Shilpa woke up Maan Maan was so embarrassed to be caught like this n went away to his room without looking back. Shilpa laughed atMaan n then checked on Geet n went back to complete her chores.
After an hour Geet woke up n was a bit scared seeing herself alone n she ran out remembered what happened to Nandini. As she ran out she didnt see who was coming n dashed into the person n both fell down. 
Maan after getting ready had come to check on Geet n as he was going he dashed into Geet n both of them fell down.
Maan got up n helped Geet to get up n asked seeing her scared face “Kya huva Geet??? Tum itni daari kyu ho???“(What happened Geet???Whay are u so scared???)
Geet Maan woh…Nandini…maar diya…mujhe bhi…“(Maan… Nandini… killed her… even me…)
Maan Mishty tum shaant ho jao. Hum Delhi main hai tum ghabrao mat. Kuch nahi hoga tumhe“(Mishty u calm down. We are in Delhi n u dont worry nothing will happen to u)
Geet Nahi Maan… woh mujhe mar dalega…“(No Maan…they will try n kill me…)
Maan Geet shaant hojao. Kuch nahi hoga tumhe main hu na.“(Geet calm down. Nothing will happen to u Im there na)
Geet calmed down after listening to Maan n said “Aap kaha ja rahe ho tayar hoke???“(Where are u going getting ready???)
Maan Mishty mujhe office jana hai. Kuch imp. meeting hai aaj“(Mishty im going to office. I have some imp. meeting today)
Geet Aap todhi der rukaye main abhi tayar hoke aayi phir hum dono saath main hi jayenge.“(U wait for sometime I get ready n come n then we both will leave together for office)
Maan Mishty tum office nahi arahi ho samjhi. Tumhari tabiyat theek nahi hai isiliye tum araam karo aur kuch dino ke baad office aana. Theek hai???“(Mishty u are not coming to office understood. U are not well n so u will take rest n after few days u can come to office. Okay???)
Geet Meri tabiyat ko kya huva hai??? Main bilkul theek hu aur main aapke saath office arahi hu bas.“(What has happened to me???Im fine n im coming to office with u.That’s it)
Maan Nahi Geet tum nahi arahi.“(No Geet u arent coming) n at that time he gets a call from office n he leaves without listening to any ofGeet’s pleads.
Geet makes a grumpy face n goes to meet Dadima n keeps on cribbing about Maan to Dadi Shilpa who keep smiling at her antics.
After finishing the household work, Shilpa Geet n Dadi plan to watch a movie n start watching it n they enjoy a lot.
It is around 9 yet Maan havent returned from office nShilpa,Armaan Geet were getting a bit worried. Vicky had gone to his friend’s place.
Geet Bhabhi yeh Maan abhi tak aaya kyu nahi???“(Bhabhi why hasnt Maan come yet???)
Shilpa Pata nahi Geet maine tab se uska phone try kar rahi hu lekin woh utha hi nahi raha. Tum office main phir se phone karke dekho main tab tak phir se call karne ki try karti hu“(Dont know Geet im trying his phone from that time but he isnt picking it. U call office n see while I’ll try once again)
Geet called n got to know that he had gone for a meeting at XXX hotel. 
After finishing dinner all very sitting in the living room n watching tv when a breaking news flashed.
Fire in XXX hotel.
Geet stopped Armaan who was about to change the channel n said “Bhaiya Maan toh issi hotel main hai meeting ke liye…“(Bro Maan is in this hotel only for meeting…)
Dadi hearing it got worried n said “Maan Bete…” n fainted.
Armaan Shilpa took Dadi to her room n called the doctor.
Meanwhile Geet had taken a taxi n went to the hotel. All the way she had a fear to loose Maan. On the way there was heavy traffic jam n so Geet left the taxi n started running. As she was running her sandal broke n she threw it away n started running bare foot. She didnt stop even when small glass pieces pricked her feer now when she scraped her knees. For her right now seeing that Maan was safe was important than herself.
