By the time they reached Geet’s flat Mithun had dozed off n Maan held him n went into her flat.
Geet took Mithun from Maan n told him to freshen up while she placed him in the crib n came. After Maan went to freshen up, Geet placed Mithun in the crib n as she straightened up she saw herself in the mirror n she couldnt recognize the person standing there. Geet saw her maang filled n remembered Prem n thought, “Yeh kya hogaya??? Main toh sirf Prem ki thi toh yeh kaise hogaya???” (How did this happen?? Im only Prem’s then how did this happen???) n rushed to the washroom n splashed water on her face n tried to remove the sindoor from her face.
As she wiped it a bit remained n then she remembered what Shalini Aunty told n remembered all that happened in Bangalore n also remembered her father’s words n all kept repeating n she couldnt bear it anymore n closed her ears tightly trying to stop all the voices.
As the voices werent stopping she just ran from there to the store room where she had kept all are belongings n memories of Bangalore n took Prem’s pic n said, “Prem yeh kya hogaya mujhse??? Maine toh saath phere lete waqt tumse wada kiya tha ke main kisi aur paraye mard ke taraf dekhungi bhi nahi lekin yaha toh meri shaadi hi hogai. Mujhse yeh kaise hogaya Prem??? Kaise??? Tum kyu mujhe yaha akela chod ke chale gaye??? Mujhe kyu apne saath nahi leke gaye tum Prem kyu???” (Prem what has happened by me??? I has promised u while taking th seven vows that I would not look at any other guy than u but here I got married only. How did this happen by me Prem??? How??? Why did u leave me here alone??? Why didnt u take me along with u Prem why???) n broke down completely.
Meanwhile Maan who had freshened up came to Geet’s room n saw Mithun sleeping in the crib but Geet wasnt there n he thought she was in the washroom n knocked the door but it opened n he saw that she wasnt there so he went to the kitchen n the living room n checked but couldnt find them. He then went to Roops n Pooja’s flat n asked them if Geet was there but they told that she wasnt here n asked if any problem but he said nothing n went back to the flat. As he was going to her room again he heard a noise from a small room n went to check there.
As he entered he saw Geet crying there holding a frame in her eyes. Maan was feeling sad to see her like that. He went inside n kept a hand on her shoulder. Geet who was lost in her past jerked to reality n saw Maan n pushed his hand away in anger n said, “Aapne aisa kyu kiya Maan???” (Why did u do this Maan???)
Maan, “Geet tumne dekha na woh aurat tumhe aur humare rishte ko insult kar rahi thi toh main kaise chup beth tha. Isiliye maine yeh sab kiya.” (Geet u saw that the lady was insulting u n our relation then how could I sit quietly. So only I did this.)
Geet, “Kya yeh sab karne se phele aapne ek bar bhi Sameera Di ke baare main socha??? Unko kitna dukh hoga aapko kisi aur ke saath dekh kar kya yeh socha hai aapne???” (Did u once also thinj of Sameera Di before taking up this step??? Have u ever thought how much hurt would she feel seeing u with someone else???)
Maan, “Main janta hu Geet ke tum iss baat se sehmat nahi hu aur nahi main hu lekin mujhe pata hai ke Sameera aaj dukhi nahi balke khush hoti” (I know Geet that u dont agree with this step n neither do I but I know that Sameera wouldnt be sad but happy today) n seeing Geet’s confused face he continued with a sad smile, “Haan Geet khush hoti woh… kyuki woh hamesha yeh chahti thi ke tum phir se apni zindagi main aage badho aur jab woh mujhe aur Mithun ko chod gayi toh woh hamesha Mithun ke liye ek maa na ban paneke wajhe se tadap rahi hogi aur aaj jab Mithun ko ek maa mili hai toh aaj uski athma ko shaanti mili hogi. Geet mujhe usne kabhi nahi bataya ke tumhare saath kya huva tha… Lekin main aaj ek dost ke nate tumse poochna chahta hu ke tumhari zindagi main kya huva tha??? Kya tum mujhe bataogi Geet???” (Yes Geet she would be happy today… Bcoz she always wanted u to start living ur life once again n when she left me n Mithun alone she wouldnt be at peace bcoz she couldnt be a mother to Mithun but today she soul would be at peace knowing that Mithun has got a mother. Geet she never told me what happened in ur past… but today I want to know what happened in ur past as a friend… Will u tell me Geet???)
