As soon as Maan finished counting 10 Geet came n hugged him from back n said, “Janu Plz naraz mat ho na” (Janu plz dont be angry) but Maan just jerked her n went to the study n took a file n started reading it.
Geet made a baby face at Babaji n then went behind him to the study n took the file from his hands n kept it on the table n sat on the table.
Maan then opened the laptop n started doing some work of his. Geet looked at Babaji n complained, “Dekho Babaji yeh kaise insaan hai… Anniversary ke din naraz hogaye aur upar se kaam kar rahe hai. Inka kuch karo na babaji…” (See Babaji what type of a person is he… He got angry on our anniversary n up of that he is doing his office work. Do something Babaji…)
Maan smiled hearing her complains but made a straight face as he saw Geet again turning towards him.
Geet then to gain his attention cleared her throat but Maan didnt see her. Geet glared at him but poor she Maan wasnt looking at her to know that she was glaring at him n then she got an idea n stood up n went near him n started seeing will swaying her duppata “Lal duppata udd gaya re tere hawa ke jhooke se…”
Maan closed his eyes to keep calm or else his plan would go flop n then opened his eyes n took her duppata from him n got back to his work. Geet made a crying face at the failure of her plan n then she came up with a new idea n called Maan n said, “Maan mujhe woh Noida wali file dijye na” (Maan pass me the Noida project file)
As Maan was searching for the file Geet bent n took his mobile n went n sat on the table.
Maan then saw Geet calling someone from his mobile n heard her saying, “Hello Adi main Geet bol rahi hu. Aaj ki Maan ki saari meetings cancel kar dena. Ok bye” (Hello Adi Geet here. Cancel Maan’s all meetings for today. Ok bye) n cut the call n smiled.
Maan got up from his seat n went in front of Geet n said, “Geettt. Tumne meri saari meetings kyu cancel ki??? Tum toh bacho ke saath ghar main rehna chahti ho na toh raho maine kuch kaha nahi na toh phir tum meri meetings kyu cancel kar rahi ho???” (Geettt.Why did u cancel all my meetings??? U want to stay at home with the kids then stay why are u cancelling my meetings???)
Geet, “Janu plz na maraz mat ho na. Acha aap jaisa kahoge main waisa hi karungi aur aapke saath akele ghoomne bhi jaungi. Plz maaf kardo na aapki Mishty ko. Plzzz” (Janu plz dont angry. Ok I’ll do as u say n I’ll go out with u alone also. Plz forgive ur Mishty. Plzzz)
Now how couldnt Maan melt seeing her looking so cute n telling sorry to him. Maan immediately pulled her hands from her ears n said, “Sorry mat bolo Mishty.” (Dont say sorry Mishty)
Geet, “Apne mujhe maaf kar diya na???” (U forgave me right???)
Maan nodded n said, “Haan kar diya. Acha chalo ab jaldi se ready hojao aur hum bahar chalte hai.” (Yes I did. Ok now get ready fast n we will go out)
Geet nodded n they went n got ready. Geet wore a white shirt n blue jeans while Maan wore a whitr shirt n black trousers.
Maaneet left the kids with Meera n Yash n then left for their outing.
First they went to Mandir n prayed to God n got blessings from the Pandit n then left to thegraveyard where Sameera’s body was buried. Maan was a bit emotional remembering Sameera but Geet by his side he was calm n happy.
As they were there remembering their past Geet remembered the next day after their marriage.
As Geet heard Mithun’s cries she woke up n saw that Mithun was crying n Maan was trying to calm him down. She heard Maan saying, “Mithun baby shhh. Chup hojao baby. Dekho Mama uth jayegi. Aap ache bache ho na toh phir chup hojaye.” (Mithun baby shhh. Keep quiet baby. See Mama will get angry. U are a good baby right so keep quiet) n was rocking him n trying to calm him down but Mithun was no where stopping.
Geet then hurriedly got up n took Mithun from Maan n started rocking him. After few mins Mithun stopped crying n took her duppatta in his mouth n started sucking it.
Geet saw that n told Maan to get Mithun’s milk bottle n settled on the bed n kept Mithun on her lap n started rocking him on her lap n patting his forehead. Maan came after sertilising the bottle n filling the milk.
Geet took the bottle n put little milk on her hand n checked if it was too hot or not n then gave the bottle in Mithun’s mouth. Maan all the while was seeing it n then he got a call from Adi n he informed Geet n went out to get the papers he had asked Adi to get n checked them n thanked Adi n then Adi gave him a file along with a few office files n left for office.
