After telling Tasha the plan she went n did her other works. In the evening Sasha went to Maan’s cabin n said “Sir can we have a small celebration for getting this project.” At first Maan told no but then he agreed n said “Ok lekin yeh party basement main hogi n after office hours but zyada late nahi hona chaiye.” 
Sasha was happy that the first part of her plan was successful n then she nAdi arranged for the party. 
After the office hours all went to the basement n were dancing n enjoying.Maan was still in the office as he had some important work n he said that he would join later.
Adi,Pinky Geet were all chatting when Geet felt thirsty n so she excused herself n went to bring a soft drink for herself. The waiter gave her a drink n she drank it in one go as she was very thirsty. She felt that it tasted a bit different but then she shrugged it n went n again started chatting with all.
Geet suddenly was feeling dizzy but she somehow controlled herself from falling. So she went to the washroom n splashed cold water on her face n as she was coming out she dashed into Maan who was coming down for the party. As Maan held her she started her express speed talking “Dekh ke chal nahi sakte kya??? Agar main abhi gir jati toh??? Aur agar gir gayi hoti toh mera dress kharab ho jata. Phir main na Karan Veerji ko kehti aur woh mujhe ek nayi dress leke dete aur tumhari pitay karte.” n then remembering KaranVeerji she started crying. The juice was spiked by SashaMaan tried to stop her from crying but she was no where stopping n so he hugged her tightly. She then started hitting his chest slowly n because of her sudden act he fell down n Geet on him.
Sasha who had come to see whether her plan had worked or not was shocked to see MK on the floor n on him Geet. Seeing this she got a wicked idea n so she clicked their pics. After clicking she hid her mobile n cleared her throat n then Maan realised that Geet was on him n he got up n held Geet from her waist to stop her from falling. 
He then got angry as to how Geet got drunk n shouted on Sasha as she was the incharge of drinks n food n then told all of them to end the party n then pulled Geet with him n left.
In the car Geet was talking all stupid stuff half of which he couldnt even understand. He was trying to drive fast so that they could reach home soon. 
Geet then said to Maan Maan mujhe na ice cream khani hai
Maan Lekin Geet abhi ice cream kaha milegi??? Hum ghar chalte hai phir main tumhe ice cream leke dunga
Geet shaking her head said “Nahi mujhe abhi khani hai. Ghar jaake Armaan bhai meri ice cream kha lenge is liye mujhe abhi khani hai” n pouted.
Maan’s heart melted seeing her pouting face n so he took her to the near by ice cream parlour. As she entered she saw the ice creams n ordered all of them. Maan was baffled seeing this n told “Geet yeh tum kya kar rahi ho??? Inti sari ice creams order kar diya tum inti saari khaugi kya???” n glared at her.Geet looked away n said “Theek hai. Main nahi khati” n went out n sat on the car bonet pouting. Maan shook his head n brought her ice cream n sat next to her n started having the ice cream. Geet saw this from the corner of her eye but didnt tell anything. She just looked away n there she saw a gol gappa stall n ran to it n told “Bhaiya ek plate gol gappa ekdum thika” but before she could have her bite Maan came n took the plate from her hand n gave back the plate.
Geet took another plate n started eating. Maan got angry n said “Geet yeh tum kya kha rahi ho??? Roadside ke gol gappe ache nahi hote.”
But before he could continue Geet put a gol gappa into his mouth n giggled seeing his face. After he finished she said “Maan kitna tasty hai na yeh” nMaan shaked his head knowing she wont listen to him anyways n after she finished Maan paid n they went. 
But Geet again got angry on him n went n sat in the car without looking at him. Maan was now getting frustrated but calmed himself as she was drunk n went n sat in the car n turned Geet’s face towards him slowly n said “Kya huva Geet tum mujhse naraz kyu ho???” n so Geet said moving her hands “Aapne akele akele hi ice cream kha li aur mujhe pucha tak nahi” n so Maansmiled n came out of the car n opened her door n took her inside the ice cream parlour n then she ordered chocolate ice cream n when it came she was eating n enjoying it. She offered him also but he refused n smiled seeing her.
After having ice cream they left n Geet put her arm around his arm n kept her head on his shoulder n soon dozed off. As they reached home Maan woke her up n then helped her to walk till her room n then left after making sure that she was sleeping comfortably.
Precap – 
The next morning Shocked