As Geet reached down with Mithun, Maan arrived n they left. The whole drive Mithun sometimes used to cry sometimes used to be quiet n calm n whenever he used to cry Geet would blow air on his face to distract him n also open the window a bit n let the air blow over his face. Feeling the air Mithun would feel so good that he would start smiling n try to catch the air in his hands.

In 20 mins they reached the hospital. The doctor checked Mithun n said, “Mr. Khurana Mithun ko high fever huva hai shayad weather change ke wajhe se. Ghabrane wali koi baat nahi hai ek do din main chala jayega. Abhi maine ek injection de diya hain usse uska bhukar jaldi kaam hojayega. Aap bas dhyan rakhna ke usse zyada thand na pade.” (Mr. Khurana Mithun has got high fever bcoz of weather change I guess. Nothing to worry he will be fine in 2-3 days. I have given him an injection which will help in reducing his fever fast. U just take care that he doesnt feel too much cold)

Maan nodded n left to get medicines which the doctor prescribed while Geet held Mithun n tried to calm him down as he had started crying a lot after getting the injection. Geet kissed his arm where he was injected n said, “Shh…baby dekho Mumma hai na aapke saath. Kuch nahi huva. Mera baby toh bohut strong hai na. Shhh… chup ho jao Mithun” (Shh… baby see Mumma is there na with u. Nothing has happened. My baby is so strong right. Shh… calm down Mithun) n was talking n kissing his arm continuously. Mithun feeling a bit better calmed down a bit n his sobs changed to whimpers. 

Geet who then remembered that Mithun was having problem in breathing hesitatingly asked, “Doctor…woh aaj jab Mithun ro raha tha toh usko todhi der baad saans lene main bohut takleef ho rahi thi. Aisa kyu doctor?” (Doctor… today when Mithun was crying he was having problem in breathing after some time. Why so doctor?)

Doctor once again checked Mithun n then said, “Ms. Geet mujhe lagta hai ke yeh normal choking hai jo bacho ko hoti hai jab woh zyada rote hai lekin confirm karne ke aap Mithun ke kuch test karwa leni chaiye. Tests ke baad hume exactly kya problem hai woh pata chal jayega aur hum uske hisab se treatment kar sakte hai.” (Ms. Geet I think it is the normal choking which kids get when they cry for a long time but u can get some tests done to confirm it. After the tests we will be able to know the exact problem if any n treat accordingly)

Geet hearing this got worried n said, “Doctor…Mithun ko… k..kuch problem toh nahi hogi na isse?” (Doctor…Mithun wont… ha…have any problem right?)

Doctor, “Yeh toh test reports anne ke baad hi pata chal sakta hai.”(This we can tell only after the reports come)

Maan, “Theek hai doctor aap next week ki appointment le lijye.”(Alright doctor u plz give us an appointment for next week)

Doctor, “Theek hai Mr.Khurana.” (Ok Mr.Khurana) n they left after getting the appointment letter.

Geet in the whole drive was getting tensed bcoz of Mithun’s fever n then this test. Maan who saw her tensed told calmly n soothingly, “Geet tum zyada tension mat lo. Sab theek hojayega.” (Geet u dont be tensed. Everything will be fine)

Geet nodded n they soon reached the flat. Maan told Geet that they should leave for Khurana Mansion as he had a video conference scheduled in an hour. Maan then kept the luggage in the car n Geet placed Mithun on back seat of the car n then locked the flat n then they left for Khurana Mansion.

As they reached Khurana Mansion, Geet thought about the last time she entered Khurana Mansion as Sameera di’s friend n now she is entering as Mithun’s mother. Life has changed so much in a few days.

As they were about to enter Nakul stopped them at the door n did their Aarti n then told her to place her hand print on the wall n then kept the kalash n plate of Kumkum water n told her to complete the rituals. Maan took Mithun from her so that she could complete the rituals fast n they could enter the house. Geet did all the rituals n then they entered n Maan told Nakul to get Geet’s luggage from the car. He then showed Geet her room which was next to his n told her to freshen up n take some rest while he completed the meeting.

After Geet freshened up n came Maan left for his study while Geet sat next to Mithun who had finally dozed off bcoz of the injection. Geet touched his forehead n saw that it was still burning n so she went to the kitchen where she met Nakul n requested him to give her a bowl of cold water n some swab clothes. After taking them she went to her room n began placing the cloth on Mithun’s forehead to bring down his fever. She kept changing the cloth every 5 min.