By the time he returned Mithun had slept drinking his milk n Geet placed him gently on the bed n was waiting for Maan to come so that she could go n freshen up as she didnt want to leave Mithun alone. As Maan came Geet told Maan, “Maan main fresh hoke aati hu tab tak aap Mithun ke pass rahiye.” (Maan I’ll freshen up n come till then u be near Mithun)
Maan nodded n sat beside Mithun n tucked his blanket properly n saw the file Maan gave n read it n smirked n made a few calls n told them to finish the work fast n he wanted the results fast. After that as he was taking his office file he saw Mithun moving a bit n so he patted him n made him sleep n kissed his forehead.
He then got busy in his files n after 10 mins heard the washroom door open n saw Geet coming out in a white anarkali suit.
Maan then called Geet n said, “Geet mujhe tumse ek zaroori baat karni hai.” (Geet I want to talk something important to u)
Geet nodded n then sat on the bed next to Mithun n said, “Ji kahiye.” (Yes tell)
Maan then gave her the papers which Adi had got n told, “Mujhe pata hai Geet ke tumhe yeh shaadi manzoor nahi hai lekin hume ab duniya ke samne shaadi ki hai toh hume yeh shaadi legalise bhi karni hogi aur isiliye tum yeh papers sign kardo. Bhale hi hum yeh shaadi legally kar denge lekin humara rishta nahi badlega.” (Geet I know u dont agree with this marriage but now that we have got married in front of the whole world so we have to legalise our marriage n so plz sign this papers. Even if we legalise our marriage but there wont be any change in our relationship)
Geet sighed thinking about what he told n knew that he was correct n took the papers n signed it. She then told, “Maan thank u kal ke liye. N main try karungi ki aapko koi mushkil na ho mere saath n main Mithun ko hamesha ek Maa ka pyaar dungi.” (Maan thanks for yesterday. N I’ll try to not cause trouble to u from my side n I will always give Mithun a mother’s love)
Maan nodded n said, “Main fresh hoke aata hu.” (I’ll get fresh n come)
Geet, “Theek hai tab tak main breakfast bana leti hu.” (Ok till then I’ll prepare breakfast)
Geet then went to the kitchen n was preparing breakfast when her door bell rang n she went n opened n saw Roops n Poo standing with sad faces n bags in their hands.
Geet, “Arre tum dono??? Yeh muh kyu latkaya huva hai aur yeh bags leke kaha ja rahe ho tum dono???” (U guys here??? N why are u having a long face n where are u both going with these bags???)
Roops, “Woh di hum log aaj wapas ja rahe hai. Humara graduation complete hogaya aur parents wapas bula rahe hai toh aaj hum ja rahe hai. Aapko batana tha lekin aaj kal aap todhi busy thi aur tension main thi isiliye nahi bataya.” (Di we are going back today. Our graduation is completed n our parents are calling us back so we are going back today. We wanted to tell u from a few days but u seemed a bit busy n in tension n so we didnt tell u)
Geet hearing it hugged them n said, “Im so sorry guys. Main kuch dino se tum dono se theek se mil hi nahi paayi na hi time spend kar payi na lekin tum log sad mat ho tum dono phir aajana mujhse milne warna main ajungi. N by the way congratulations guys tum dono finally graduates ho aur Roops tumhe yaad hai na tujhe hi mere dress design karne hai aur ab ek naya client tere liye Mithun uske liye bhi ab se tu hi design karna theek hai” ( Im so sorry guys. I couldnt spend time with u neither meet u guys but u both dont be sad u come back to meet me whenever u want or else I’ll come to meet u guys. N by the way congralutaions guys u both are finally graduates n Roops u remember that u have to design my dress n now a new client for u is Mithun, U have to design for him as well)
Roops who was sad as she was leaving her fav place Delhi n then Geet whom she had become close to cheered up hearing Geet n said, “Haan surely karungi main” (Ya I will surely) n hugged Geet.
Poo smiled n said, “Haan di. Acha chalo ab hume nikalna hoga warna phir koi cab nahi milega aur humari train miss hojayegi.” (Yes di. Ok now lets leave or else we wont find any cab n then will miss our train)
Geet, “Arre nahi tum log phele nasta karo aur phir main tum dono ke saath arahi hu tumhe chodne toh ab jaldi se betho naste ke liye.” (No ways first u two have breakfast n then I’ll come with u two to see u off so now have breakfast fast)
Though Roops n Poo didnt want to trouble her but receiving a glare from Geet then sat n Geet served breakfast n at that time only Maan came with Mithun who had woke up.
