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Note :A lot of violence n disturbing scenes. So if u dont like them plz avoid this update.


Maan was a very happy child who had very loving parents n good friends. He was topper in school n good in studies. He loved his mom a lot n she had pampered him a lot but he always craved for a sister n after long time his wish was fulfilled as his mom was pregnant.

But they say that when u want something u need to give something in return n the same happened here. Though Maan was getting a sister he didn’t know that he would have to give away his happy life.

One evening after coming from school Maan rushed to his mom’s room to tell her that he had won first prize in drawing competition. When he didn’t find her he rushed to the other room to search but didn’t find her anywhere in the house. As he was about to go the terrace to check he heard a scream n got afraid as to who was screaming.

He slowly went towards the voice n was praying to god to send his Mom to him so that he could hug her n assure himself that nothing was wrong. As he went he realized that the voice was coming from the outhouse which was connected to the mansion but he used to visit there rarely as his mother had warned him never to visit there alone.

As he was about to call out for his mom he saw the door to outhouse a bit open n what he saw there was shocking. His dad pushed his mom from the stairs. He was about to rush in to help his mom when a young lady held him back n when he tried to break free she slapped him very hard that there was a cut near his lips n blood oozed out of it. Maan began to shed tears feeling pain. Till that date no one had even talked to him with raised voice forget about slap.

His mom who saw it tried to get up but his dad kept his hand on her hand with which she was trying to support herself to sit n crushed it. Asha (Maan’s mom) screamed in pain n said, “Ahhh’ Plzzz Vi’.viraj Maan ko’.Ja’jaane do’. Us’usne kuch’.na’.nahi kiya’.” (Ahhh’. Plzzz Vi’.viraj leave Maan’.He’.he hasn’t done’.any’.anything’.”)

Viraj crushed her hand more n then bent n pulled her hair n face towards him n said, “Maan ne kuch nahi kiya lekin use tumhari galti ki sazaa milegi” (Maan hasn’t done anything but he will get ur punishment) n told the lady to bring in Maan.

Maan who was trying to free himself when he was pushed inside by the lady took the chance n bit her hand n rushed to Asha but Viraj held him n he started pushing him n hitting him with his tiny fists, “Chodo’ Papa chodo mujhe’.. Mujhe Maa ke pass jana hai chodo’.” (Leave me’.. Papa leave me’. I want to go to Maa leave me’..)

Viraj who got very angry by Maan’s act slapped him very hard n by the slap’s force Maan fell down. Asha who was trying to muffle her screams of pain couldn’t stop when she saw her baby getting hurt n shouted, “MAANNN”’.” N pushed Viraj n somehow managed to go to Maan. She picked him up n hugged him to sooth his pain. Maan hugged his mom n began crying n said, “Maa Dekho’ na Pa’.papa ne muj’.mujhe ma’maara aur’ aur’who au’.aunty ne bhi’maara.” (Maa see’.Pa’.papa hit me’..and even’..tha’..that au’..aunty slap’.slapped me)

Asha, “Shh’. Maan chup hojao. Dekho ab Maa hai na tumhare pass kuch nahi hoga theek hai. Ab chup hojao beta” (Shh’Maan calm down. See now Maa is there with u right so nothing will happen. Calm down baby) n wiped his tears.

Viraj n the lady were seeing all this with a mocking face n then the lady came n pulled Maan away from Asha n began dragging him out of the room. Maan began to struggle n shouting to leave but it was as if the lady had gone deaf. Viraj then signaled his men to do their work n sat there to listen to Asha’s cries to sooth his anger.

The men took Asha to a near by room n abused her physically one by one. Asha kept crying n screaming for help but no one was there to help her. Viraj laughed like a maniac when he heard her cries.

Meanwhile the lady locked Maan in a dark room n went back to the outhouse. She went n sat on Viraj’s lap n spoke in a seducing tone, “Aaj humare beech koi kaanta nahi rahega’.” (Now there will be no thorn between us botg) N traced his face with her finger. Viraj held her hand n pulled her even more close n kissed her n then carried her to a room n let his wild side loose.

Maan was afraid of dark from before n being locked in a dark room he started shivering n shouting for his mom to come n take him out. He even banged the door but no help came for him. Slowly loosing his energy he fell on the floor n curled like a ball n kept rocking himself as silent tears fell from his eyes. Soon getting exhausted he fell asleep.

