Maan and Geet entered the room. Maan goes to the washroom and changes and came out and told “Geet you settle your things and sleep on the bed.I have some pending work so im going to finish them
Geet “I will sleep on the couch you don’t worry
Hearing this Maan gets angry and says sternly “Geet plz I don’t want to fight with you or shout on you so plz change and sleep on the bed” and goes to the study to complete his work.
Here in the room Geet changes and then keeps her things and she takes the pillow and sleeps on the couch.After sometime Maan comes and he sees that Geet was not sleeping on the bed and she was sleeping on the couch.He goes near the couch and was about to wake her up but seeing Geet sleeping peacefully he didnt wish to disturb her so tucked the blanket properly and went and slept on the bed.
Around mid night Maan heard someone crying,so he got up and saw that Geet wasn’t sleeping on the couch and he thought that she would have have gone to drink water as the water in their room was finished and then he saw that the washroom door was open and so he went in to check and saw that Geet was crying.
He went and sat next to her and tried to wipe her tears but she did not stop crying and she said “Why did this have to happen with us Maan why???
Maan “Geet forget what has happened .See we should see the positive side of all this.See we did not get married to them .Imagine if we would have got married to them and then we would have found their truth it would be more painful for us than it is now and you know one thing even I wouldnt have got such a wonderful friend like you if we had got married to them so Geet plz stop crying
Hearing this words Geet calmed a bit and she kept her head on Maan’s shoulder and he was saying soothing words to her.After sometime Maan realized that Geet was not talking at all which was not like her and when he turned he saw that Geet had fallen asleep and so he put his hand on her arms and hugged her and even he fell asleep.
In the next morning Geet woke up to see that she was sleeping keeping her head on Maan’s chest n she was embarrassed by then even Maan woke up by the disturbance. Seeing Geet’s embarrassing look he realizes that he was hugging Geet and so he removed his arm and both of them got up.
Maan “Geet tum ready ho jao mein workout karke aath hu” (Geet u get ready I’ll finish my workout n come)
Maan left for his gym while Geet took a bath and got ready n applied sindoor and kept one of Maan’s office wear on the bed and went down.
Geet, Madhuri, Shilpa and Dadi go to the mandir and pray. Geet prays to god to give her strength to forget Dev and move on in her life with Maan.
After she performs the Aarti, Geet goes to the kitchen and helped the servants in preparing breakfast along with Shilpa.
Here Maan had come back to the room after his workout and he saw that Geet had taken out his clothes.He went and took a both and then got ready and wore the clothes which Geet had kept. Then he came down to and took blessings from Dadi and they went and sat on the table waiting for the breakfast along with Veer.
In the meanwhile after preparing breakfast Geet asked Madhuri where was Robie as he was the one missing.
Madhuri “Shabzade apne kamre mein abhi tak so rahe hoge. Pata nahi kab sudhrega yeh ladka??? Beta tum jake usse utta dogi tab tak mein Nakul ko kehti ho ki breakfast table pe rakh de” (Prince would be still sleeping in his room. Dont know when this boy will change??? Can u go n wake him dear till then I’ll tell Nakul to keep the breakfast on the table)
Geet nodded and went to Robie’s room and knocked.
Robie”Kaun hai???” (Who is it???)
Geet “Tumhari bhabhi” (Your sister in law)
Robie opened the door and said “Good morning bhabhi. Kya bath hai aap itni subah yaha pe???” (Good morning bhabhi. What is the matter u are here early in morning???)
