Geet reached the Dargah. She went n prayed Babaji to show her a path as she didnt know what to do next.

As she was moving away from the prayer place she dashed with the Fakir Baba.
” Jo bhi hota hai ache ke liye hota hai… Aaj tujhe tera Humsafar milega… Lekin bohut archan aane wale hai tum dono ke liye… Yeh le aur yeh taveez phena dena usse… Babaji tum dono pe meher kare…” (Whatever happens happens for good… Today u will meet ur soulmate… But many hurdles will come for u both… take this taveez n wear it to him… May Babaji bless u both…)
Taking the taveez in her hand she goes n sits at the place where people were singing. She soon forgot all her worries in the peaceful n pure environment.
Meanwhile Armaan had got a call from the hospital of an emergency n he had 2 leave Geet alone n Geet assured him that she would wait for him to come n pick her up later or she would call dad to pick her up.
After some hours as Geet was about to leave the Dargah she bumped into someone n that was Maan.
Maan was shocked to see Geet at the Dargah n decided to talk to her about their marriage n today’s events which he was sure was troubling her as well like it was troubling him and Maan decided to break the silence .
Maan “Geet,as u know that we are married now ,u may have to come with me to my house, so before going to the house lets make some things clear,
I know it is hard to accept this marriage n i dont think i can love someone like i used to luv Sameera, n i understand that it is as difficult for u as it is for me. But i dont want our families to suffer by seeing us sad or unhappy with each other bcoz they only want to see us happy
Hearing this GEET said “I know Maan even i have the same confusion as u ,what to do to see our families happiness… Whether to accept this marriage n try n compromise with each other or become a burden on each other…
Precap – 
Their decision