As soon as Geet said that Maan n Dadi were shocked n turned their face towards her.Geet realising what she said started laughing.After a while she stopped n told Dadi Dadi aapka chera dekhne layek tha” n again burst out laughing.After she stopped Dadi said “Geet beta aapne hume toh dara hi diya tha” n so Geet replied “Arre mein kaise aapni itni pyari Dadi ko chod kar ja sakti hu.Dont worry Dadi itni jaldi aapka picha nahi chodungi” n huggedDadi.
Then Shilpa broughther pooja ki thali n did Maan’s arti n tied rakhi on his hand n then he gave her a S pendant.
After this all returned to their rooms but Geet went to the terrace to get some fresh air as she was not sleepy.There when she was thinking about the evening she was surprised herself that she didnt say anything to Maan n then she thought that maybe bcoz of him she met Dadi n she got to meet herArmaan Bhai again n so she didnt say anything.
After sometime when she was going back to her room she heard some noise from the gym n so she went to see who was there this late in the night.As she entered the gym she saw a man in black track pants n shirtless doing excerise with his back towards the door.She wanted to know who it was n so she entered the room quietly n as she entered the person turned n she saw that it was Maan but she hid herself before he could see her.As she saw his muscles flexing she couldnt stop but stare.
Maan felt as though someone was watching him n so he turned but found no one n so continued his excerise.Geet began going out of the room as she knew that she wouldnt be able to stop staring at him n she didnt want him to catch her sneaking in the room n so as she was about to leave she felt his chest touching her back n his breathe fanning her ears.She started breathing heavily n then he wishpered huskily “Geet tum yaha kya kar rahi ho???” but she couldnt answer as her mind couldnt think of anything but his breath.Maan smirked seeing his effect on her n then he slowly moved in front of her n then suddenly he snapped his fingers in front of her n she came back to reality.
He again asked her “Geet tum yaha kya kar rahi ho???” n so she answered him without looking into his eyes “Woh…woh meine yaha se kuch awaaz suni toh mein dekhne agayi ke yaha kaun hai” n started twisting her dupatta in her hands.Maan smiled seeing her twisting her dupatta n then said “Ok Geet Good night” n before she knew he kissed on her cheek n went to his room.
Geet was shocked when Maan kissed her cheek n kept staring there n after few mins she realised what happened but saw that Maan was no where there n so she went to her room n first she took a warm shower to cool her senses n then slept as soon as her head hit the pillow.  
Maan was confused as to why he kissed Geet n then he thought “She looked so cute when she was twisting the dupatta that I couldnt resist the urge to kiss her” n then he smiled n went to sleep dreaming about Geet.
The next morning,Geet woke up n went to walk with Dadi Vicky joined them.As they entered the house after their walk they saw Maan coming down the stairs in his business attire n seeing this Dadi asked Maan “Maan bete aap kaha ja rahe ho???” n so Maan replied “Dadi woh office ja raha hu.Kal ek jaroori meeting hai aur uski taiyari baaki hai” n so Dadi said “Lekin beta aaj toh sunday hai aur aap kal hi toh aaye hai London se todha toh araam kar lijye” 
MaanNahi Dadi abhi sara kaam baaki hai” n so Dadi replied “Theek hai beta aap jaiye aapko humari phikar kaha” n sat on the sofa with a grumpy face.Maan smiled seeing Dadi act like a small baby n so he knelt in front of her n said “Thik hai Dadi hum nahi jate office theek hai par hum sab log aaj bahar jayege agar ghar mein hi bhethna hai toh mein office chala jaunga” nDadi smiled hearing it n said “Theek hai beta hum sab aaj picnic pe jate hai.Kitne din huye hum sab ek saath kahi nahi gaye.Geet beta aap aur Shilpa jaldi se khane ka intezaam kijye aur Vicky tum aur Armaan gadi nikal waye hum todhi der mein nikalenge
All got busy doing preparations for the picnic.As Maan was going to the kitchen to drink water he saw a strand of hair teasing Geet n she was trying to push it back but her hands had a bit of flour n he was mesmerised seeing this n he walked towards her n put the strand behind her ear.Geet was startled by Maan’s touch n so she turned around quickly n the flour plate which was in her hand flew n then they were covered by the flour.Maan was lost looking at Geet as she was trying to remove the flour from her hair n then he held her hand n removed a bit of flour which was on her face.At thisGeet realised that she was standing very close to Maan n she moved a bit back n by then Dadi,Shilpa,Armaan Vicky came into the kitchen hearing the noise n started laughing seeing both covered in flour.
Geet then ran away from there feeling embrrassed n Maan also went to his room n changed n came down n then they left to go fot the picnic.
Picnic n more fun