After an hour Mithun’s temperature came down a bit n Geet sighed in relief n then she sat next to him n was patting him. Soon she dozed off.

After an hour when Maan entered Geet’s room to check on Mithun he was surprised to see Geet sleeping on the edge of the bed n her head was wobbling a lot n he could see that she was very uncomfortable sleeping like that. Maan then went n first lied her down on the bed properly n then went to the other side n checked Mithun’s temperature which had again increased. He then saw the cold water bowl n clothes n took the cloth n began to keep them on Mithun’s head. After about 20 mins he stopped n checked n sighed in relief that Mithun’s temperature had finally come down. He then saw the time n realised that it was almost dinner time n so he first went n freshened up in his room n then came n woke up Geet.

Geet was shocked when she realised that she had slept off n turned n checked Mithun’s temperature n saw that it was normal n sighed in relief n then turned to Maan n said, “Sorry woh mujhe pata nahi chala ke meri aankh kab lag gayi.” (Sorry I didnt realise when I dozed off)

Maan, “Its ok Geet. Waise bhi tum thak gayi hogi subah packing ki bhaga dodhi aur phir Mithun ka dhyan rakhna, Main samjh sakta hu. Acha tum abhi fresh hojao aur neeche ajao dinner ke liye.” (Its ok Geet. Anyways u would have been tired with packing in the morning n then taking care of Mithun so I can understand. Ok u freshen up n come down for dinner)

Geet, “Ji main bas 5 min main aayi” (Ok i’ll come in 5 mins) n covered Mithun with extra blanket n went to freshen up while Maan took Mithun with him downstairs. He then told to Nakul to serve dinner. Geet came downstairs in 5 mins n they had their dinner quitely. After dinner Geet went to kitchen to help Nakul with the cleaning. Nakul denied her help n said that he would do it n told her to go n rest. Geet then heated Mithun’s milk n sterilised his bottles n after filling them went to living room where Maan was playing with Mithun.

Geet smiled seeing their bond. The way Maan would tease Mithun by kissing on his stomach n make him laugh by nuzzling his stomach n the way Mithun would try to hold Maan’s big hands in his tiny ones.

Geet then cleared her throat seeing them both lost in themselves n when finally she had their attention said, “Maan woh Mithun ki medicines ka time hogaya hai. Agar aap aake mujhe help kar de isse medicines dene main toh acha hoga.” (Maan it is time to give Mithun his medicines. If u could help me in giving medicines to Mithun it would be great)

Maan nodded n picked Mithun n they went to Geet’s room where he placed Mithun on the bed. Geet meanwhile got the medicines n gave a bib to Maan to keep near Mithun’s neck. As Geet was about to give Mithun the medicine Mithun began to cry n began wriggling. Geet told Maan to hold Mithun’s hand while she forcefully put the medicine into Mithun’s mouth. After she made sure he swallowed it she picked him up n began rocking him to calm him down bcoz he had started to cry more loudly.

Geet, “Sorry bacha Mumma bohut gandi hai na…Mithun ko woh gandi gandi dawai de. Sorry baby Mumma ko aata” ( Sorry baby Mumma is bad right… She gave u that yucky yucky medicines. Sorry baby slap for ur Mumma) n faked slapping herself with his hand. 

She then kept rocking him n gave him a milk bottle in his mouth. Mithun drinking it soon dozed off. Maan who was feeling bad to see Mithun crying felt relief when he calmed down. He then left the room when he saw Mithun had slept after telling good night to Geet.

Geet then heard her mobile ring n smacked her forehead bcoz she was sure if she didnt pick it up in another 2 mins then Mithun would again wake up.

She searched it n found it in her purse n quickly picked the call n went towards the window so that Mithun would not be disturbed.

Geet, “Hello…”

Shilpa, “Hii di kaisi ho aap???” (Hii di how are u???)

Geet, “Main theek hu Shilpu aur tu kaisi hai? Padhai kaisi chal rahi hai teri?” (Im fine Shilpu and how are u? How is ur studies going?)

Shilpa, “Main theek hu di aur padhai achi chal rahi hai. Exams bhi bohut ache se gayi. Aur ab kal ek last exam hai uske baad main Jaipur ja rahi hu Meera di ke pass aur phir 2 hafte baad main Delhi aungi aapke pass. Waise di Mithun kaisa hai?” (Im fine di n studies are going good. Exams also went good. And tmrw is my last exam n then Im going to Jaipur to Meera di’s place na fter 2 weeks will come to Delhi. By the way how is Mithun di?)