Geet “Robie tum isse itni subah kehte ho utho aur waqt dekho subah ke sade aath [8:30] baj rahe hai. Aab jaldi se fresh hoke breakfast karne chalo sab tumhara intezar kar rahe hai” (Robie u are saying this is early morning get up n see the time its already 8:30. Now freshen up fast n come for breakfast all are waiting for u)
Then Geet went to the breakfast table along with Robie and everyone was surprised to see Robie so early up in the morning and so Dadi teasingly said to Robie  “Wah beta bhabhi ko aaye ek din he huya hai aur aap toh unki baath bhi mane lage… wah Geet beta aapko maana padega” (Wow son it is not even a day ur sister in law has come n u are already listening to her… wow Geet dear hats off to u)
Robie “Nahi meri pyaari Dadi mein toh phele bhi aab ki bath maantha tha par aap ne hi bhai ke chakar mein mujhe bhool gayi to issliye mein bhabhi ki baath maan raha hu aur Maa bhi Shilpa ke piche hai toh mere bhi piche koi toh hona chaiye na support ke liye issliye” (No my sweet Dadi I used to listen to u too but u forgot me behind bro so now Im listening to bhabhi n even Mom is always with Shilpa so even I want someone to support me)
Geet “Of course mere pyaare devar ko koi bhi nahi sataga aur aaj se woh subah naste pe time pe hi ayega  kyu Robie sahi kaha na meine???” (Of course from now on no one will tease my loving brother in law n from today he will come on time for breakfast right Robie???)
Robie “Of course mein meri bhabhi ki koi bhi baath tal sakta hu kya???” (Of course how can I not follow my SIL’s words???
Then they all started having breakfast,all were praising Geet’s food and at last the turn came to eat the sweet.
Shilpa said “Aaj bhabhi ne sab ke liye kheer banaya hai.Aur Dadi aapke liye ye alag se sugarfree wali” (Today bhabhi has made kheer for all. N Dadi for u she had made with sugarfree)
Then Geet and Shilpa served kheer to everyone and all praised it.
Robie said “Wah bhabhi aapki haath ki bani hui kheer ka toh koi mukabala he nahi hai issi kheer toh Maa bhi nahi bana sakthi” (Wow bhabhi there is no competition to ur hand made kheer even Mom cant make kheer like this)
Then Dadi gave Geet a diamond necklace and said “Beta ya tumhara saghun” (Dear this is ur shagun)
Till then Maan was simply eating his food and was lost in reading the newspaper n didnt hear their conversation then suddenly Robie asked Maan “Bhai kheer kaise bani hai?” (Bro how is the kheer?)
So Maan said while reading his newspaper and without his knowing “Bohut achi hai ji kar raha ke jisne bhi banahe uske haath choom lo” (It is very tasty feel like kissing the hands who have made this tasty kheer)
Robie smiled wickedly and said “Bhai aap sure ho ki aap uss haath ko choomege jissene yeh kheer banayi he?” (Bro u sure that u will kiss that person’s hand who has made this kheer)
So Maan thinking that Maa would have made it and said “Haan bilkul” (Yes surely)
And then he asked “Maa ye kheer aap ne banayi hai kya?” (Mom have u prepared the kheer today?)
Madhuri “Nahi beta hume nahi banayi” (No son I havent prepared)
Then he turned towards Robie who was smiling wickedly asked “Toh ye kheer kisne bani hai Robie?” (Then who has made this kheer Robie?)
So Robie thought of breaking the suspense and said “Bhai you are sure na?” (Bro u are sure right?)
Maan “Ya Robie Im 100 % sure now tell me” 
So Robie finally broke the suspense and told “Bhabhiii” 
Hearing this Maan who was drinking coffee spit the coffee out of his mouth and looked at Robie with shock.Seeing this Robie, Geet and Shilpa started laughing.
After calming down, Robie “Bhai now you have to kiss bhabhi’s hand
Hearing this Geet got embarrassed and she was about to say Robie to stop when she saw Armaan coming so she went and hugged him and told in her mind “Thank you Babaji aapne sahi waqt pe Armaan Bhai ko bhej diya warna Robie toh meri band he baja deta” (Thank you Babaji u sent Armaan bro at the right time or else Robie would have embarrassed me only)
Then she asked Armaan “Bhai aap itni subah ya pe koi kaam tha kya?Sab kuch thik toh hai na?” (Bro u are here so early in morning??? Everything is fine right???)
Precap –
So guys what do you think Armaan has come to Geet’s sasural for???
Has destiny again played a game on Geet ???
Note – 
Hey guys my friend n MG Writer AinaGURTI (Mali di) has restarted her works which she couldnt update due to personal reasons. N she needs all ur support so guys plz do read her stories n Im sure u will enjoy them all.
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