Geet thought about what Maan said n replied, “Haan Maan ek dost ke naate main tumhe apni life ke baare main zaroor bataungi.” (Yes Maan u being a friend of mine I will surely tell u about my past)
N told him about her childhood, how she lost her mother n her father’s hatred for her, then how she grew up with Prem n falling in love with Prem n their marriage n then the good news n then the accident in which she lost her Prem n her baby.
As she was narrating the accident n the aftermath she totally broke down n Maan supported her by holding her in his arms n closed his eyes feeling the pain which she went through.
After telling Maan all this she was emotionally drained n fell asleep hearing to Maan’s heart beats. Maan felling Geet’s weight on him looked down n saw that Geet had dozed off picked her up in his arms n took her to her room n layed her down on her bed n pulled the blanket over her.
After making sure that both Geet n Mithun are comfortable Maan went to the living room n thought about something n made few calls n said, “Adi yeh kaam jald se jald hojayana chaiye. Mujhe koi problem nahi chaiye iss mamle main aur mujhe adhe ghante main Mr. Shiv Sanu ke saare details chaiye.” (Adi this work should be done as soon as possible. I dont want any problem in this matter n I want all details about Mr. Shiv Sanu in half an hour)
After keeping the call he made way to the other room n went off to sleep as he was also tired bcoz of all the drama that happened today.
Geet came out of the past memories when she felt Maan hugging her from back n kissing her cheeks.
Maan, “Good morning Mishti.” n kissed her cheeks.
Geet leaned on him n said, “Good morning Janu.” n blushed. Maan smiled widely hearing her call him Janu n then her blushing.
Maan, “Kya baat hai aaj bade romantic mood main hai aap???” (What is the matter u are in a very romatic mood today???) n turned her towards him. Geet put her hands on his neck n said, “Yeh mausam ka jadoo hai mitwa” (This is the magic of the weather) n winked at him.
Maan, “Itna acha mausam aur itni khubsoorat biwi jab samne ho toh kyu na kahi bahar jaye ghoomne aur woh bhi…” (Such a pleasant weather n such a beautiful wife in front of me then why not go for a outing n that too…) n went near her ears n said “Akele” (Alone) n licked her earlobe. Geet shivered with the sensation created in her n closed her eyes.
As Maan was about to kiss her they heard a cough n came out of the hug n saw Yug standing there with a smirk on his face while Maaneet were hell embarrassed to be caught romancing n that too by Yug who would now not leave a chance to tease them.
Yug, “Oops sorry sorry. Woh main pani lene aaya tha dont worry maine kuch nahi dekha.” (Oops sorry sorry. I had come to take water but dont worry I havent seen anything) n took the water bottle from the fridge n said, “Continue continue main jata hu ok.”(Continue continue Im going ok) n ran away smirking as a plan had already started formulating in his mind to tease Geet.
Maan pulled Geet towards him as soon as Yug left n said, “Haan toh kaha tha main???” (Yes so where was I???)
Geet, “Maan kya kar rahe hai aap??? Chodiye mujhe. Yug ne toh dekh hi liya hai ab koi aur dekh lega chodiye na.” (Maan what are u doing??? Leave me. Already Yug has seen us now someone else will see leave me na)
Maan nodded in no n said, “Phele promise karo ke aaj hum dono khi bahar jayenge aur sirf hum dono. Bache nahi ayenge humare saath.”(First promise that we both with go out n only the two of us. Kids wont come with us)
Geet, “Maan yeh aap kya keh rahe ho??? Bache yaha ghar main rahe aur hum dono ghoomne jaye yeh kaise ho sakta hai???” (Maan what are u telling??? Kids stay here at home n we both go out how is it possible???)
Maan, “Kyu nahi ho sakta??? Bilkul ho sakta hai aur sab aise hi karte hai Geet Meera aur Yash ko dekho bacho ko yaha chod ke woh dono akele bahar jaate hai na toh aaj hum bhi jayenge bas” (Why cant it happen??? Off course it can happen n everyone does like that only Geet. See Meera n Yash they leave the kids here n go out right so even we will go thats it)
Geet, “Lekin Janu…” (But Janu…) n made a sad face but Maan was not ready to melt n said leaving her, “Theek hai mat ao mere saath. Raho tum bacho ke saath main bhi tumhare bager hi jaunga bahar. Hmph” (Ok fine dont come with me. U stay with the kids n I’ll go out without u. Hmph) n stomped his feet n left the kitchen. As he left the kitchen he smirked as he knew Geet would come running in 5 mins n would agree to all his conditions to manofy him.
Precap – 
Outing n Party
Sanchi calls Geet