A week  passed away with Maaneet sharing their whole day events daily. Geet used to be busy in office as she was trying to complete more work as she was taking a few days for namkaran.
Maan also used to be busy with his work but both never forgot to reply to each other n used to miss each other a lot. Maan slowly started realising that his feelings for Geet was more than just attraction but yet he wasnt aware that he had fallen in love withGeet.
Geet though used to feel a bit low whenever Maan didnt reply but she would just shrug off it as she told herself that she was missing him just bcoz they had become very good n close friends.
Finally Geet had taken off for the Namkaran preparations n she was sitting with everyone in the living room decideing who would do what.Vicky had made all plans to run away from the preparations n asDadi was about to share the work Vicky started his plan, “Ahhh… Dadi isse phele ke aap sab ko kaam de main aapse kuch poochna chahta hu?“(Ahh… Dadi before u give everyone work can I ask u something?)
Dadi, “Haan pochiye Vicky.” (Yes ask Vicky)
Vicky, “Woh Dadi agar main fail hogaya toh aap aur Bhai mujhe ghar se toh nahi nikalenge na???” (Dadi if I fail U n Bro wont throw me out of the house right???)
Dadi, “Kya??? Aap kya bol rahe hai Vicky???” (What??? What are u talking Vicky???)
Vicky, “Nahi Dadi woh main isliye bol raha tha kyuki meri exams next week se start ho rahi hai aur abhi tak mera pura syllabus khatam nahi huva hai aur agar main preparations main help karunga toh mujhe padhne ko time nahi milega isiliye.” (No Dadi I was asking bcoz next week my exams are starting n I havent completed the syllabus yet n if I help in the preparations then I wont get time to study so only) n made a sad puppy face.
Dadi seeing it felt bad n said, “Koi baat nahi aap jaiye aur padhai kijye. Hum log manage kar lenge. Haina Geet?” (No problem u go n study. We will manage. Right Geet?)
Geet nodded n said, “Haan Vicky tum jao.” (Yes Vicky u go)
Vicky nodded n went to his room n as soon as he entered he jumped n started dancing, “Yesss… Bach gaya Vicky beta aaj tu bach gaya.” (Yesss…U are safe Vicky finally) n then got his game out n began playing.
Meanwhile it was decided that Armaan would take care of office work while Shilpa would take care of food n the guests n Geet would take care of the decorations. Dadi along with Vidya would take care of the Pooja items.
So thus all got to their work n Geet went to Vicky’s room to get decorators no as Dadi told that he had all the contacts. As Geetcame into Vicky’s room she was shocked would be an understatement. 
Vicky was on call with his present GF along with playing his game.Geet then understood his plan n thought to teach him a good lesson.
Geet then went out of the room n started her drama, “Ji Dadi aapne theek kaha main abhi Vicky ko bulake aati hu woh fail hoga toh chalega waise bhi Maan usko KC main peon ka kaam dene wale hai toh padhne ke kya zaroorat hai?” (Yes Dadi u are right I’ll call Vicky n come n even if he fails it is ok as Maan is going to make him peon in KC n so why does he need to study?)
Vicky hearing was shocked n thought, “Kya bhai mujhe PEON banane wale hai???” (What bro is going to make me a PEON???) n imagined him in those clothes having a towel on his shoulder n imagining it on shouted out loudly, “Nahiii ” (Nooo) n was about to run out of the room to tell Dadi to tell Maan to change his decision when he sawGeet holding her stomach n laughing out loud. He was confused as to what was funny that Geet was laughing so much n asked, “Geet tum kyu haas rahi ho?” (Geet why are u laughing?)
Geet who tried to stop laughing but remembering his reaction again started laughing n after few mins she calmed down n said, “Tumhara chehra dekhne laik tha Vicky n tumhara Nahiii OMG old heroines ki tarah hi tha” (Ur face was worth watching Vicky n ur Nooo OMG it eas like the old heroines) n again started laughing.
Vicky was getting irritated by Geet’s laugh n glared at her to stop laughing. His phone n game was long forgotten while his GF who got frustrated off trying to call Vicky cut the call fuming.
