After coming out of the hug Yug went n Meera n Geet went n arranged the breakfast on the table n everyone had a nice time during breakfast teasing n pulling each other’s leg.
After clearing the table, Geet went to their room to help Maan to find his things as she knew he would start shouting for her if she didnt reach in 5mins. As she entered she saw he was on a call n was trying to wear his tie. Geet shook her head n went near him n took the tie from his hand n started tying it. Maan smiled at her n finished the call soon n pulled her near by her waist.
Geet smiled n said “Hogaya. Ab aap jaldi kariye warna aap late hojayenge. Aur aap lunch karna mat bhoolna aur shaam ko dair tak kaam mat karna.”(Done. Now plz hurry or else u will be late n plz have ur lunch on time n dont work till late in the eveningn continues to give him instructions while he kept ing at her with a smile. Geet saw him staring at her n asked “Kya huva??? Aap mujhe aise kyu dekh rahe ho???”(What happened??? Why are u staring at me like this???)
Maan “Bas dekh raha hu ke meri pyaari si biwi mera kitna khayal rakhti hai. Love u so much for this.”(Was just seeing how my lovely wife takes care of me.)
Geet smiled n said “Acha sirf iske liye mujhse pyaar karte ho aap???” teasingly.(Ok so u love me only for this???)
Maan “Arre nahi. Aur bhi kahi baatein hai lekin main kabhi puhsat se batunga. Acha ab jaldi se meri watch,keys aur bag do warna main late hojayunga.”(Oh nothing like that. There are still many qualities of u which I love but will tell u sometime in leisure. Now plz give me my watch,keys n bag or else I will be late)
Geet smaked her forehead n went n got his things n then kissed his cheeks n sent him but he came back n kissed her cheeks n ran away after seeing her glare.
Geet after a while went to the kids room n saw that it was a mess n shook her head n started keeping all the stuffs back to their place. As she was keeping the calendar back she saw the date n remembered that she had to take Mithun for his regular check up n called the hospital n confirmed the appointment n then went n got ready.
She then called Maan n told him about Mithun’s check up n then went with Mithun leaving Mahi at home.
After the check up the doc called Geet into his cabin n said, “Mrs. Khurana, I must say that u have taken care of Mithun very well n dont worry now he wont have any problems in the future. It is truly ur dedication n love that he is now free of the disease.”
Geet “No doctor. Nothing like that Mithun is my son n any mother would have done the same thing which I have done.”
Doctor “Ok Mrs. Khurana. U need to come the next month for the final check up.” n then turned to Mithun n said “Mithun now U have to come only once for final check up. N here is a chocolate for u for being such a brave n good boy.” n gave him a chocolate. Mithun thanked him n took it n then they left.
Geet then told Maan everything n then she remembered the day Mithun was born.
Sameera was now 9 months pregnant n her due date was just 2 days away n Maan n Geet were with her in the hopital. Shilpa had returned to Bangalore as her college had started n Roops n Pooja had gone to their hometown for their holidays.
Suddenly Sameera got labour pain n Geet went along with her inside the operation theatre. The operation took 4 hours n then finally Sameera gave birth to a baby boy. Geet took the baby outside for Maan to see.
Maan was overjoyed to see his son n tears of happiness flowed from his eyes. As he was lost in his son’s face the doctors rushed to the operation theatre. Geet asked a nurse who had come out n she said that Sameera was sinking.
Maan was shattered hearing the news n he gave the baby to Geet n ran towards the window from where he could see Sameera. He prayed to god to not to snatch his Sameera from him but Destiny had already written his fate n Sameera couldnt be saved.
The baby began to cry after a few mins n Geet patted him n succeeded in stopping him from crying. Maan ignored it n went to the doctor n finished the formalities n then completed the final rituals.
Geet who saw Maan’s ignorance towards the baby remembered how her father ignored her n said “Baby main aapko aapke Papa se dur nahi rehne dungi. Main aapko woh dard se nahi guzarne dungi jo maine saha hai.”(Baby I wont let u be distant from ur father. I wont let u go through the pain which I have suffered.) n then went to the doctor n took his advice about how to take care of the baby.
Maan returned tot he hospital after a few hours n saw the baby sleeping n Geet who was patting him. Geet saw him n got up n held his hand n they went out. After she came out she left his hand n said, “Maan ji mujhe pata hai ke aap ko abhi bohut dard ho raha hoga aapki Patni ko kho ke lekin aap apne dard main itna mat doob jana ke aap bhool jaye ke aapke ek bete bhi hai aur usko aapki bohut zaroorat hai. Mujhe pata hai ke agar aapna koi kho jaye toh kitna dard hota hai lekin mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ke agar aapne mata-pita ka pyaar na mile toh bacho ko kitna dukh hota hai isiliye main aapko keh rahi hu ke aap aapne gham main itna mat doob jana ke aapka beta aapke pyaar ke liye tasrata reh jaye.”(Maan ji I know that u have lost ur wife just now but dont get losr in ur grief so much that u forget that u have a son now n he needs u a lot now. I understand how u are feeling after losing ur loved one but I also understand how much pain a child feels when her/his parents ignores them so only Im telling u that dont get lost so much in ur grief that ur son is left longing for ur love.)
Maan nodded n said, “Kya main usse dekh sakta hu???”(Can I see him???)
Geet nodded n said, “Lekin koi awaaz mat kijye ga woh bohut mushkil se soya hai.”(But plz dont make much noise he has slept after much trouble)
Maan nodded n went inside silently n sat beside his son n saw his face n smiled. He had got Sameera’s eyes n nose but Maan’s hairs n lips. Maan slowly carressed his cheeks n said softly, “I promise beta. Main aapko kabhi bhi aapki Mumma ki kami nahi mehsos karne dunga.”(I promise son that I wont let u feel ur Mom’s absence.) n kissed his forehead lightly. Geet smiled looking at them.
She was brought back to the present by Mahi’s shout, “MUMMAAA”
Geet went out to see why was Mahi shouting n was surprised by what she saw.
Precap – 
Geet taking care of Mithun.
what did she see???