As she reached the hotel she saw that the police n fire brigade were trying to put off the fire. Geet asked them whether all the people were safe n the police said almost all were out except those who were in the conference room. Geet tried to go inside but the police didnt allow her. 
She then saw the back door which was empty n so she ran in from there. As she entered she saw that mostly the whole place was covered with fire. She somehow managed to reach the conference room with few small burns n saw that no one was there. She then saw someone trying to coming out of the conference room n helped the person. As the person came out she saw that it was Maan n he had also small burns on his hands n sighed in relief n hugged him tightly n started sobbing.
Maan felt his shirt getting wet n pulled out of the hug n said “Mishty main theek hu.“(Mishty Im fine) But by then the fire had increased n covered them from all the sides.
Maan then saw that Geet’s dupatta had caught fire n he removed it at the right time or else Geet’s dress would also have caught fire.
Geet panicked seeing the fire all around n said “Maan hum kaise niklenge yaha se…“(Maan how will we go out from here…)
Maan Geet hum yaha se niklenge tum chinta mat karo.“(Geetwe will go out from here u dont worry) 
Maan then held her hand n walked around to find a way to move out unknowing that they were walking around the fire which was caught on Geet’s dupatta. Maan then saw a pole which if removed they would be able to go out n he kicked it but it budged only a little n so he started pushing it with his hand.
He didnt see a nail there n hit there n he hurt his hand. He pulled back n Geet seeing it said “Aap kyu haath se kar rahe ho??? Dekho lag gayi na.“(Why are u doing it with ur hand???See u got hurt na)
Maan Geet baad main daant lena abhi phele hume yaha se nikalne do.“(Geet scold me later first let us get out of here) n again started kicking the pole. After a few kicks the pole fell n they began going out when Geet was about to fall bcoz her leg hit the pole n she was about to fall n Maan held her n they somehow managed to come out.
As they came out they were engulfed into hugs by Armaan Vicky. They then left to get the car n Maan turned to Geet n began checking her from head to toe n as he kept his hand that had got hurt on Geet forehead blood fell on her maang but before both of them could notice Armaan Vicky returned n they went home.
Geet was sitting n listening to Armaan’s scolding when she sawMaan’s hand was bleeding n took his hand n said “Maan yeh kya aapke haath se toh khoon nikal raha hai. Aap apna hanky dijye“(Maan what is this see ur hand is bleeding. Give ur hanky) n took it from him n tied on his hand.
By then they reached home n Geet Maan entered together. Shilpasaw them n hugged them together n said “Kitna dara diya tha tum logo ne hume aur Geet tu kyu bina bataye chali gayi Maan ko dhundhne???“(How much u people scared us n Geet why did u go without informing to search for Maan???)
Geet made a baby sorry face n was about to ask about Dadi when she heard Dadi gasping n said “Yeh kya hai Geet beta aapke pair se khoon kyu nikal raha hai???“(What is this Geet why is ur feet bleeding???)
Armaan who already had given her a lecture on the ride back glared at her along with Maan,Vicky ShilpaGeet made a baby face n ran n hid behind Dadi while the others continued glaring at her.
Dadi pulled Geet to the front n said “Iss baar hum aapko nahi bachiyenge Geet lekin phele isse saaf karne dijye. Waise aapko pair main chot kaise lagi???“(This time I wont save u Geet but first let me clean ur wound. By the way how did u get hurt???)
Geet “Woh Dadi main jab Maan ko dhundhne hotel ja rahi thi tab kuch lag gaya hoga pair main“(That Dadi when i went to search for Maan in the hotel maybe then I would have hurt my leg)
Maan Tum kya dhood ke aayi thi mujhe dhundhne“(Did u come to search for me running???) sarcastically.
Geet nodded n all gasped n started blabbering which didnt make a sense to her n she got irritated n shouted “CHUPPP“(SHUT UPPP) n all shut their mouths at once.
Geet Aap logo ka daantna hojaye uske baad mujhe bata dena main room main ja rahi hu.“(Once u guys finish scolding me tell me right now Im going to my room) n stromed off to her room.
Precap – 
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