Geet seeing Vicky glaring remembered Maan only n his black eyes in which she could just keep staring n lose herself. Geet slapped herself mentally for getting lost in Maan’s thoughts again (ST),”Jhalli kahi ki phir se Maan ko yaad kar ke kho gayi tu. Sudhar ja Geet sudhar ja warna kuch dino main tu khud ka kachra toh kar hi degi aur pagal bhi hojayegi.” (Mad again u got lost remembered Maan.  Mend urself Geet medn urself or else in few days u will make a fool out of urself n will also go mad)
Geet then went to Vicky n held his ears n said, “Toh Mister Vicky Khurana aap zara batayenge ke aap yaha kya kar rahe the? Aapko Dadi ne padhai ke liye bheja aur aap yaha pe game khel rahe the aur upar se apni GF se baatein kar rahe the. Toh yeh hai aapki padhai huh???” (So Mister Vicky Khurana would u plz tell what were u doing here? Dadi sent u here to study n u are playing game n up of that busy chatting with ur GF. So this is ur studies right???)
Vicky first shouted “Ahhh… Geet… Geet kaan chodo bohut dard kar raha hai” (Ahhh…Geet…Geet leave my ear its paining a lot) n after hearing what Geet said he knew he was caught n said, “Geet… dekho Geet mera kaan chodo main tumhe sab batata hu” (Geet… see Geet leave my ear I’ll tell u everything)
As Geet left his ear Vicky rubbed his ear which had turned red n said, “Woh Geet maine isiliye aisa kaha kyuki mujhe kaam nahi karna tha. Aur tumhe pata hai na Dadi ko mere har kaam se problem hoti hai isiliye maine aisa kaha” (Geet I said all this bcoz I didnt want to do work. N u know Dadi has a problem with my every work so only I did this) n made a sad face.
Geet understood Vicky’s situation n made him sit on the bed n said, “Dekh Vicky Dadi yeh sab jaan bhuj ke nahi karti. Woh chahti hai ke tu sab main acha ho jaise ke Maan hai isiliye woh tujhe daant ti hai ke tum koi galati nah karo.” (See Vicky Dadi doesnt do it intentionally. She wants u to be perfect in everything like Maan is so only she scolds u when u are wrong)
Vicky, “Lekin Geet main jaisa hu waisa hi hu Daadi kyu nahi samjhti. Woh hamesha mujhe Maan bhai se compare karti hai aur expect karti hai ke main unke jaise perfect rahu lekin Daadi yeh kyu nahi samjhti ke main Vicky hu aur Maan nahi” (But Geet why doesnt Daadi understand that Im how Im. She always compares me with Maan bro n expects me to be perfect like him but why doesnt Daadi understand that Im Vicky n not Maan) n held his head in his hands.
Geet kept quite for a few mins to let Vicky calm down n then kept a hand on his shoulder to comfort him n said, “Vicky aisa nahi hai. Tum aisa mat socho. Daadi ne aise karne ka koi irada nahi hoga par shayad tumhe aisa laga ho. Vicky try to understand woh tumhare liye best chahti hai isiliye woh tujhe correct karti hai.” (Vicky it is not like this. U dont think like this. Daadi might not have any intention to do like this but u might have felt like this. Vicky try to understand that she wants best for u so only she is correcting u)
Vicky, “Geet main janta hu ke woh mere liye best chahti hai lekin unhe mujhe bhi samjhna hoga ke main Maan bhai ki tarah business join nahi karna chahta aur na hi mujhe inn sab main interest hai. Mujhe computers main interest hai lekin Daadi ko bolne main hi dar lagta hai.” (Geet I knowshe wants the best for me but she needs to understand that Im not interested in business kike Maan bro n neither do I wanna join it. I have interest in computers but I fear to tell it to Daadi)
Geet understood him n to divert his mind for now bcoz she knew right now discussing this matter was not the correct thing asked, “Acha Vicky tujhe XYZ software pata hai kya?” (Ok Vicky do u know XYZ software?)
