As Geet realised her hand was burning she got very angry n started in her Express Speed “Excuse me aap andhe ho kya dikhai nahi deta hai kya???” n then not allowing him to answer again started ” Hey babaji mere saare kapade kharab kar diye ab mein kya karu???Mera interview” n made a baby face seeing up.Maan seeing Geet seeing the ceiling n talking started laughing n then he stopped when he saw Geetglaring at him.Maan thought of saying SORRY to Geet but before he could say anything she again started ” Hello mister mein aapse hi baat kar rahi hu Sunai nahi deta hai kya???” Before Maan could tell anything she stomped away.
Maan in his mind “Bhagawan isne toh mujhe kuch bolne hinahi diya” n gets angry that Yash was not prepared the project presentation properly n he had cancelled the deal.
At Indian Paints,
Geet’s dress was already spoiled n by the time she could clean n come she was late for the interview n she was rejected.Geet was very angry on the guy who had dashed n bcoz of him she had to lose the last chance for her.
After half an hour she went to the Krishna Mandir n was sitting on the bench where she n dadi were sitting n she remembered her parents n tears started flowing from her eyes.
Geet’s Mom “Geet puttar aram se chal beta warna gir jayegi” n as she was running she nearly fell when her brother Karan stopped her from falling n then her mom n dad rushed to her n checked whether she was hurt or not n then Karan told “Tujhe kitni baar bola hai ke bhaag mat par tu sunti kaha hai” n so Geet replied ” Arre bhaiya mein kyu daru jab aap sab hai na mujhe sabhal ne ke liye” n hugged her brother.
Someone wiped her tears n that is when she realised that she was crying n looked up to see Dadi had wiped her tears.As soon as she sawDadi she wiped her tears n smiled at DadiDadi sensing that something was wrong asked Geet “Beta kya huva???Aap ro kyu rahi thi???” n so Geet replied “Kuch nahi Dadi woh bas ghar ki yaad agayi toh asu agaye” 
Then Dadi to divert her mind asked her “Acha Geet beta aapko woh job milgayi jis ke liye aaj aapka interview tha???
Geet sadly replied “Nahi Dadi mujhe woh job nahi mila aur mein kal delhi chod ke ja rahi hu” n hugged Dadi.
Dadi was shocked to hear that Geet was leaving Delhi n so she said “Geet beta aapko job chaiye toh hum aapko job dete hai.Aap hamari caretaker ban jaye.Humari tabiyat abhi kuch thik nahi rehti aur agar aap humare saath hogi toh humara bhi koi mil jayega jo humare saath rehenge
Geet replied “Lekin Dadi mein kaise” but Dadi interupted n said “Geet aap hume Dadi manti hai na toh plz humare liye aap maan jaye na” n finally Geet agreed. Dadi in her mind Acha hu ke Geet maan gayi varna hum usko kaha dhoondh te” n then she n Geet left for Khurana Mansion after finishing the evening prayers.
As they entered Khurana Mansion Geet was shocked to see a palace like house.
Dadi then told Nakul to clean the guest room n gave Geet’s house address to the driver n also sent a servant n told them to bring all the luggage to KM. Till then she told Geet to come with her n she showed her the whole mansion.Geet loved it very much specially the terrace n the garden.
Dadi then told Geet to rest for a while n then they would have dinner together.
After finishing dinner Geet was helping Nakul clear the table n at that time the phone rang n Dadi picked up the call.Maan had called to inform Dadi that he has to leave to London tonight only so could she pack his bag n send to the airport n he would go there directly as he still had a meeting to attend n Dadi said “Thik hai beta” n kept the phone back.Maan was shocked that Dadi didnt throw any fit that he is going for a trip n informed her at the last minute n she didnt complain that he doesnt spend more time with her n so on n then shrugged it off.
Dadi told Nakul to pack Maan’s bag n send it to the airport with the driver.
Dadi then went to her room with Geet n as she entered she tuned her radio but the songs where not at all nice n so after sometime she offed it and at that time Geet started singing for Dadi as she saw that Dadi was not liking the songs played at all n while singing she remembered her family only.
As she finished this song she remembered singing this song every year on her birthday n tears were flowing from her eyes remembering it n she ran to her room n locked it from inside n cried holding her family’s pic the whole night.
The next morning Geet woke up n freshened up n then when she went out of her room she saw that Dadi was worrying about something n so she went n asked “Dadi kya huva???Aap itna ghabrai huvi kyu hai???” n then Dadi seeing Geet alright sighed in relief n hugged her.
Then she told “Beta kal aap rote huve gayi thi tu hume ghabrahat ho rahi thi” n then she told the servants to serve breakfast n they had breakfast.
Will Maan know that Geet stays in his house???
Will Geet leave the job??? 
Guys the part in Blue is flashback