The wedding day Geet wore a white coloured anarkali which was
simple yet it looked very elegant n beautiful. She dressed Mithun in a cute blue dungaree. Maan wore a black shirt with white blazer.
Geet’s dress
Mithun’s dress
As Maaneet entered the wedding venue with Mithun all eyes turned towards them as they looked very beautiful together. Sachi’s mother welcomed Geet n took her to Sachi’s room. Geet gave Mithun to Maan n then went to Sachi’s room.
After 10 mins he got a msg from Geet asking if Mithun was fine n he told her to enjoy the wedding n Mithun was fine n sleeping. After sometime Geet came to Maan n took Mithun with her as the baraat was to come in sometime n due to the noise Mithun’s sleep would be disturbed.
Maan was sitting in a corner n checking his mails when Geet called him n told to get Mithun’s toy which she forgot in the car as he was crying bitterly n not stopping his cries. Maan then rushed n got the toy n after a few mins Mithun calmed down.
Sachi’s mother then called Geet n Maan to come n bless Sachi as it was a ritual in their house that all married couples would bless the bride n groom for a good married life.
Geet n Maan looked at each other awkwardly n tried to tell that they were not married but her mom was in a hurry n didnt listen to them. Unwantedly Maaneet went to the stage n as Geet was about to keep tika on Sachi’s hand Sachi’s mother in law stopped her n said, “Arre Geet tum yaha kaise???”(Geet u here???)
Geet mentally groaned as she saw one of the kitty party friend of her chachi whom no one in her family liked. Geet gave a fake smile n said, “Namaste Aunty. Aap yaha kaise???”(Hello Aunty. How come u are here???)
Shalini, “Arre Geet, yeh mere bete Shiv ki hi shaadi hai. Tum yaha kaise??? Maine toh suna tha ke kuch mahine phele tumhara aur Prem ka accident hogaya tha aur uss hadse main tumne Prem ko koh diya. Kya yeh sach hai??? Aur yeh bacha kis ka hai??? Maine toh sunna tha ke tumne aapna bacha bhi koh diya tha. Aur yeh kaun hai tumhare saath???”(Oh Geet this is my son Shiv’s wedding. How come u are here??? I had heard few months back that u n Prem had an accident n Prem passed away in the accident. Is it true??? N who is this baby??? I had also heard that u have lost ur baby also. N who is this with u???)
Geet had tears in her eyes remembering Prem n her baby. She had left Bangalore for this reason only as she knew all people would either taunt her or show pity on her which she never wanted but her fate had something else planned for her n here she is facing what she ran away from. Geet gulped the lump in her throat n made herself strong to bear all the taunts Shalini Aunty was going to give her today.
Geet, “Aapne sahi suna aunty. Prem aur mera bacha uss accident main nahi bache aur uske baad main Delhi shift hogai. Aur yeh Mithun hai Inka beta.”(U heard it right aunty. I lost Prem n my baby in that accident n after that I shifted to Delhi. N this is Mithun his son.”
Shalini, “Oh toh tune dusri shaadi kar li kya???”(Oh so did u get married again???)
Geet, “Ji nahi aunty. Main sirf inki madat kar rahi hu Mithun ka khayal rakhne main.”(No aunty. Im just helping him in taking care of Mithun.)
Shalini sarcastically “Oh toh din main iss bache ka aur raat ko bache ke baap ka khayal rakti ho tum.”(Oh so in day u take care of the baby n in night u take care of the baby’s dad)
Geet felt disgusted hearing it but kept quiet for Sachi n said, “Aisa kuch nahi hai aunty lekin main aapko koi safai nahi dena chahti.”(There is nothing like that aunty but I dont need to give any explainations to u) n turned to leave when she stopped on her tracks hearing Shalini’s next words, “Mujhe toh phele din hi pata chal gaya tha ke tum aisi niklogi jis din main tumse mili aur mujhe pata chala ke tumhari wajhe se tumhari Maa mar gayi aur tumhare Pita tumse nafrat karte hai.”(I had an idea that u would turn out to be like this only the first time I met u n I got to know that ur mother died bcoz of u n that ur father hates u)
Tears started to flow out of her eyes as she remembered everything n as she was about to run away she felt someone holding her wrist n looked up to see Maan holding it. She tried to wriggle her hand out when he spoke, “Aunty ji aapko sab pata hai na toh kya aapko pata hai ke main kaun hu???”(Aunty ji u know everything right then do u know who am I???)
Shalini, “Mujhe kya pata hoga ke tum kaun ho??? Hoge koi bank main nokri karne wale ya phir koi chota mota kaam karne wale.”(What do I know as to who u are??? U will be some employee in a bank or u will be some small worker)
Maan, “Toh aapki jaankari ke liye baata du ke main Maan Singh Khurana hu, Khurana Constructions ka Malik.”(So for ur information let me inform u that Im Maan Singh Khurana, the owner of Khurana Constructions)
Shiv who heard Khurana Constructions jerked his head n got up n said, “Arre sir aap yaha kaise???”(Oh sir how come u are here???)
