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Thank u all for the wonderful comments n likes. Some one asked me that how did Geet have a kada when she was just a new born well during olden times when a prince or princess was born in the olden times they used to make them wear kada or payal or earring so that they could recognise them as royal family members. So even Geet was wearing the kada… So here is the update…
  Part 3 :
Gulmarg, Jammu – Kashmir,
As the sun spreads it rays on the beautiful town on Gulmarg… the meadows started blooming with the sun rays… As the sun rays hit the houses… a girl was seen sleeping cuddling into her blanket.
As the sun rays fell on her face she turned away n slept again… A woman in her 40s entered the house with a pooja thali. As she saw her daughter still sleeping she smiled n kept the thali on the table n moved to the bed.
Radha, “Beta uth jayiye. Dekhiye subah hogai… Aaj aapko jaldi jana hai na. Ab jaldi uthiye” (Dear get up. See its morning… n today u have to go early right. Now get up fast)
Geet, “Hmm… Maa sa todhi der aur sone dijye na. Dekhiye na bahar kitni thand hai…brrr…” (Hmm… Mom let me sleep for some more time plz. See its so cold out there…brr…)
Radha, “Beta ab aap uth rahi hai ya phir main jao… phir aap hume mat kaheyega ke humne aapko uthaya nahi aur aapko daant padi…” (Dear are u getting up now or shall I go…then dont tell me that I didnt wake u up n u had to get scoldings…)
Geet at once jerked up n made a sad baby face n said, “Maa saaa… yeh na insaafi hai aap hamesha hume kyu dhamki deti rehti hai???” (Momm… this is not fair… why do u always blackmail me???)
Radha smiled widely n said, “Kyuki aap unse hi darti hai isiliye… Acha ab aap uth gayi hai toh jaldi tayar hojaye aur mandir hokar jaye” (Bcoz u are afraid of that person only… N now since u are already awake go n freshen up fast n when u go visit the temple n then go)
Geet made a baby face as she knew that her mom wouldnt let her sleep anymore n prayed to god n got down from the bed.
Geet, “Good Morning Maa sa” n touched her feet.
Radha, “Good morning beta. Hamesha khush rahiye” (Good morning dear. May u always be happy)
After that Geet went n freshened up. She then went to the small garden outside their house n plucked some flowers to offer to god. She then went to the small puja room in their house n prayed to Lord.
Meanwhile Radha prepared breakfast n tea for herself n Geet. After Geet finished her prayers she served the breakfast n both had it. After finishing the breakfast, Radha “Geet aaj todhi jaldi anne ki koshish kareyega… Aaj order dene jana hai.” (Geet try and come early today… today we have to deliver the order)
Geet, “Ji Maa sa hum jaldi ajayenge… Acha Maa sa ab hum chalte hai… Pranam Maa sa” (Ok Mom I’ll come early… Ok Mom im going… Bye Mom) n left the house with the pooja thali in hand n her hand bag.
She first went to temple. She gave the pooja thali to pandit ji who offered it to the lord n returned her the thali with prasad. Geet took blessings from the pandit ji n then went to her college.
As she reached her college she rushed to her classes as she was about to be late. 
Geet, “Uff aaj hum bach gaye warna phir se Teacher ji ki daant khate.” (Phew… today Im saved or else again would have got scoldings from the Teacher)
As she was busy in her self talk she felt a wack on her arm.
Geet, “Ooch… Priya aap kyu hame mar rahi hai??? Humne aaj kya kar diya???” (Ooch…Priya why are u hitting me??? What have I done today???)
Priya, “Toh aur kya kare??? Aaj bhi itna late… aaj toh last day hai toh aaj toh jaldi ajati aap” (Then what else shall I do??? Even today u are late… today is the last day then why couldnt u come early)
Geet, “Arre Priya hum time pe pooch gaye na bas” (Arre I reached on time right that is enough)
As they were talking the teacher entered which Priya didnt realise while Geet was smiling mischievously. The teacher saw Geet n Priya sitting n chatting.
Teacher, “Geettt…Priyaaa…
Priya’s eyes widened as she saw the teacher’s angry face n made a baby face. Geet made a sad face n bent her head. The teacher thought that both are sorry n said, “Beth jaye par agli baar aisa phir se nahi hona chaiye” (Sit down but next time it shouldnt happen)
Priya, “Sorry mam” n sat down.
Geet also sat down n made a sad face n started cribbing to the Lord, “Yeh kya maine toh socha tha teacher ji hume class se nikal dengi uske baad hum sab pass ke maden main jayenge lekin pura plan gaya pani main” (What the hell I thought today the teacher would throw us our of the class n then we would have go to the near by meadow but the whole plan went flop)
As she was cribbing Priya pinched her n whispered, “Chup chap class main dhyan dijye.” (Shut up n concentrate in the class)
Geet made a sad face n nodded. She then concentrated in the class. After the class ended Geet, Priya n few friends went to the near by meadows n played for sometime. Then they took some flowers n returned to college.
Geet then pulled Priya n they went to the staff room n gave the flowers to the teacher n said sorry. The teacher smiled at their gesture n said to enjoy their holidays.
Geet then rushed home as she had to return early. As she reached Radha brought water n snacks. Geet had them n told about her day in college.