Asha who had lost her everything today had gone numb. It was as if her soul had died n she was just breathing. She kept staring at a space cursing herself for keeping quiet all this time when she needed to do something. Bcoz of her one mistake she lost her un born baby’ she didn’t know where Maan was??? How was he??? Was he hungry??? Nothing’. N finally she lost her soul bcoz of that devil.

As she thought about Maan she realized that she needed to save Maan from this devil n so gathering herself without caring about the pain which she was feeling physically nor emotionally she ran to the mansion n began checking each room to find Maan but he wasn’t anywhere. Finally she went to the store room which was locked. She looked around to see if there was anything which could help her to break the lock but didn’t find anything n so she ran back to the kitchen n got a rod from there n rushed back n began breaking the lock.

Hearing the sounds outside Maan woke up n got scared n started crying, “Maa’ Plz mujhe yaha se bahar nikalo’ Plz mujhe andhere se bohut dar lag raha hai’. Plz Maa’.” (Maa’ Plz get me out of here’. Plz im getting afraid of this dark’. Plz Maa’..)

Finally after a lots of effort Asha broke the lock n rushed in n as Maan saw her he rushed to her n hugged her n said, “Maa mujhe yaha se le chalo Maa’. Plz mujhe bohut dar lag raha hai’.” (Maa take me from here plz’. Plz Im getting scared here’.)

Asha wiped his tears n said, “Chalo Maan yaha se jaldi chalo aur plz koi awaaz mat karna’” (Come Maan come fast n plz don’t make any noise) n slowly they sneaked out of the mansion n ran. Asha took him to her friend’s place whom she considered more than a brother who was a DIG by profession.

Abhimanyu, “Asha’. Tum yaha??? Aur yeh kya haal bana rakha hai tumne apna aur Maan ka???” (Asha’ U here??? N what has happened to u n Maan???)

Asha, “Bhai plz hume bacha lo’.” (Bro plz save us’.)

Abhimanyu, “Phele tum andar chalo aur mujhe batao huva kya???” (First u come in n then tell me what happened???)

Asha took Maan inside n made him lie on her lap n patted him to sleep. Maan who was tired soon dozed off. Abhimanyu got water for Asha n then said, “Ab batao kya huva??? Aur tum dono aise haal main kaise aaye???” (Now tell me what happened??? Why are u both in this condition???)

Asha began crying n in between her sobs told how Viraj used to torture her daily from past few months but she kept quiet n when she got the news that she was pregnant she thought he would change but nothing happened n he kept torturing her n today he crossed his limits n started torturing Maan as well n what all she n Maan had to bear.

Abhimanyu felt anger rise in him when he heard all this but kept his calm seeing Asha’s condition n said, “Asha phele hume hospital jaana hoga aur tumhari rape test aur dressing karwani hogi. Uske baad main uss Viraj Khurana ko chod dunga nahi’.” (Asha first we need to go to the hospital n get ur rape test done n even ur dressing. After that I wont leave that Viraj Khurana’.)

Asha. “Nahii’ nahi bhai main hospital nahi jaungi. Agar Viraj ko pata chala toh pata nahi who kya karega’” (No’. no bro I wont go to the hospital. If Viraj got to know I don’t know what will he do’)

Abhimanyu was getting annoyed but kept his calm n persuaded her to go to the hospital n finally she accepted n they left for the hospital with sleeping Maan.

After getting the tests n dressing of both Asha n Maan, Abhimanyu took them back n after making sure enough security was there he went to the police station to get Viraj behind the bars.

Asha meanwhile hugged Maan close to her heart n cried her heart out. After sometime Maan woke up to see his mom’s tear stricken face. He immediately wiped her tears n hugged her n said, “Plz Maa mat roiye’ Aap rote huve achi nahi lagti’” (Plz Maa don’t cry’. U don’t look nice while crying’)

Asha wiped her tears n said, “Maan main nahi ro rahi beta woh toh aankh main kuch chala gaya tha isiliye aankh se pani agaya. Acha chalo aapko bhook lagi hogi na chalo main aapke liye kuch bana deti hu.” (Maan im not crying baby actually something went into my eyes so water came out from my eyes. Ok lets go u must be hungry right come I’ll cook something for u)

Maan nodded n then looked at the unfamiliar house n asked, “Maa hum kiske ghar main hai???” (Maa in whose house are we???)