Shalini, “Shiv tum isse kaise jaante ho???”(Shiv how do u know him???)
Shiv, “Arre Maa maine kaha tha na ke humari company jab band hone wali thi toh hume Khurana Constructions se ek bada project mila aur ussi ke wajhe se humari company bach gayi. Aur yehi uss company ke malik hai”(Oh Mom I had told u na when our company as going to be closed we got a very big project from Khurana Constructions bcoz of which our company got saved n he is only the owner of the company)
Shalini gulped her saliva thinking what did she do??? She just messed up with the person bcoz of whom her son’s company was saved from shutting down n she didnt have to give away her house n jewellery to the bank to repay the loans.
Maan smirked hearing it n said, “Aunty ji agar aapne ab kuch aur bola toh samjh lijye ke main aapke bete ki company band karwa dunga.”(Aunty ji if u tell anything else now then get 1 thing clear that I will get ur son’s company closed)
Shalini tried a last time to insult Geet n asked Maan, “Waise aap Geet ke lagte kya hai ke aap uski itni taraf daari kar rahe hai???”(By the way what relation do u have with Geet that u are taking her side???)
Maan was stunned for a second n then said, “Mere aur Geet ka rishta itna pavitra hai jitna ke shaadi ka rishta hota hai lekin yeh aap kaise samjhengi aapki soch hi itni ghatiya hai toh aap kya samjh payengi humare rishte ko.”(Mine n Geet’s relation is as sacred as the relation of marriage is but u wont understand this n how would u when ur thinking is so cheap) n then turned towards Geet n said, “Chalo Geet. Hum ab yaha aur nahi rahenge.”(Lets go Geet. We wont stay here anymore)
As they were going Shalini said, “Khurana saab maan lijye na ke aapka dil agaya hai iss ladki par…”(Khurana saab accept that u have taken a liking over this girl…) n smirked. Maan got very angry as this lady was going on insulting them n their relation n turned towards her in anger n said, “Chi aapki jaisi ghatiya soch maine aaj tak kahi nahi dekhi. Aur aapko humara rishta jana hai na toh dekhiye kya rishta hai humara.”(Chi I havent seen such cheap mentality anywhere. N u want to know our relation right then see what relation do we share) n took sindoor from the plate n filled Geet’s maang n said, “Dekh liya humara rishta.Geet meri patni hai aur Mithun ki maa toh ab aapko koi problem nahi honi chaiye aur agar hai bhi toh apne pass hi rakhiye kyuki mujhe nahi sunni aapki problem”(Saw what relation we share. Geet is my wife n Mithun’s mother n now I hope u wont have any problem n even if u have keep it to urself as Im not interested)
N pulled Geet from there n as they were about to go he turned to Sachi n said, “Im sorry Sachi for the drama created here but now I cant stay here anymore where people dont respect me or my wife. Happy married life to u.” n went from there.
Geet had gone numb n came back to her senses when Mithun cried n saw that they were in the car n were going back home. She told Maan to stop the car at the side as Mithun was crying. Maan stopped the car at a park n got out of the car n went to the park n sat there thinking about the events of the day n how it had changed their lives.
Maan(ST), “Maine theek kiya na Sameera??? Mujhe kuch samajh  nahi araha main Geet se ab kaise nazare mila paunga iss sab ke baad. Kya woh mujhe kabhi maaf kar payegi??? Kya woh bhi tumhari tarah Mithun ko akela chod ke chali jayegi??? Main kya karu Sameera mujhe kuch samaj main nahi araha. Ab tum hi mujhe kuch rasta dikho Sameera.”(I did the right thing na Sameera??? Im not able to understand how will I meet Geet’s eyes after all this. Will she ever forgive me??? Will she also leave Mithun alone like u did??? What should I do Sameera Im not able to understand anything. Now u only have to show me a path Sameera)
Meanwhile in the car Geet checked his nappy n saw that it was wet n changed it n then came out of the car with Mithun n entered the park to search for Maan as he had left his mobile in the car itself. As she was searching for Maan she saw a sight which made her smile. She saw Maan picking up a cute girl who seemed to have fallen n then kiss her cheeks n throw her in the air n catch her. She saw Maan smiling seeing the girl giggling. 
Geet began to laugh as she saw a cute boy frowning at Maan for holding his girlfriend n pulled his pant n as Maan bent down he did “BHURRR” on Maan.
Maan turned hearing someone’s laugh n saw that it was Geet n the sight made him smile seeing Geet laughing n Mithun throwing his cute small legs in the air seeing Geet laugh.
He then saw her cuddle Mithun n cover him properly as wind blowed past them n he told in his mind,” Thank you Sameera. Mujhe ab yakin hogaya hai ke Geet Mithun ko chod ke nahi jayegi.”(Thank you Sameera.Now Im sure Geet will not leave Mithun n go) n then went towards them n said, “Ghar chalein.”(Shall we go to home) to which Geet nodded n they left for Geet’s flat.
Precap – 
Maaneet talk n Maan to know about Geet’s past