They had dinner with lots of fun with Maan teasing Geet n giving her hints about the night n pulling the kids legs. After Dinner Maan n the kids sat in the living room n were watching tv when Yash-Meera n Yug-Vrinda returned n they all chit chatted for sometime n Geet joined them after finishing her work.
After sometime Geet n Meera took the kids to their room n made them sleep while Maan went to his study n got busy in his work n the others retired to their rooms.
After making the kids sleep Geet went to their room n saw the time n smiled n went to the kitchen n brought something n hid it in behind her back n entered the study to see Maan busy in his work with his back to the door.
Geet smiled n tiptoed to Maan n kept the thing on the table n covered Maan’s eyes with her hands n wispered in his ears “Happy Anniversary Jaan”
Maan smiled n removed Geet’s hands n pulled her in front n wished her n kissed her cheeks. Geet then showed him the thing n it was a dark chocolate cake.
Maan smiled n then they cut the cake together n fed each other n then Maan got some naughty ideas in his mind n took a piece of cake n put it on Geet’s face.
Geet “Maannn yeh aapne kya kiya??? Uff pura sticky sticky lag raha hai”(Mannn what did u do??? Uff it is full sticky sticky now)
Maan “Acha main saaf kar deta hu”(Ok Let me clean it) n started licking the cake from her face.
Geet got lost in the sensations Maan was creating. Maan after licking the cake from her face threw her duppatta somewhere n then put some cake on her neck n started licking n bitting there.
Geet was feeling so weak in her knees that she held Maan by his shoulders. Maan then bit her a bit hard n Geet came out of the trance n slightly pushed Maan n said breathing heavily “Maan koi ajyega…”(Maan someone will come) n turned the other side.
Maan smirked n said “Koi nahi asakta kyuki maine door phele hi lock kar diya tha. Ab toh koi problem nahi hai na???”(No one can come bcoz i had already locked the door. Now u dont have any problem na???)
Geet turned more red by his shamelessness n pushed him n ran away taking her duppatta from the floor.
Maan smiled seeing his wife blushing as if she was a newly wedded bride. Maan then wrapped up his work n went to their room.
Geet after coming to her room calmed down n then took the mobile n called Sanchi n wished her for her anniversary n wished her a safe journey n then kept the phone. As soon as she kept Maan hugged her from back n said “Mera gift kaha hai Mishti???”(Where is my gift Mishti???)
Geet “Aapka gift ke liye aapko mujhe chodna padega uske baad hi milega…”(For ur gift u will have to leave me then only u will get ur gift…)
Maan “Yeh kya Mishti main tumhe nahi chodunga waise bhi tum mere saath bohut hi kam samay bitati ho aur ab jab moka mila hai toh chod du na baba na”(What is this Mishti. Im not going to leave u anyways u spend very little time with me n when I have got a chance I wont leave it)
Geet giggled hearing his complaints n turned n kissed his cheeks n said “Bas 2 min ke liye plz.”(Just for 2 mins plz) n made a baby face n Maan melted seeing it n left her.
Geet opened the cupboard n took out a gift wrapped box n gave it to him. Maan smiled n opened it n his smile widened seeing his fav watch.
Maan then gave it to Geet n said “Tumne di hai toh tumhi phena do.”(U have given so u only make me wear it)
Geet smiled n made him wear the watch n then said “Acha ab mera gift kaha hai???”(Ok now where is my gift???)
Maan smiled n went behind her n took her to the dressing table n closed her eyes n said “Im sure ke tumhe yeh bohut pasand ayega.”(Im sure u will like it very much) n took a box n put it on her neck. Geet opened her eyes n was surprised to see a new Mangalsutra. Geet had tears in her eyes seeing it n smiled n said “Bohut hi khubsoorat hai Maan “(It is very beautiful Maan)
Maan wiped her tears n said “Tumse zyada nahi.”(Not more than u)
Geet smiled n then turned n kissed his cheeks n said “Chalo so jate hai. Mujhe bohut neend arahi hai.”(Ok lets go n sleep. Im very sleepy)
Maan smiled n said “Theek hai chalo.”(Ok lets go)
The next morning, Geet woke up early n saw Maan sleeping like a baby. She smiled n carressed his face n placed a light kiss on his cheeks n then went n freshened up n went out to do her yoga.
As she came down to take water she saw Meera in the kitchen n went n wished her. Meera wished her back n seeing the glow on her face decided to tease her n said “Kya baat hai Geet aaj toh bada glow kar rahi ho???”(What’s the matter Geet u are glowing very much today???)
Geet blushed n said “Kuch nahi di”(Nothing di)
Meera noticing Geet’s new mangalsutra n said “Arre wah Geet tera toh naya mangalsutra bohut hi sundar hai.”(Geet ur new Mangalsutra is very beautiful)
Geet smiled n said “Maan ne diya hai.”(Maan has given it)
Meera patted her cheeks n went to her room. Geet remembered the time Maan had first tied Mangalsutra on her neck n filled her Maang. 
Geet used to take care of the baby n Maan named him Mithun n he always used to be in Geet’s flat as Geet never wanted Maan to be troubled with Mithun n his work.
Geet had in the mean time made a new friend Sanchi n she had invited Geet for her wedding. Geet somehow managed to skip attending the other functions but she had to attend Sanchi’s wedding as she had emotionally blackmailed her n taken a promise from her.
Geet told Maan that she had to go to the wedding n so Maan told that even he would accompany her to take care of Mithun as she would be with the bride n maybe Mithun wouldnt be comfortable there.
Precap – 
Maaneet marriage