As they were dancing Maan pulled Geet close to him. Geet began breathing a bit heavily looking at his eyes getting dark with passion n he started coming close to her n Geet closed her eyes…


As Maan was about to close the distance between their lips the terrace door banged open. Geet got startled by the bang n looked to the door to see Vicky standing there with confusion written all over his face.  Geet thought that what would she tell Vicky now n turned to look at Maan for his reaction n her eyes widened when she saw that no one was there n she like an idiot was standing with her eyes closed for so long.


Geet (ST), “Ahhh Babajiii yeh mujhe kya hogaya hai???? Main pagal hogayi hu na. Dekho Vicky bhi yahi soch raha hoga…” (Ahhh Babajiii what is happening with me??? I have gone mad right. See even Vicky must be thinking the same…) then making a baby face continued, “Babaji ab iske sawalo se bacha lena plzzz” (Babaji plz save me from his questions plzzz)


Vicky who had come to the terrace to talk to his GF was surprised to see Geet standing there with her eyes closed n he got more confused when he saw her seeing up n making faces. He then realised that she was talking to her fav babaji n shook his head at his stupid friend.


Vicky, “Geet tum theek toh ho na??? Phele aankh band kar ke tum yaha khadi thi aur ab upar dekh ke chehre bana rahi ho… kuch huva hai kya???” (Geet are u fine??? First u were standing with ur eyes closed n now u are looking up n making faces… has anything happened???)


Geet gave a nervous laugh n said, “Na…nahi Vicky main theek hu. Woh toh main bas… bas hawa… haan hawa kha rahi thi aankh band kar ke aur abhi bas aise hi upar dekh rahi thi. Acha mujhe bohut neendh arahi hai main chalti hu” (No…nothing Vicky Im fine. Umm actually I was just…just air…yes enjoying the air with my eyes closed n now I was just seeing up. Ok now Im feeling sleepy so Im going) n ran away before Vicky could tell anything.


Vicky started laughing at Geet’s answers n after sometime stopped n called his GF n got busy in talking to her.


Geet ran to her room n locked it n thumped on the bed on her stomach n hid her face in the pillow. After few mins she removed her face n thought about the stupid things she was dreaming today. She began thinking about the time she first met Maan n how their friendship have got strong over time.

As she was thinking she wondered why was she getting pulled towards him??? Why was she missing him when he wasnt near her??? Why was she lost in him??? Why would she get angry n restless when she didnt talk to Maan??? Why she didnt like whenMaan would talk to female clients at office??? Why did she want to be with Maan??? Why did she never have any fear when she was with Maan??? Why did she act like a kid with Maan when she didnt even act like that with Karan or Armaan??? Why she loved it whenMaan called her Mishty???


All these thoughts were disturbing her a lot n thinking about all this she slept. The next day was the Namkaran ceremony.


Gaurav had returned yesterday only n so she didnt go to Vidya’sroom to meet baby as she wanted to give some privacy to Gaurav


She was trying to ignore the thoughts by doing work. She didnt even send Maan a msg from morning. 


(Plz listen to this song)


As the guests arrived n it was time for the ceremony to start she went to Gaurav’s room n told Gaurav to come with Vidya n the babyas Pandit ji was calling them.


As she saw Gaurav Vidya she remembered teasing Karan Nandiniabout their babies n had tears in her eyes which she hid fromGaurav. She turned the other side n let the tear roll down. As another tear was about to roll down she saw Maan coming close to her n wiping it away.


Jaanam, Dekh Lo, Mit Gayi Dooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan..

He slowly started walking backwards shaking his head from left to right like telling her not to cry. Geet wiped her tears as she heardShilpa calling her n rushed to the living room.


As the Pandit ji began the pooja she began thinking about Maan even though she tried her level best to not think about him. She put up a smile in her face when Armaan asked her why was she looking worried n she shook her head saying nothing. 


Jaanam, Dekh Lo, Mit Gayi Dooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan -2
Kaisi, Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan


Pandit ji asked for few items n Geet rushed to the kitchen to get them. As she was going she saw Maan walking with her in the corridor. As she looked at him she got lost in staring at him. Maansmiled at her lost self n came close to her n snapped his fingers to bring her out of the trance. As Geet came out of the trance she looked around n didnt find Maan anywhere. She then remembered she had come to get the things n took them n rushed to the living room. As she gave the things to Pandit ji she saw Maan winking at her from the corridor.