Geet, “Acha hai. Main di ko call kar dungi ke kal tujhe lene jaana hai. Tujhe pata hai na agar yaad nahi dilaya toh mujhe hi baad main daant padegi. Mithun ko aaj bukar hogaya. Shaam ko bohut ro raha tha lekin abhi so raha hai.” (Good. I’ll call di n remind her to pick u up. U know na if I dont remind her then later i will only get the scolding. Mithun has got fever today. He was very cranky in the evening but now he is sleeping)

Shilpa, “Haan after all aap hi toh humari bali ka bakra ho LOL. Oh aap Mithun ka dhyan rakhna di aur apna bhi kahi uski dhyan rakhte rakhte aap hi bimar na padh jao.” (Yes after all u are our scapegoat LOL. Oh u take care of Mithun n also of urself or else u will become sick urself taking care of Mithun)

Geet, “Haan haan pata hai mujhe main hi phas gayi hu tum dono ke beech main Ouch. Haan baba main dhyan rakhungi” ( Yes yes I know Im the only one who has been caught between u too Ouch. Yes dear I will take care)

Shilpa, “Acha di main rakhti hu. Kal jaldi jag na hai. Bye love u n take care.” (Ok di I’ll keep the call now. Have to wake up early tmrw. Bye love u n take care.)

Geet, “Haan ache se exam dena kal. Bye love u too. N tu bhi apna dhyan rakhna.” (Ok give ur exam well tmrw. Bye love u too. N u too take care) n cut the call.

After that she called Meera. Meera picked after 2 rings, “Hi Geet. Kaisi hai tu? Aur Mithun kaisa hai?” (Hi Geet. How are u? N how is Mithun?)

Geet, “Main theek hu di aur Mithun ko bukhar hogaya hai. Aap kaisi hai?” (Im fine n Mithun has got fever. How are u?)

Meera, “Main theek hu aur Mithun ko bukhar. Doctor ko dikhaya? Dhyan rakhna Geet iss mausam main bacho ki tabiyat bohut jaldi bigad jaati hai.” (Im fine n Mithun has fever. U showed him to doctor? Take care Geet this weather kids get affected very soon)

Geet, “Di woh mausam ke wajhe se hi huvi hai. Lekin di mujhe bohut dar lag raha hai.” (Di it has happened bcoz of weather change only. But di Im too scared)

Meera, “Arre Geetu sirf bukhar hai 2-3 din main theek hojayega.”(Geetu its only fever he will be fine in 2-3 days)

Geet, “Nahi di sirf bukhar nahi hai, Mithun ko kabhi kabhi saans lene main bhi problem hoti hai aur isiliye doctor ne kaha hai tests karwane ko” (No di its not only fever, Mithun is also having problem in breathing sometimes n so doctor has told to get some tests done)

Meera understanding Geet’s worry said, “Geet kuch nahi hoga samjhi. Sab acha hi hoga. Acha tu yeh bata kal tune phone kyu nahi kiya? Waise toh har roz karti hai toh kal kyu nahi kiya?” (Geet nothing will happen. Everything will be fine. Ok u tell why didnt u call yesterday? Otherwise u call daily then why didnt u call yesterday?)

Geet remembered yesterday’s events n shivered in fear as she had not told Meera n Shilpa about her marriage yet. She was brought out of her thoughts by Meera, “Hello…Geet tu sun rahi hai kya?”(Hello… Geet u are listening right?)

Geet, “Haan di woh kal huva yu ke…” (Yes di actually yesterday…) n she narrated the whole marriage incident. Meera heard everything calmly n Geet knew that this was the silence before the storm so she tenatively ,”Di..”