Radha, “Yeh kya Geet… aap ko aise nahi karna chaiye tha… Agar teacher ji ne aapko class se nikal diya hota toh.. aap toh janti hai na hum kitni mushkil se aapka admission karvaya hai” (What is this Geet… U shouldnt have done this… if the teacher would have thrown u out of the class then… u know right with what difficulties we have got your admissions done)
Geet became serious seeing her mom getting emotional remembering their hard times n said, “Sorry Maa sa. Agae se aisa nahi hoga.” (Sorry mom. It wont happen again from now)
Radha smiled at her intelligent daughter n patter her head n said, “Acha ab aap yeh lijye order aur jaake deke aaye aur pure paise leke ayega.” (Okay now take this order n give it n get the whole payment)
Geet, “Ji Maa sa” (Ok mom) n wore the pheran n took the order packet n left. After half an hour of walking she reached the client house. She then gave the Pashmina shawls n got the payment n returned.
As she returned she saw Radha in the puja room n went n gave the money to Radha who kept it at the Lord’s feet. After finishing the puja Radha gave Geet some vegetables to cut while she prepared dough for roti. Soon they finished preparing dinner n had it. 
Geet then sat with Radha n Radha taught her a new type of embroidery. As they were learning, a man knocked the door. Geet rushed n opened the door n smiled n said, “Arre Kaka aap aiye na.” (Arre uncle you… plz come in)
Kaka, “Geet puttar Abhay ka phone aaya hai. Jaldi se parjai ji ko leke aa.” (Geet dear Abhay has called. Plz get Sister n come)
Geet smiled widely n said, “Ji Kaka. Hum abhi aaye” (Ok uncle. We will come now) n went in to call Radha while Kaka returned to his house which was next door.
Geet, “Maa sa jaldi chaiye Bhai sa ka phone aaya hai aur Kaka bulane aaye hai.” (Mom come soon Bro has called n Uncle has come to call)
Radha smiled n said, “Theek hai chaliye” (Ok lets go) n both of them went to the next house. 
Kaka, “Yeh lijye parjai ji Abhay ka phone” (Her sister Abhay’s call) n gave the phone to Radha.
Radha, “Hello Kuwar…
Abhay, “Pranam Maa sa…Kaisi hai aap???” (Greetings mom…how are u???)
Radha, “Hum theek hai Kuwar aur aap kaise hai??? Aap theek se toh reh rahe hai na??? Aapka kaam acha chal raha hai na??? Aap samay par khana toh kha rahe hai na???” (Im fine Kuwar how are u??? U are living properly right??? How is ur job going on??? Are u having ur meals on time???)
Abhay, “Maa sa aapko kab se Choti ki adaat lag gayi itna bolne ki. Hum theek hai Maa sa. Aur kaam bhi acha chal raha hai. Hume shayad 1 mahine main chuti bhi mil jayegi.” (Mom when did u get Choti’s habbit of talking so much. Im fine mom. N work is also fine. I may get holidays in a month’s time)
Radha, “Ache se kaam kariye aur jaldi se wapas aaye. Aapki baadi yaad aati hai beta.” (Work hard n come soon. Miss u a lot dear)
Abhay, “Hume bhi aapki yaad aati hai Maa sa.” (Even I miss u Mom)
But before Radha could tell anything Geet snatched away the phone n said, “Haan haan aapko sirf Maa sa ki hi yaad aati hai humari toh kabhi nahi aati na Bhai sa” (Yes yes u just miss mom u never miss me right bro)
Abhay, “Arre aisa kisne kaha humari choti ko??? Hum toh unhe bhi bada miss karte hai” (Who dared to tell like this to my choti??? I miss her a lot as well)
Geet, “Hum bhi aapko bohut miss karte hai Bhai sa” (Even I miss u a lot bro) n then suddenly became silent. Abhay understood that either she was too emotional or was hesitating n so asked, “Kya huva Choti???” (What happened choti???)
Geet, “Kuch nahi Bhai sa…Acha aap bataiye kaise hai aap???” (Nothing bro… U tell how are u???)
Abhay, “Ab humari choti humse baatein bhi chupane lagi” (Now my choti has started hiding things from me also)
Geet knew that now she was caught n said, “Bhai sa humari chutti shuru huvi aaj se toh hum soch rahe the agar hum aur Maa sa aapke pass Delhi aye toh” (Bro today my holidays started so I was thinking if n Mom can come to Delhi to meet u)
Abhay, “Nahi choti iss saal nahi. Aap dono pichi baar bhi aayi thi aur iss baar mujhe Gulmarg wapas aana hai. Todhe din ki baat hai choti uske baad hum arahe hai.” (No choti not this year. Uboth had come last time also n this time i want to come back to Gulmarg. Its just a matter of few days choti n then I’ll be back with u)
Geet, “Theek hai Bhai sa” (Ok bro)
Abhay, “Acha ab hum rakhte hai. Jald phir se call karenge aur Maa sa ka dhyan rakhna aur aapna bhi choti.” (Ok now Im keeping the call. Will call soon n take care of Mom n also of urself choti)
Geet, “Ji Bhai sa… Aap bhi apna dhyan rakhega” (Ok bro… U too take care of urself) n cut the call. 
Meanwhile Radha was talking to their neighbours n thanked them n then she n Geet left.
As the temperature dipped Geet n Radha went into a peaceful sleep.
Jodhpur Airport,
As the night arrived n the temperature decreased, The flight from London landed.
After about half an hour, The Prince of Jodhpur, Maan Singh Khurana emerged out of the doors with many bodyguards following him with his luggage.
As he came out, he was surrounded by media who wanted to get the first interview byte for their channel from the youngest emerging successful business tycoon of India.
After answering a few questions, Maan went to the car that was waiting for him n rushed to the palace.
      Precap – 
Maan’s life
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