Geet “Maan actually when I was 5 years old Armaan Bhai’s family and my family were very close family friends and we were neighbors and we used to live in Chandigarh at that time.Once we all had gone out and there when Armaan Bhai had gone with my parents to buy a gift for my birthday I was with Uncle and Aunty .We were crossing the road when suddenly a car came and ran over Uncle and Aunty but I was saved as I was a bit behind them.Seeing Uncle and Aunty’s accident I fainted.Then when I came to consciousness I saw that I was in hospital and Armaan Bhai was sitting near my bed.I asked him what happened to Uncle and Aunty then he started crying and between his tears he told me that Uncle and Aunty died on the way to the hospital. They took promise from Maa and Papa to take care of Armaan as their own son

Geet, “Sorry Bhai main Uncle – Aunty ko bacha nahi saki” (Sorry Bro I couldnt save Uncle – Aunty) n burst out crying. Armaan hugged her to calm her n after she calmed down a bit he said, “Geet aisa kuch nahi hai. Tum plz sorry mat bolo warna main tumse baat nahi karunga…“Geets its not like that. U plz dont say sorry or else I wont talk to u”  n turned away his face.
Geet, “Bhaiii… plz maaf kardo main kabhi aise nahi bolungi par aap mujhse baat karna band mat karna plzz” “Brooo… Plz forgive me I wont say sorry again but u dont stop talking to me plzz)
Armaan turned n glared at her n said, “Phir se sorry bola.” (U said sorry again)
Geet, “Oops… acha main apne sorry wapas leti hu. Ab toh aap mujhse baat karoge na” (Oops…Ok i take back my sorry. Now u will talk to me right)
Rano and Mohinder smiled at the kids bonding n then the four of them left for Handa Mansion. After performing the final rituals, Mohinder n Rano called Geet n Armaan.

Rano “Beta aajse tum humare bete ho. Ab mere do bachche hai ek Geet aur ek Armaan aur ha aaj se Armaan tum mujhe Maa bulana hoga” (Son from today u are our son. Now I have 2 kids one is Geet n other is Armaan n yeh Armaan from today u will call me Maa)

Armaan was touched by Rano’s words n hugged Rano and promised that from now on he would take care of Geet and would not let any harm to happen to her.

Hearing all this Maan’s respect for the Handa’s grew even more n then he remembered about the saturday’s appointment n asked “Then what is the connection with the accident and your appointment?

Geet continued “Maan after 2 years once I was not feeling well and that day Armaan Bhai was with me as Maa and Papa had gone to a business party.I was taking rest and then suddenly I started having the flashback of that accident and I started trembling and shivering and then suddenly I shouted and then fainted .Hearing to my shouts Armaan ran to my room and he saw that I was unconscious.Then he called Maa and Papa and informed them and they came along with a doctor.Then the doctor advised some tests to be done.The next day I had to go to get those tests done and when the reports came it was due to the fear of accidents and it was normal among small kids who saw accidents happening in front of their eyes and her fainting,shivering were symptoms of the fear and the doctors assured them that she needed no treatment for it.

But when I was in my 10 std and I had board exams I was a bit more stressed out because we had a wedding to attend and after 2 days my exams were to start.On the last day of my exams after I finished my exams I had gone to watch a movie with my friends and there after a short time I started feeling tired and then suddenly I started shivering and fainted .All my friends panicked and they called Armaan who was studying his doctorary during that time and he told them to take me to Sanjeevani Hospital and said that he was also reaching there in a few minutes.Then he called home and informed Maa and told her to not to come to the hospital and not to worry.

Then he met with Dr.Shashank and Doctor told him that it was due to over-stress.He asked Armaan why she was stressed out and Armaan told him that they had attended a wedding recently and then her exams started and it had finished today itself so maybe she was stressed a lot n also told about the accident which she had seen when she was small n the also that when she was stressed she would remember the incident n start shiver n would faint soon.

Dr.Shashank then suggested that they get Geet appointment with a specialist with which she can try to forget the accident and try to overcome her fear of accidents.

Then Armaan took Geet back home and he told Maa and Papa everything what the doctor had told and they agreed to go the specialist. Geet was improving a lot after having gone through the therapy and even Armaan was very careful not to allow her to take too much stress as he feared of losing Geet also.Then the doctor told her that she could stop taking the therapy as she had improved a lot.

Then when she completed her 12th std Mohinder told everyone that they have to shift to Delhi as their business in Delhi needed Mohinder’s attention and so they shifted to Delhiand she made new friends and they all settled well and she started to go university and all went well but as doctor had suggested that she should continue with her tablets n  Armaan kept a check on her to make sure she never skipped her medicines.

All her friends knew about Armaan’s parents death and the effect it had on Geet. But a month back when she had gone out with Dev and all her friends she saw a child getting hit by a car and seeing that she had flashbacks of Armaan’s parents accident and she fainted.

As all had known about her fear of accidents except Dev they rushed her to the hospital where Armaan was a doctor.Then after she had gained consciousness and all her friends had left Armaan shouted on Geet “Geet how many times have I told you to not to go to that area.There many accidents take place and I know you that you like shopping very much but why did you choose that place only??

There are many malls in Delhi where you can go for shopping but no you had to go to that place only.I am were pissed off because of you going to that place.Now get fresh fast we have to go home or else Maa and Papa will get tensed

Geet “Sorry bhai,I will not repeat my mistake again plzzz maan jao na plz” (Sorry bro, I will not repeat my mistake again plzz agree plz)

But Armaan did not listen to her and went to the locker room to get his things. Geet tried a lot of manofying and finally Armaan forgave her and he told her that she had to again start the therapy .

And you know Maan if Armaan Bhai gets angry it is sooo difficult to manofy him and once when I was young he got angry and he had not talked with me for 2 days and I kept on manofying him and at last I got angry and told him that I will not eat anything till he forgives me but too he did not budge and after half a day he finally forgave me.Oh god it is so hard to manofy him and so I try my best to not to make him angry ”

Maan then asked “How many more sessions do you have to attend??

Geet “I have still 2 more sessions to attend and you know it finishes before my birthday and this year it is on sat .Thank god the therapy finishes before it or my half a day would go in it only

They soon reached Khurana Mansion and Geet was welcomed by Madhuri with aarti and then she pushed the bowl of rice with her right leg and walks in and keeps her legs in the kumkum water and enters the house.Then she goes and touches Dadi’s feet who blesses her.

Then she goes and touches Veer’s feet and he says “Beta from now on I am like your father and so plz call me dad and if you want to talk about anything you can tell me
Hearing this Geet is touched by their love n concern n smiles n said” Thank u uncle… oops I mean Dad

Then she touches Madhuri’s feet and Madhuri blesses her. She then shakes hands with Shilpa and finally comes Robie.
Robie “Bhabhi if you have any problem with Bhai then tell me I will help you,as I know all his secrets
Hearing this Geet and Shilpa start giggling while Maan smacks Robie’s head.
Madhuri “Bas bohut baate hogayi aab sab apne kamre mein jaake aaram kijye aur waise bhi kal Geet ko pheli rasoi ki rasam nibhani hai isliye ab sab apne kamre mein jao” (Ok enough of talking. All go to ur rooms n rest n anyways tmrw Geet has to perform her first ritual… so all go now)
Maan and Geet went to their room and the others retire to their rooms as well.
Precap –
Wedding Night