Asha, “Maan yeh mere bhai aur tumhare Mama Abhimanyu ka ghar hai. Aap daro mat yaha koi kuch bhi nahi karega aapko’” (Maan this is my brother n ur uncle Abhimanyu’s house. U don’t get afraid no one will do anything to u here’)

Maan nodded but still didn’t leave her pallu for a min also as he was too scared with the day’s incidents.

Asha cooked something light for all n fed Maan n tried to distract him so that he would not think about the day’s incidents. After sometime Abhimanyu entered with a small smile n seeing Asha said, “Asha ab tumhe darne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Viraj Khurana aur who ladki salako ke piche hai aur maine aisa case file kiya hai ke who log bohut saalo ke liye bahar nahi aa payenge.” (Asha now u don’t need to be afraid. Viraj Khurana n that girl are behind bars now n I have filed such a case that they wont be able to come out for a long time)

Asha smiled at Abhimanyu n then turned to look at Maan who had hid himself behind her when Abhimanyu entered n pulled him out n said, “Maan yeh hai tumhare Mama Abhimanyu. Chalo inse haath milao.” (Maan he is ur uncle Abhimanyu. Go shake hands with him)

Maan nodded for a no but Asha pushed him a bit front n Maan meekly went to Abhimanyu n said, “He’hello” n forwarded his hand for a handshake.

Abhimanyu smiled n bent down n shook hands with Maan n said, “Hiii” n gave a warm smile which Maan returned with a small smile. As soon as Abhimanyu left his hand he ran n again hid behind Asha. This brought a smile on both Asha n Abhimanyu’s face.

Few days were peaceful for Asha n Maan but they didn’t know that this was the silence before a storm n soon the storm came when Viraj n the lady were given bail bcoz of Viraj’s high contacts. Asha had taken Maan to a park nearby their house so that Maan would meet new people n enjoy his childhood. As she was playing tag with Maan she was pulled by a hand n as she looked she was shocked to see Viraj, “Vi’virajjj’.

Viraj smirked looking at her fearful eyes n smirked n said, “Haan main’.” (Yes me’.) N then pulled out a gun from his pocket n shooted at Asha. He then left her n was about to shoot Maan when police came n arrested him. He looked at Abhimanyu who was standing there with red eyes n said, “Maine kaha tha na ke main usse nahi chodunga’ dekh liya aaj maine apna vada pura kiya.” (I had told u right that I wouldn’t leave her’ see I fulfilled my promise)

Maan who was happily playing with his mother was shocked to see his dad n again all those incidents flashed in his mind n he started shivering. As Viraj shooted Asha n when he saw her falling he shouted, “MAAA”’..” n rushed to her.

Asha held Maan’s hand n said, “Maan apna khayal rakhna’. N Maa loves u” (Maan take care of urself’. N Maa loves u) n her hand fell. Abhimanyu after making sure that Viraj was escorted to jail with high security rushed to Asha n Maan. As he saw her breathing her last tears fell from his eyes n he closed her eyes. He then turned to Maan who seemed to have become a statue. He shook him, “Maan’. Maan’.” But Maan didn’t react n fainted.

Abhimanyu rushed Maan n Asha to the hospital. The doctors told him that due to shock Maan had fainted n they had given sedactives to him n he would soon wake up.

After Maan woke up he screamed n shouted for his mom but she never came. Abhimanyu rushed to him n hugged him n said, “Shh’ Maan’. Maa ab kabhi nahi ayegi beta’.” (Shh’. Maan’Maa wont come ever now baby’)

Maan, “Nahiii’ Mama Maa ayegi’. Aap plz unhe kaho na plzzz’.” (Nooo’. Uncle Maa will come’ U plz tell her) N cried.

Abhimanyu felt so helpless seeing the small kid crying for his mother who would never come back. He then somehow stopped Maan’s crying n after getting the discharge papers took him home.

Abhimanyu began taking care of Maan n never let him alone. At nights when Maan used to get nightmares about the incidents n cry for his mom Abhimanyu would stay with him n sooth him. He took care of Maan like his own son n he even quit his job n started a coffee shop so that he could take care of Maan.

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