The next morning Dadi told Maan that she wanted to visit the Krishna Mandir but Maan didnt want Dadi to go alone so he told that he was going along with her.
As they reached the Krishna Mandir he told Dadi to go n finish her prayers n he would wait here.As Dadi was going to argue his phone started ringing n he told Dadi to go he would join her after his call.
As Dadi entered the Mandir,she bowed to the idols n then as she finished her prayers the Maha Arti started [I dont know whether Maha Arti is done in morning or evening but I’m presuming that it is done in the morning]
A girl clad in red anarkali began singing the arti 

As she was singing Maan entered the temple n was shocked to hear her voice again n thought that he was dreaming.As he went to stand near Dadi he saw Geet in the red anarkali n was again lost in her beauty.
After finishing the song Geet bowed to the idols n then the Panditjitold her to distribute the prashad to the people present her.
As Geet gave the prashad to Dadi she also bent to take Dadi’sblessings as she was elder to her.Maan was surprised seeing that she was taking blessings from a stranger.Dadi saw the surprised look onMaan’s face n thought “Kitna acha hoga agar yeh ladki humare khandaan ki bahu bane toh” n then told her ” Beta tumhari awaaz bohut pyari hai“.Hearing this Geet smiled.Then Dadi asked “Beta tumhara naam toh bato” n Geet replied “Ji mera naam Geet hai” All this while Maan was lost in her smile,her way of talking n finally her name Geet.
As Maan was lost in Geet,his phone rang again bringing him back to his senses.He picked up the phone n told that he is coming in 20 mins n informed Dadi that he was going n left.While going he called a driver from KM to pick up Dadi from the temple.
Meanwhile Dadi asked Geet “what do u do beta???” n Geet replied “Ji aaj mein ek interview ke liye ja rahi hu agar mujhe waha kaam nahi mila toh mujhe delhi chod ke jana padega” n became a bit sad.
Dadi caressed Geet’s cheek n told “Beta bhagwan pe vishwas rako tumhe aapni manzil zaroor milegi
Geet wiped the tear that had come n hugged Dadi n said “Aap na mujhe meri Nani ki yaad dila thi ho woh bhi mujhe yaise hi kehti thi
Dadi pulled back from the hug n said”Toh kya hum tumhari Dadi nahi hai???” n Geet smiled n said “Ha aap meri Dadi ho” n they sat on the nearby bench till the driver came to pick up Dadi n then Dadi said “Geet beta aaj hum yaha pe shaam ko ayenge aap yaha ayengi na” with hopeful eyes.
Geet seeing Dadi’s hopeful eyes said “Ji Dadi mein zaroor aungi.Aap fikar mat kijeye
At office,
Maan entered n all became quiet n started wishing him “Good morning Sir

    [plz see till 1:37 for the update]
Maan tells Adi to bring the accounts file to his cabin n tells Sasha to bring the new project file and they start discussing the new project.
After Adi n Sasha leaves his cabin he gets up to leave for his meeting with Yash Malhotra the owner of Indian Paints.
Meanwhile Geet got ready for interview n left for Indian Paints where she had applied for the PA post.As she had come early the receptionist told her to wait n as it was nearing lunch time,Geet decided to head towards the coffee shop to buy herself a sandwich.
As she was entering the shop she banged into something hard n was about to fall n closed her eyes in fear but she didnt feel hurt n slowly opened her eyes to stare back at a set of deep black eyes.
Maan had finished his meeting with Yash n was returning when he saw the coffee shop n thought of buying a coffee for himself as she was having a slight headache.As he finished buying when he was coming out with the hot coffee in his hand he banged into a petite form n saw that she was about to fall n so instantly put his hand around her waist n stopped her from falling n then he saw Geet’s face n got lost in it [Maan if u keep getting lost in her face then how will u ever see anything else Confused ]
Then she realised that her hand was burning n then she saw that the man’s coffee was spilled on her clothes n even her hand.MeanwhileMaan came back to reality n he straightened both of them.
Precap –
What will happen next???
Will Geet get the job???