Vicky at once began, “Haan Geet yeh toh bohut hi popular software hai aur tumhe pata hai iska abhi naya version aaya hai aur main kuch dino se usko hi crack karne ki koshish kar raha hu…” (Yes Geet this is a very popular software n u know a new version has come n from the past few days im trying to crack it…) n continued with his talk while Geet smiled seeing that finally Vicky’s mind was diverted.
Dadi who had come to call Geet heard their conversation n understood her mistake n decided to support Vicky with whatever he wants to do. She then wiped the tears which she had when she heard their conversation n put a smile on her face n knocked the door n entered the room n said, “Arre yeh kya Geet beta aap yaha Vicky ke saath gaape lada rahi hai aur waha kitna saara kaam baaki hai. Chaliye aap kaam ke liye aur Vicky tum apni padhai karo tumhe koi disturb nahi karega.” (What is this Geet u are here chatting with Vicky whole there is a lot of work pending. Come now n Vicky u concentrate on ur study no one will disturb u ok)
Geet nodded n said, “Oh Im sorry Dadi main bas aati hu aap chaliye” (Oh Im sorry Dadi I’ll just come u go) n after Dadi left Geet told to Vicky, “Acha Vicky tum apni padhai karo aur ek kaam plz tu mujhe decorators ka no. do mujhe unse baat karni hai.” (Ok Vicky u study n ya 1 work u plz give me the deocrators no. I have to talk to them)
Vicky nodded n gave her the no. n then said, “Thank u Geet. Tumse baat karke bohut acha laga.” (Thank u Geet. Felt really good talking to u)
Geet patted his cheeks n said, “Friendship main no thank u n no sorry yaad hai na.” (No thank u n no sorry in friendship remember right)
Vicky nodded n then Geet left while Vicky called his GF n got busy in manofying her. 
After calling the decorators Geet went to Vidya’s room to see what was Vidya n the baby doing. She saw that Vidya was not in the room n baby was sleeping but it had rolled towards the edge of the bed n was about to fall but Geet rushed n held the baby before it could fall down. As she held the baby she felt 2 strong hands also hold the baby along with her n as she held the baby properly she looked up n saw Maan with a worried face. Geet smiled seeing his worried face n caressed his cheeks n whispered, “Maan baby theek hai.” (Maan baby is fine) As she caressed his cheeks Maan smiled n held her hand which was caressing his cheeks n took it near his lips n gave a light kiss on her hand. Geet blushed at his gesture n then asked, “Maan aap kab aaye?” (Maan when did u come?)
Maan smiled n said, “Main toh yahi tha Mishti.” (I was here only Misti) Geet became confused with it n was about to ask when thebaby cried so she turned towards the baby n started rocking her. In a min the baby calmed down n again slept n Geet turned to askMaan n when she turned he wasnt there. Geet searched the whole room n then realised she was dreaming about him n hit her forehead n said ,”Geet tu pagal hogayi hai. Phele toh sirf Maan ke sapno main tu khoi rehti thi lekin ab toh Maan ko dekhne lagi hai har jagha.” (Geet u have gone mad. First u used to be lost in Maan’s dreams only but now u are seeing him everywhere)
Geet then placed the baby properly on the bed n kept pillows on either side n then left the room. She then went n helped Shilpa andDadi. In evening when she was playing with baby in garden she kept checking her mobile every 5 mins to see if Maan replied or not but he hadnt replied from yesterday night. Though she didnt realise it the whole day bcoz she was busy with work but now when she was free n checked her mobile she saw that he hadnt replied. She waited for sometime while cribbing to baby that Maan hadnt replied n he didnt care for her etc etc n after half an hour when she couldnt wait anymore she msged him.
Maan aap kaha ho??? Bohut busy ho kya??? Aapka ek bhi reply nahi aaya kal se isiliye pooch rahi hu. Plz jaldi reply kijyega.
N again started waiting for his reply. She kept waiting n cribbing tobaby babaji but guess babaji was in no mood to listen to her complaints n so Maan didnt reply at all. Geet after getting frustated decided to call him. She kept calling him but he never received the calls n the calls kept going to in invoice which kept telling that he was busy so if they wanted to talk about anything urgent call later.