Geet had to keep her phone at a distance bcoz of Meera’s shouts, “Di suno toh sahi…” (Di plz listen at least…)


Geet who had tears by then said, “Im…sob…so…sorry…sob…di. Main… sob… aap…apko aaj…subah…hi…sob…bata…batane wali…sob…thi…le…lekin…sob…ph…phir…Mith…un…sob…Mithun ki…sob…tabiya…sob…tabiyat kharab hogai…sob…” ( Im… sob… so…sorry…sob…di. I…sob…was go…going…sob…to tell…sob… in morn… morning…sob …but…th …then…Mith…un nnn’s…sob…health…got worse…sob)

Meera felt bad for shouting on Geet when she was already so stressed n calmed down herself n then said after taking a deep breath, “Dekh Geet Im sorry tujhpe chilane ke liye. Phele tu rona band kar aur meri baat sun. Main gussa iss liye nahi huvi ke tune shaadi kar li lekin  isliye huvi ke tune mujhe bataya nahi. Aaj tak tune mujhse har choti badi baat share ki hai aur yeh shaadi ki baat nahi batayi isiliye mujhe bura laga lekin teri koi galti nahi hai. Halat ne hi tujhe muaka nahi diya mujhe batane ko so its ok. Acha tu ab sab chinta chod aur Mithun ka dhyan rakh aur khud ka bhi theek hai. Hum kal iss baare main baat karenge. Theek hai.” (See Geet Im sorry for shouting on u. First u stop crying n listen to me. Im not angry bcoz u married again but Im angry bcoz u didnt tell me. Till today u shared every small big thing with me but today when u didnt share ur marriage news I was hurt but it isnt ur fault as well. The situation only didnt let u tell me so its ok. Ok now leave all this n take care of Mithun n urself. We will talk about this tmrw. Ok)

Geet, “Sorry di. Ok main phone rakhti hu. Kal baat karte hai. Good night sweet dreams aur jiju ko hi bolna aur Shriya aur Sameer ko mera dher saara pyaar dena.” (Sorry di. Ok I’ll keep the call. We’ll talk tmrw. Good night sweet dreams n tell hi to jij n lots of love to Shriya and Sameer”)

Meera, “Theek hai. Chal bye” (Ok. Bye) n cut the call. After keeping the call she started pacing the room in anger. Yash who entered the room after 15 mins saw Meera pacing around the room n thougt, “Lagta hai aaj kisi ki sahmat anne wali hai. Yash sambhal ke beta.”(Seems that a storm is going to come for someone. Yash be careful)

Yash hugged Meera from back n asked, “Kya huva Meera itne gusse main kyu ho?” (What happened Meera why are u so angry?)

Meera, “Yash ab main uss Moti Bhais ko nahi chodne wali. Uske wajhe se bohut hungame huve hai sab ki life main lekin aaj usne hadh par kardi hai.” (Yash I wont leave that Fat Buffalo now. Bcoz of her lots of problems have happened in everyone’s life but now she has crossed her limits)

Yash who was totally confused asked, “Tum kis ki baat kar rahi ho Meera?” (Whom are u talking about Meera?)

Meera, “Main uss Moti Bhais Shalini aunty ki baat kar rahi hu. Huh kya samjhti hai khud ko pata nahi jaha jaati hai problems create karti rehti hai sab ki life main.” (Im talking about that Fat Buffalo Shalini aunty. Huh what does she think of herself…She just keeps creating problems in everyone’s life where ever she goes)

Yash who was not getting a head n tail of Meera’s words asked, “Meera theek se bataogi kya huva?” (Meera plz tell clearly what happened?)

Meera then nodded n told him everything that happened to Maaneet at the wedding n also about Mithun’s illness. Shocked would be a small word to say seeing Yash’s expression n slowly fury started building up in him. 

Yash,”Yeh Aunty ko toh sabak sikhana hi padega lekin usse phele Meera hume Geet ke pass jana chaiye. Ek toh Mithun bimar hai aur dono pheli bar aisi situation face kar rahe hai toh unhe koi help toh chaiye hogi aur uss aunty ko sabak sikhane ke liye hume Delhi jana hi hoga.” (We will need to teach this aunty a good lesson but before that we need to go to Geet, Meera. First of all Mithun is not well n both are facing such a situation for the first time so they would need help n then to teach that aunty a good lesson we will need to go to Delhi)

Meera, “Haan Yash hume Delhi jana chaiye. Acha aap ek kaam karna kal shaam ki tickets book kar dena aur Shilpa ki bhi direct Delhi flight hi book kar dena. Main usse kal baat kar lungi.” (Yes Yash we need to go to Delhi. Ok u do one thing tmre book our evening tickets for Delhi n also book Shilpa’s direct ticket to Delhi. I’ll talk to her)

Yash nodded n then they went to sleep though sleep seemed to be far away from their eyes.

Precap – 
Geet taking care of Mithun
n Meera – Yash in Delhi