Tum Chhupa Na Sakogi Main Woh Raaz Hoon
Tum Bhoola Na Sakogi Woh Andaaz Hoon
Goonjta Hoon Jo Dil Mein Toh Hairaan Ho Kyun
Main Tumhaare Hi Dil Ki Toh Awaaz Hoon
Sun Sako, Toh Suno, Dhadkanon Ki Zabaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan
Kaisi, Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan

As she saw him winking she couldnt stop the blood to rush on her cheeks. Armaan who was standing next to Geet saw her blushing asked her why was she blushing n she just said nothing n ran away giving some excuse. As she his behind a pillar to catch her breath she saw Maan coming towards her n as she was about to go away he locked her in between his body n the pillar. 

As Geet was about to tell something he kept his finger on her lips n shook his head saying no. He then took her hands n gave a light kiss on her hands. He then pulled her closer to him by her waist n neared her face.

Geet closed her eyes as her heart started beating rapidly. Maanneared her ears n whispered, ” Maan lo Mishty ke tumhe…” but before he could complete someone shook her n she opened her eyes n looked here n there but didnt find Maan n then saw that Shilpawas telling her something. 

She then made some excuse n went away with Shilpa. After the pooja was done Geet was called by Pandit ji to do the naming.

Geet went n took baby from Vidya n sat down. She then undressed the baby n wrapped the green cloth that Pandit ji gave her n then whispered in the baby’s ear her name.

After that she took kajal n put it on baby’s face n then said her name to all.

Geet, “Baby ka naam rakha hai… Kanchi… matlab ke nasuk aur yeh humari nasuk kahli hi hai” (Baby’s name is… Kanchi… which means fragile n she is our fragile doll)

Gaurav, “Wah Baby tune toh bohut acha naam diya hai” (Wow Baby u have kept a very nice name)

After that Geet took a new pair of dress n dressed the baby n gave to Vidya as all the guests came to bless the babyGeet went to the kitchen n helped the servants in serving snacks n juice to the guests while Shilpa helped Vidya with the gifts.

In evening after the naming ceremony was over n all the works were over Geet went to her room n thought about what she dreamed today… What did Maan want to say??? As she was thinking she remembered her conversation with Karan when he had shared his feelings n emotions which he felt before he realised his love forNandini.

Main Hi Main Ab Tumhaare Khayaalon Mein Hoon
Main Jawaabon Mein Hoon, Main Sawaalon Mein Hoon
Main Tumhaare Har Ek Khwaab Mein Hoon Basa
Main Tumhaari Nazar Ke Ujaalon Mein Hoon
Dekhti, Ho Mujhe, Dekhti Ho Jahaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan
Jaanam, Dekh Lo, Mit Gayi Dooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan
Kaisi Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan

Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan

Geet, “Kya mujhe bhi Maan se… nahi nahi yeh nahi ho sakte… Main kisi se kaise pyaar kar sakti hu??? Jo mere saath huva uske baad toh maine apne dil ke darwaze band kar diya the toh phir main kaise Maan se pyaar kar sakti hu… Nahi nahi yeh kuch aur hai…” (Do I also feel the same for Maan… No no this cant happen… How can I love someone??? After whatever happened to me I had closed the doors of my heart then how can I love Maan… No no this is something else…)but then her heart didnt agree n the battle between her heart n mind went on. When she couldnt bear anymore she closed her ears n shouted, “Bas karooo” (Stop ittt)

Shilpa who was passing by heard Geet’s shout n rushed to her room. As she entered she saw Geet crying. Shilpa rushed to her n asked, “Kya huva Geet??? Tum ro kyu rahi ho???” (What happened Geet??? Why are u crying???)

Geet seeing Shilpa hugged her tight in fear of all these thoughts n began crying.

Shilpa, “Geet shaant hojao gudiya. Plz batao kya huva???” (Calm down doll. Plz tell what happened???)

Geet, “Bhabhi mujhe kyu har jaga woh hi nazar araha hai??? Uthe jagte sote har jaga woh hi nazar araha hai… 2 din se yeh sab sawaal mujhe bechan kar rahe hai… mujhe kuch samjh nahi araha bhabhi… plz mujhe help karo” (Bhabhi why am I seeing him everywhere??? Why do I see him everywhere while sleeping, sitting, standing everywhere… from the past 2 days all these questions are making me restless… Im not understanding anything bhabhi… plz help me)

Precap – 

Geet – Shilpa talk

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