet ke room main bulao tab tak main Geet ko uske room main leta ta hu” n left.(Shilpu calm down. U go n plz tell Armaan to come to Geet’s room while I take Geet to her room)
Dadi who saw Maan carrying Geet rushed behind him. As Maanplaced Geet on her bed she sat beside her n asked, “Kya huva Maan bete??? Ab log toh kal dophar ko anne wale the na???“(What happened Maan??? U people were supposed to come tmrw right???)
Maan Do min rukiye Dadima main sab bata ta hu.“(Wait for 2 mins Dadima, I’ll tell u everything) n as Armaan came he narrated the whole story n all were shocked.
Precap – 
Will Geet recover soon??? 
Or a new problem???