Finally Geet got very angry n threw the phone on the grass n started with her express speed to the baby, “Dekha aapne baby dekha na yeh Maan ko toh main chodungi nahi. Ek toh main itne msgs bheje uska reply nahi kiya aur ab jab call kar rahi hu toh woh bhi nahi utha rahe. Ab jab woh msg ya call karenge tab main bhi unse baat nahi karungi. Main sahi kar rahi hu haina baby?” (U saw na baby see this Maan I wont leave him now. First of all I sent him so many msgs but he didnt reply to any n now when Im calling he isnt receiving them as well. Now when he msgs or call I wont talk to him only. Im doing right na baby?) n when baby yawned she continued, “Haan bilkul sahi kar rahi hu” (Yes Im doing perfect right) n then continued her talks with baby till baby slept hearing her Bua’s sweet voice.
That night after dinner Geet went to terrace n was standing enjoying the cold air. She slowly started humming a tune n then began dancing on it. As she was dancing she twirled n was about to fall when 2 strong arms straightened her n she saw Maan. As soon as she saw Maan she got really angry on him that he didnt reply to her msgs neither received her calls n turned away from him n went to the other corner of the terrace n stood with a baby angry face n folded arms.
Maan came behind Geet n kept his hand on her shoulder which she jerked away. He tried again but again she jerked his hand away n then Maan turned her forcefully n pulled her close to him.
Geet tried to wriggle but as she tried to free herself she found herself in more tight hold of Maan n after struggling for sometime she let go n then Maan eased his hold n said, “Sorry Mishti woh main meeting main busy tha isiliye tumhare msgs aur calls attend nahi kar paya” (Sorry Mishti I was busy in meeting so only couldnt reply to ur msgs nor attend ur call) n made a sorry baby face.
Geet wanted to be angry on him but seeing his sorry face couldnt help but smile n Maan smiled seeing her smile. He then brought both their faces close to each other. Geet closed her eyes sensing the closeness. Maan first kissed her forehead n then both her eyes n then her cute nose.
And then Maan kissed her cheeks n as he was about to kiss her lips… Geet fell down LOL.
Geet then opened her eyes n looked around to see there was noMaan n she was on the floor. As she got up, “Awoo Mumma lag gayi mujhe” (Awoo Mumma I got hurt) n rubbed her back. She then realised that again she was dreaming n again her scolding session started, “Geet jhalli pagal ullu ki pathi kya kar rahi hai tu subah se? Ab toh tune had hi kar di Geet tune unhe phir se dekha aur dekh kya natija huva tu gir gayi. Aur tu kya sapna dekh rahi thi woh tujhe Ki… nahiii… chi chi babaji maaf kardena mujhe pata nahi aisi gandi baat maine kaise soch li. Sorry Babaji sorry” (Geet mad crazy stupid what are u doing from morning? Now toh u crossed ur limit Geet n u saw u saw what was the result of it. N what were u dreaming that he is Ki… Nooo… Chi chi babaji forgive me dont know whow I started thinking so dirty. Sorry Babaji sorry) n kept telling sorry to babajifor god knows how much time. Finally after whole 5 mins of telling sorry n cursing herself Geet stopped n realised what she was doing here before her day dream n was about to go to her room when she was held by Maan’s hand.
Geet turned n saw Maan n made a gol gappa face n said, “Apne mujhe neeche gira diya ab chodiye mera haath.” (U let me fall on the ground so now leave my hand)
Maan smiled n turned her towards him gently n caressed her face n in a husky tone asked, “Geet ek dance mere saath?” (Geet a dance with me?) n forwarded his hand.
Geet hearing his husky tone looked into his eyes n couldnt stop staring at them n being lost in them she said yes n gave her hand into his n they soon began dancing actually moving slowly from one side to another while both were lost in each other’s eyes. 
As they were dancing Maan pulled Geet close to him. Geet began breathing a bit heavily looking at his eyes getting dark with passion n he started coming close to her n Geet closed her eyes…
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