Hearing this Maan was a bit relieved that she was at least understanding the situation n thinking of giving their marriage a chance n so he says,”Geet,I know its hard to decide but at least for our families pride,respect n happiness we will have to accept this marriage in front of our families n the world ,though we are complete strangers ,we can at least try to adjust with each other n maybe in course of time we may become friends

Geet “I think u are right but what if we are not happy with each other n become nothing more than a burden on each other ,then ???

Maan “I know,but why not give our marriage n us a years time.If after a year also we are not happy with each other ,then we can get separated n live our own lives the way we want

Then Maan n Geet both agreed to the point n Geet asks him if she could continue her studies n Maan said that he has no problem if Geet wanted to complete her education.

They sit in the car and Maan starts driving and there was absolute silence in the car.Meanwhile Armaan came to the Dargah and he searchef for Geet and disn’t find her there and so he called her up but as her mobile’s battery was dead she couldn’t pick it up. Meanwhile even Shilpa tried to call Maan as he had gone a long time back and had not yet returned but Maan didn’t realize that his phone was ringing as it was on silent mode. Armaan went back to the hall thinking that Geet might have gone there as it was quite late but when he reaches the hall and asked Rano, “Maa has Geet returned???”

Rano “But Armaan Geet had gone with you then how can she come here without you???

Here in the car Geet was seeing outside her window and remembering the day’s events and tears started to flow out of her eyes.

Maan saw that Geet was crying so he stopped the car at the side and said” Geet plz look at me” but Geet didn’t look at him so he put his finger below her chin and gently turned her face facing towards him bur Geet just lowered her eyes as she was afraid that he would read her eyes but Maan had told Geet to look in to his eyes then she looked in his eyes then he continued “Geet plz don’t cry I know it is very difficult for you as well as for me to forget today’s events but we can at least try right???

Then Geet nodded her head and so Maan removed his hand and then she forwarded her hands and said “friends?” and Maan looked at her hands and then he smiled and accepted the offer and said “friends

Then Geet and Maan started talking about their friends,his office, her college and many more things.Meanwhile here in the hall everyone started to again and again call on Maan and Geet’s cell but the result was the same.


Then Maan and Geet reached the hall and went inside.Seeing Maan and Geet safe everyone came and hugged them both and then started asking questions

Where were you both till now?

How did you both meet?

Do you know how worried we were for both of you?

Hearing all these questions Maan got irritated and shouted “STOP

After this outburst Geet started laughing seeing everyone’s face after Maan had shouted and everyone was shocked that Geet was laughing and they all were being worried for her.Then Maan shot a glare at Geet which was enough to make Geet stop laughing and then Armaan asked “Geet why are you laughing?

Geet ” Plz all of you see your faces when Maan shouted you to stop oh god it was sooo funny” and again starts laughing.After hearing to her everyone started laughing along Geet except Maan.

After everyone stopped laughing the elders told Maan and Geet that they wanted to tell them something but Maan stopped them and said that he n Geet wanted to tell everyone something before and they asked the others permission and they nodded their head asking them to continue and so they continued “After thinking about today’s events I and Geet have decided that we should give our marriage a chance. I know it will take us some time to adjust with everything but we will try our best to adjust soon and will let time heal our wounds

Geet “Madhuri aunty I know now I am our bahu and so I want to ask your,Veer uncle’s and Dadi’s permission to continue my studies

Hearing this the elders said “Maan and Geet we were going to tell you to give your marriage a chance and we are very happy to know that you have decided to give your marriage a chance

Then Madhuri continued “Geet from now on you are not my bahu but my daughter and plz call me mom and I don’t have a problem if you want to complete your studies.I will always support you in any work you do” Hearing this Geet was very happy and she thanked Madhuri.

Then Dadi said that it was getting late and so they should perform Geet’s bidaai.

Then Mouli comes with a plate full of rice and Geet filled her hand and threw the rice back and Rano held the rice thrown by Geet in her saree’s pallu.

GEET hugged her dad and started crying and her dad wiping her tears said “Geet puttar mat ro tujhe pata he na ke mein tere aakho mein aaso nahi dekh sakta” (Geet baby dont cry… u know I dont like to see tears in ur eyes) Then hearing to her dad’s words Geet wiped her tears and even wiped her dad’s tears and smiled.

Then Geet hugged her maa and they started crying then Geet said “Maa agar aap bhi royenge to dad aur bhai ko kaun sambhalega plz math rona” (Maa if u start crying who will console dad n bro… so plz dont cry) and wiped her maa’s tears.

Then she went to Armaan and hugged him and said “Bhai take care of maa and dad and even of yours.I know after I go you will not even take care of yourself and just worry about me

Hearing this Armaan said “Arre mere jhalli tu meri phikar mat kar aur yaad rakh ke teri sat ko appointment hai.Tu sabka khayal toh rakhegi par khud ka kabhi nahi rakhegi isliye mujhe tera khayal rakhna paad tha hai par ab woh bhi mein nahi kar sakta” (Oh my crazy sister u dont worry n remember ur sat appointment. U take care of urself but forget about urself n so I have to take care of u but now I cant even do that) and she started crying hearing to her brother’s words and to lighten the moment she said “Bhai ab mein to ja rahi hu isiliye ab maa ki company ke liye meri bhabhi ko jaldi se leke aao” (Bro now that Im going get married n give Maa a company)

For this Armaan replies “Gudiya tu aaj kal kuch zyada nahi bol rahi hai“(Gudiya arent u talking a lot these days) Hearing this Rano n Mohindar started laughing seeing their children’s bond.

Then thy sit in d car n Geet says bye to all her friends n her parents n bhai. As Maan starts driving n they r alone in the car,he thinks its d right time to ask Geet about the sat appointment.

Maan “Geet,can I ask u something???

Geet tells “Yaa

Maan asks “What did Armann mean by ur sat’s appointment???


Precap – 

So buddies wt do u think is the sat’s appointment for???

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