Maan smiled seeing Roops n Poo n chatted with them while Geet took Mithun n placed him on the floor mat with some toys. She then took a seat n had breakfast with all n then Maan also joined Roops, Poo n Geet to the station to see off Roops n Poo.
After seeing them off n promising to visit them soon they left n Maaneet with Mithun went to the court to file the papers they signed in the morning.
After that Maan left Geet n Mithun at the flat n went to the office.
In the afternoon Maan told Geet to pack her things as she was shifting to Khurana Mansion with him.
After packing her n Mithun’s things Geet played with Mithun for sometime n then made him sleep. As she went to the kitchen to drink water she got a call from Sanchi.
Sanchi, “Hello Geet???” (Hello Geet???)
Geet, “Haan Sanchi bol.” (Yes Sanchi tell)
Sanchi, “Im really sorry Geet kal jo bhi meri mother in law ne kiya uske liye. Mujhe sachi main bohut sharam aati hai unhe meri mother in law kehte huve.” (I really sorry for yesterday all that my Mother in law did. I seriously am feeling ashamed to call her my mother in law)
Geet, “Arre Sanchi tu kyu sorry bol rahi hai tune toh kuch nahi kiya toh phir sorry mat bol tu aur unka nature aisa hi hai mujhe pata hai na toh mujhe bura nahi laga. Haan jab unhone bola tab bura laga lekin phir jo bhi kiya usme kuch acha hi likha hoga isiliye yeh sab huva hai. “(Sanchi why are u sorry when u didnt do anything then u dont need to be sorry n I know her nature so I didnt feel bad. Yes when she told all that things I felt bad but then I thought that whatever has happened there must be something good in it so it must have happened)
Sanchi, “Tu itni achi kyu hai Geet ke tujhe kuch bura hi nahi dikhta kisi bhi baat main???” (Why are u so good Geet that u dont find anything bad in any talk at all???)
Geet, “Woh shayad isiliye kyuki aaj tak mere saath jo bhi huva hai woh bura hi huva hai ke ab adaat hogai hai iss sab ki. Acha yeh sab baatein chod aur bata woh tujhe theek se toh rakh rahi hai na???”(That maybe bcoz till date nothing good has happened to be n so Im used to being treated badly. Ok leave all this talks n tell me whether she is treating u properly or not???)
Sanchi, “Haan lekin unke business kuch bohut badi problem hogai hai aur Mummy ji mujhe hi khos rahi hai ke maine tujhe shaadi main hi kyu bulaya???” (Ya everything is fine but there is some problem in business n so she is cursing me for inviting u to the wedding)
Geet, “Kya??? Tu unko kuch mat bol aur thand rakhna sab theek hojayega.”(What??? U dont tell her anything n keep calm everything will be fine) n then heard Mithun crying n so said, “Acha Sanchi Mithun ro raha hai toh main tujhse baad main baat karti hu” (Ok Sanchi Mithun is crying so I’ll talk to u later)
Sanchi, “Theek hai bye”(Ok bye) by n cut the call n rushed to Mithun n saw that he had wet his nappy. She changed his nappy n then as she was changing his dress she touched his face n felt it burning n she then checking his forehead n felt it burning n immediately kept him on the bed n got the thermometer from the cupboard n kept it under his arm n then saw that he had high fever n called Maan n told, “Maan aap jaldi ghar aayiye. Mithun ko bohut teez bukhar hai aur woh todhi todhi der main rona shuru kar deta hai toh uska rona band nahi hota aur usko saans lene main problem ho rahi hai” (Maan plz come home fast. Mithun is having high fever n he is getting cranky n bcoz of crying he is having problem in breathing also) n as she saw him crying again n having problem in breathing.
Maan got up n started walking out telling Adi to cancel his meetings n as he was walking out he told Geet, “Geet tum shaant hojao. Main nikal chuka hu bas 20 min main pooch jaunga tab tak tum ready hokar Mithun ko lekar niche aajo. Main doctor ko abhi call kar deta hu ke hum log arahe hai.” (Geet u calm down. I have left I’ll reach there in 20 mins till then u get ready n bring Mithun down. I’ll call the doctor now n tell him that we are coming)
Geet, “Theek hai.” (Okay) n cut the call n got ready n took Mithun’s things n kept in a bag n then wrapped Mithun in blanket n went down. By the time she reached down Maan came n she sat in the car n was trying to stop Mithun’s cries while they went to the doctor.
Precap – 
Doctor’s visit n Geet taking care of Mithun